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$17 "Hologram"? 3D Acrylic Lamp By CNHIDEE - Unboxing And Test #AliExpress

$17 "Hologram"? 3D Acrylic Lamp By CNHIDEE - Unboxing And Test #AliExpress Hi, so this is going to be my first unboxing video today we're unboxing the motorcycle acrylic lamp that I got from AliExpress a few days ago still haven't opened it up yet, was waiting to get my camera set up So here it is, and let's go So, here is the acrylic piece itself I'm gonna open it up using these, because I don't have an x-acto knife handy I'm going to be really careful to not damage the acrylic piece It's going to be fun...
So, here it is! <inaudible moaning ... > That was satisfying And, it seems it is on just one side Yep... ok... So, that's exactly how it was shipped Well, that inside the box and the box was inside a paper envelope The cord so it's got USB at both ends And here is the base Looks like there is no adapter so it's just the USB cord, you cannot plug it into the wall, unfortunately .

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