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$1 Products From GearBest: Unboxing And REVIEW By Aliholic

$1 Products From GearBest: Unboxing And REVIEW By Aliholic Good time of the day, my dear friends! There are many more sites other than AliExpressand today we are going to see some cheap things that I got from GearBest.
If you want to give it a try too without riskingtoo much money, the links to all the products are in the description. If you’ve never tried one of these before,you’re in for an odd but pleasant surprise. The shock goes away with use, but it’s oddlyaddicting. This seems to be the updated version, withthe secondary level on halfway in. This massager was also a part of the OG $1or less blog post, which I will link in the video description.
This is a head massages that gives your scalpa nice soothing feeling.
This is what I think the pets feel when youpet them. Although it seems that in my case our petdid not show a particular affection for it. The next thing is this lovely key ring. For no particular reason I have a soft spotfor small version of bigger things, so I found this thing really adorable.
You never know when you’ll need to use awrench on the go, right? Or maybe you’re just really into tools andyou want a keychain that reflects your passion. Of course it’s meant as a joke, but surprisinglyit actually retracts and it can be used for the nuts that are not too tight.
I feel like I’ve said too many inappropriatethings for one description so I will just stop talking until the next product. One of the worst feelings is when you thinkyou’ve lost something important, like your phone, wallet or keys. You can now make sure you never get that feelingwhen you’re driving with this anti-slip phone mat for cars.
This thing is one of the most purchased thingsfrom the $1 or less article. The first impression is that thing is, like,really sticky. But the weird part is that it doesn’t haveany glue on it or leave any residue behind.
Since I don’t have a car I am testing iton another machine which is our washing machine. Different things stick to it with mixed results.
It works well with the camera lens cap, withthe wallet that has a bunch of change, and not very good with the wireless earphonescase. It works pretty well with my phone - noticehow it is fully vertical and it still stays on, so it gives me confidence leaving my phoneon top of it in the car. We all know regular dish sponges just don’tdo the trick with narrow bottles. Impress the bottle depot ladies the next timeyou come by to drop off your weekly empties with your dish-washing skillz thanks to thisdish sponge designed specially for bottles.
This is something that can easily be purchasedfrom a dollar store, but if you are like me and you like to get things delivered to youinstead, you can also get a few in advance and save some precious time that can be betterspent watching reruns of My Little Pony.
Another thing is these cat paws sticky notethingies. I can’t tell how many there are but it lookslike there is about 50 of them? I’m not sure. I have to say that their stickiness is notsomething that I would write home about. Generally I’d say they are pretty uselessas they don’t do much unless you plan to use them as a bookmark. The only thing they are good for is leavingvery lame punny notes.

Don’t rush, let’s PAWS for a moment. Ha-ha-ha… This is the first portable x-acto knife thatI see and it looks perfect for opening packages mainly because the blade is short and thereis a smaller chance to damage the contents. It is reasonably sharp but unlike the longerblade ones it does not have the extra blade length the break off once it gets dull. But I got it for the purpose of opening packagesso I don’t need it to always be sharp and knowing how easily I injure myself it’sprobably for the best. It has a hole on the back which I assume ismeant to put on the key rings for the most intense unboxing enthusiasts.
This is not the first and definitely not theonly card reader that you will see online, and I don’t think this is the best one.
It’s just fine, a regular card reader, nothingmore, but it’s not like I expect too much from a card reader. I think what turns me off is that they madethe inner plastic blue as if it was a much faster USB 3.0 - the color is the easiestway to tell them apart, even though the case still clearly states that it’s the goodol’ 2.0. If you pay a little more you can get a realUSB 3.0, but if you have regular cheap micro-SD cards and all you need is a basic card readerthis should do. If you’re watching this video, you probablyhave a thing for useless toys.
Or maybe you actually have a child in yourlife you need to keep entertained from time to time. Either way, this butterfly toy is pretty amusingand cuter than a basic fidget spinner.
And also much cheaper. This by far is the stupidest thing that Igot from the internet. So you are supposed to twist it around atleast 25 times and once you let one end go it will fly away.
The first few launches were unsuccessful becauseI couldn’t figure out which way it would fly and the next few I couldn’t film andwatch it fly at the same time, but I’m happy to report that it can do what it’s supposedto do, but my expectations weren’t too high. Another $1 miracle is another sticky note. Not sure why I ordered so many because I don’treally have much use for them, but here they are and let’s look at them.
There must be around 50 of them here as well. The first two were too stuck to each otherthat they tore and were unusable, the rest were fine.
The stickiness on them was also not too impressive. I have to say I’m quite proud of this one. When I received it it took me a while to understandwtf this thing is. I thought it was shipped to me by accidentuntil I checked the list of the products that I ordered and I realised that this is a dustblower to keep the camera lens clean with a brush on the other end.
It blows dust particles off of the lens, becausenot only we all know that wiping is for peasants, but also wiping it right away can cause irreparabledamage to the lens by scratching its surface, which is not something that you want to happento an expensive lens.
This thing does an alright job cleaning thelens, but I’m pretty sure that I will still have to use wet wipes for the tougher jobs. Bulldogs are the chihuahuas of the 2010s. Show the world you’re a trendy crazy dogperson with this bulldog car sticker. It’s reflective so it’s more than justdecorational. It also reflects.

I have a sticker like that on the headlightof my bike that has been there for a little over a year and it actually is weatherproofas I have been riding year-round in any weather, and it rains a lot here in Vancouver. There is a whole bunch of different stickersthere so have a look if you’re into that sort of thing. If you want to see more $1 or less items,make sure to check out this playlist that has a lot of cheap items that you might alsofind interesting. .

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