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$17 Blitzwolf Fast-Charge Power Bank Review | #AliExpress Gadgets

$17 Blitzwolf Fast-Charge Power Bank Review #AliExpress Gadgets Cheap cables are a concern for many people:they only work for shorts periods of time, break away quickly, and they take longer timeto charge gadgets.
And since manufacturers sell their OEM cablesfor more than I am willing to pay, I get my cables from China. For some reason UGreen, another well-knownmanufacturer of high-quality cables does not for whatever reason have any braided micro-USBcharger cables; so Blitzwolf cables have caught my attention for two reasons: 1. The amount of feedback in the store, and thefact that they have models that are reinforced with kevlar, a material that is also usedin motorcycle clothing, bulletproof vests and in racing tires as a replacement for steel. First let’s look at the cables. We have simple packaging without too muchunnecessary plastic.
I like the attention to detail, how they havethe velcro straps with company logo attached to the cable, and more logos on the cabletips.
I don’t think it takes too much effort toadd them, yet it feels a lot more professional and, well, expensive. The cables actually feel extremely sturdy. I’ve had braided cables before but noneof them felt as strong as these ones. For some reason, the shortest length thesecables came in was 1 meter, or 3 feet.
Inside the box with each cable we have a warrantycard with 18 months of promise in it. I doubt that anyone would send their cableback to China for a replacement, but it was a nice touch and I have never seen any othercable company that had that.
Both cables that I got are compatible withfastcharge 2.0 and 3.0 and are rated for the maximum data sync speed of up to 480 megabitsper second, or 60 megabytes, which is actually the norm for the USB 2.0 protocol, which bothof these cables are. I did not notice any significant increasefor the transfer speed or with the charging vs. the normal cable, but I do not have afastcharge charger adapter to take the most out of it - this will be my next purchase.
That way the micro-USB should support 2.4Aand the type-C will take 3.0A. Now the power bank. I’ve had power banks before, but nothingquite this one.
I can’t emphasise how nice it really is. The case is metallic and very smooth.
I like the shape because unlike all of thepower banks I’ve had before it is not as wide and the edges are smooth, so it is moreconvenient to carry in a pocket. It is a new-age power bank that feeds offa USB 3.0 cable. What’s nice is that the cable that it camewith has a removable micro-USB to type-C adapter so it will work with best of both worlds. My multimeter hasn’t arrived yet, and I’mnot paying $100 for the store models so there will be no electrical test, but I can tellyou that it charged my phone fully and there were 2 more lights worth of energy left onthe indicator.
It was also the first power bank that couldcharge my phone while I was using it faster than how much battery it was draining.
For the $18 that it currently costs, I considerit a very fairly priced purchase. So all things considered, I think that BlitzWolfis a good brand worth following. I also have a solar panel that I got fromthem that I will review in the future, most likely after the winter passes because wehaven’t been getting a lot of sun lately. If you like cheap electronics, make sure tocheck out the previous video with 15 different gadgets from AliExpress for $5 or less. .

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