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AllDoCube Thinker - 1 Year Later Re-Review

AllDoCube Thinker - 1 Year Later Re-Review So this right here is the Cube Thinkerthat I reviewed back in May last year and I've hung on to it so often I don'tget the chance to do these videos I'd like to do a lot more a follow-up videoof what tech is like how did it hold up is there any problems did it start tofall to bits on me as the battery completely dead after a year of use andfinancially I just can't do that I can't hang on to everything but the reallygood stuff that I like personally of course I'm gonna keep and this is one ofthem so the thinker is really now for the price it's been selling for as wella fantastic laptop still and I still do recommend it but a couple of things havearisen who come up at the time of using it for one year and I'll go over that inthis video so it's not going to be a full review or anything like that thisis basically just a recap after one year how is the cube thinker i35 holding upso if you haven't seen my full review of this model and the follow up videos thatI did in the mod video as well then I'll quickly go over the specs here so we'vegot 8 gigabytes of RAM we've got the corium 3 seven-way 30 and that has IntelHD 615 graphics 256 gigabyte SSD and it is a touchscreen and it's got on herevery very nice screen so did I run into any problems with Windows here well Iactually updated it to the latest updates and I did I ran into someproblems so I ended up restoring an old Windows 10 image now I don't know whatthe new updates if it's still gonna run into problems but I don't recommend justgetting it and running all the windows updates non-stop I mean you can do thatbut you could run into problems I haven't bothered with that so I've setmy wireless connection what I've done as I've now set it to will does basicallymeted mode and what it will do is then stop it from just continue downingWindows Update so when I do that I found that I haven't run now into any problemsthat's really the only thing that happened it was going fine for a whilebut it was some updates that came through that just affected a few thingsthat bothered me so that's my reason for doing that so the performance of thetouch is still perfectly fine it's very smooth the scrolling it is a reallyamazing screen on this and it says the reason why I keep coming back to thisparticular notebook just because of the price the value formoney and this amazing screen it's got so it is differently right up there as atop screen it is fully laminated the brightness tops out of 510 Lux andimages are just so crisp sharp and clear now there's a side effect to this theyobviously the touchscreen using it all the time you can't see it on camerabecause actually use some alcohol wipes and I cleaned up this tablet because alaptop sorry I keep calling it a tablet to make it look a little bit better morepercentage of home camera because I had smart desire so you get fingerprintssmudges and it looks a hell of a mess really when you turn off the screen it'sjust covered in fingerprints so that's just a minor column there and but reallyjust amazing colors the touch responses mentioned it's very accurate it's reallygood exactly the same as the surface book and the surface book to the smallerversion of course screened that they use they're stuck with the same screenMicrosoft because it truly is really good and it's I feel probably one of thebest touchscreen laptop screens that you will find out there so an amazing screenand this is really the key feature to this laptop now the build overall hasheld up really well and I have looked after it I've been using a zero shotcase these are these Japanese cases they're quite old now and I've had thiscase for probably about eight years or something and I put it in this sleeveswhenever I transported around so that stopped it from getting any real damagebecause I've noticed that the alloy they've gone with is not a very hardalloy so it's very easy to scratch so if you have for example like a ring on yourfinger and you're always constantly touching around the keyboard and you'reknocking on the alloy you will get these really fine scratches that's one thingthat has popped up there the other thing that popped up literally was the screenjust on the corner now I pushed it back but you can push it right down and Ithink the problem was actually me probably pushing the screen down I waspushing the screen down flat a lot when I was using the surface pin on this Idon't have the surface pin for it anymore because I just don't use stylusas enough so I ended up selling that but it popped up on the corner here just alittle bit it raised up about a millimeter I know there's I think a fewother users on the forum that commented about this I pushed it back and for thelast three months or so I haven't seen it pop back again so it seems to be fineI do get a lot of questions about the keyboardthe touchpad because some people they're about I think only two users decide tosit there had problems with a keyboard now it's not an amazing keyboard and thereview I think I mentioned that I think it's a good keyboard but I didn't go asfar as to say it is excellent the best keyboard I have used No so it does havenow the typical little bit of wear that you would see typing on these keyboardsall the time it's hard to see on camera but the keys around the spacebar herehas some shininess to it the touchpad as well has got a little bit of a shine nowto the the paint job and a tiny little like a little chip maybe on thefingerprint reader the sensor this is still working perfectly fine the elandtouch pad back on the original Windows 10 image that is I don't know on thelatest updates as I don't know cuz I just don't run that anymore on there butthe keyboard is holding up well apart from I have noticed that lately probablyin the last three months it's super minor that the spacebar will notregister every single timeline I get the occasional miss keystroke which is alittle bit annoying and it seems to always be either this space if I don'thit it right in the middle or the C key and this is only happening about onceevery 20 key presses or something like that so it's minor and it is there andit will cause the occasional typo so after one year of use I rate thekeyboard as being average it's good especially for the price it's nowselling it's still perfectly fine so what is a great keyboard now to me agreat keyboard turns out to be the Xiaomi this is the me notebook pro thatI have also had for now I think about ten months if not more I probably willhave to do a follow-up video of this one this keyboard has quality keys and itjust typing on it whenever I go back to this keyboard and use this one it feelsso much better and I almost get no typos in there they're just quality keys theyhave a slight inwards curve to them so they feel much nicerof course this keyboard as well on the Meno but bro here is backlit thiskeyboard is not and what about the USB ports I know after I've used laptops fora couple of years they'd loosen up and it's definitely the case here so puttingit in for example just my Logitech receiver is very easy to do it'sloosened up a little bit but it's not getting to the point where I'm gonnalose connection or contact I feel that that's going to easily last two or threemore it's perfectly fine the USB ports on here it's just your typical the portdoes loosen up a little you can probably see this chamfered edge here that theyhave there's a little bit of scuff enos to it little scratches along there mynow very minor complaint there because it's like just polished alloy and that'swhy it's really happening it's gonna happen on any device so the type C portI have been using this a lot because I use this at homedr.
up to a monitor and I use a hub with it and I've got no issues to reportthere I always charge it with type C and it's holding up fine but most of thetime I do actually run it off power as it goes for battery life I'm stillgetting around about four hours and it really depends on the brightness I amusing so when I set the brightness to something like 75% at the moment andit's only gonna be about four hours but I can squeeze it out to possibly at zeropercent which is very dim but I can still see it fine that's when you canprobably get over five hours of five-and-a-half hours a better life isnot amazing I've never had a core m3 a laptop or tablet that's had really goodbattery life so nothing really to report here it's still holding up well the celland it has been recharged and cycled quite a few times but most the time Ihave actually been using it on power I will admit but when I do travel withinthings of course was when I do use it so it says battery where there's nothinghere but at one point it did say 5% I think it was and I did a full rechargedischarge and recharge and then has disappeared here again so the battery Ifeel is holding up well after one year now one thing I must point out that Ihave the copper heatsink mod on this particular model so this one thing Ireally do highly recommend is that you do this mod I've got a video it's a linkin the description for this and what it does is lowered temperatures about 20degrees so one area that cube really did fail with thermals if you don't do themod it will reach what was it and I think it was 93 degrees in my review soit does get very very hot and I've been permanently running this under volt aswell so you can see that it is a zero point zero 6 5 volts that I run on boththe CPU and the GPU in fact I've got it in the bias set like this so don't evenactually have to use intel's extreme tuning utility to undervolt it now doingthe under volt what also low temperatures and increase theperformance so that's why I recommend you do this so with this mind you canjust make this laptop so much better now to point out their performance verybriefly that it's running perfectly fine I haven't noticed any problems apartfrom what I mentioned with the Windows Update that I can't remember what it wasI think it was the the touch or the wireless or or something screwed up onit and I was not heavy at all so that's why I ended up going back to theoriginal Windows 10 image so I did take a backup of that so when it comes toGeekbench for scores it gets normally gets over there so it's no about 3,100is what you can get for single core score performance and this is a big bumpup even over the latest 2018 Gemini Lake which is the Apollo 8 success so now yousee a lot of those laptops that I often review they're around 300 us and if youare lucky enough to get one of these for 380 US dollars this particular modelit's fantastic value considering you getting a much better screen you'regetting a better build quality you have double the performance and in some casesdouble the RAM because the jumper easy book for example the x4 that has 4gigabytes of double data rate for RAM but here you've got 8 and 8 is plenty Ifeel for Windows 10 it's good ok it depends on what you're doing you know Idon't do strenuous tasks on this model I don't edit 4k video because it's just alittle too slow with the export times it can be done but I don't really recommendit if you want something that you need to do demanding things on you'll bebetter off with a fan called Core i5 laptop for that so streaming 4k videothis is fine it does handle of course a vp9 HEV C codec files so your your 4kclips out there will run fine even though the screen is not a 4k screenit's still a high resolution screen so when you look at any 4k content it justlooks so much better than looking at for example 1080p but of course you're goingto get the borders because this is three by two aspect ratio and not your typical16 by 9 now the speaker's is definitely one areawhere this laptop fails like most Chinese laptops although I will give youa sample it is better than most of the cheaper Chinese laptops I've reviewedbut when you hit a sample it's not amazing and I'll compare it to of coursemy me notebook pro here which has got some AKG tunesspeakers and these speakers are really impressive on the me notebook so I'm sure you could hear from thatthat they mean night book probe course absolutely just blows away the cubethinker in terms of audio quality that one has impressive sound for a thin andrelatively light 15 point inch laptop at least the 3.5 millimeter headphone jackon the cube sinker that produces good qualitythere's no annoying static or anything over it as well another minor annoyancewith the thinker after the year of using it is the fact that it does not have amicro SD card slot so I always have to carry around this here my micro SD cardor SD card adapter to get my videos off and on to here on e to upload somethingso that's just a minor complained there are you gonna need that adapt I reallywish that cube if they're gonna make a second model of this they need to makethat hinge 360 degrees you can flip it right around and use it as a tablet butthey definitely need at least a micro SD card slot on it alright so after theyear I think that they think is holding up very fine remember that I have takenreally good care of this is where I've been putting it in a case all the time Ilike to look after my tech so if you're someone it's a bit rough with it thenyour result to probably go on over there you'll manage will vary with the unitnow I didn't mention the hinge but the hinge is actually perfectly fine itstill feels quite stiff it's loosened up I feel a tiny little bit but hardlyanything like ten percent from what it originally was so that's not actuallytoo bad now the glasses I mentioned that pop out a little bit at the bottom itcame up about a millimeter or two and I've pushed it back and it seems to befine I don't see that as being a problem probably the biggest thing for me is thekeyboard so the keyboard has now and then it has a missed keystroke and ithappened you're writing a paragraph and maybe the space won't register for meand sometimes the C key but if I type a little bit harder with the keys then Iprobably won't even have that problem at all it's a very minor but it shouldn'treally be happening I mean after one year yeah so that's probably where thequality is showing a little bit as the keyboard now battery life is stillholding up even though it's still disappointing it's still very close tothe original figures perhaps down maybe only by about 10% or something so I canstill squeeze about four and a half to five five-and-a-half hours out of thiswhich I feel is decent because no other quarry m3 for me has been able to getgood battery life even the Microsoft Surface pro 4 when I had that the coin 3model well they are six why Tynan it at 6 by 30 sorry I couldn'tget more than about five and a half hours anyway so no chorim's had goodbetter life for me and this to my experience so the sound nothing'schanged there of course the sound is still very average it does the job it'sgoing to be good but not like the kind of sound that you can get out of aproper bigger laptop now I didn't really mention the portability do I it's a lotsmaller you can see obviously 15.6 inches this is 13.5 makes this machine alittle bit more portable the weight difference as well that's 2 kilos inthis way sorry off the top of my head here Ithink it's 1.4 1.5 kilos so it's not bad for what it is and it is really well puttogether it's solid I've got a bit of shine enos now on the trackpad thetouchpad is still working exactly the same the fingerprint reader as well andthe keys have some shine to them is really their only signs that this has ayear and of course I did clean it so when you don't clean it and the screenis just covered with fingerprints and grease and everything it looks anabsolute mess like any tick out there so overall especially now for the pricethat I have seen itself for which is crazy 380 aus on some certain clearancesales on certain websites if you hunt around and find this before completelyruns out of stock everywhere because the cube will do cube they don't make thisanymore so if you want one you have to really act pretty quick to find one orget a relatively new one or a used one that hasn't got any issues with thekeyboard anything like that but I've got an absolute fantastic laptop and I don'tsee myself selling at any time soon even if the specs is gonna be outdated it'sstill got the eight gigabytes around 256 kilobytes of storage and the performanceis reasonable good for light to medium tasks and that screen that screen I feelis going to hold up in another three years time it's still going to look likean amazing screen thanks a lot for watching this follow-up after one yearwith the audio cube thinker I 35 I may do the same kind of video after a yearwith this one right here which of course is that me notebook pro the 15.6 inchmodel which is also highly recommended and one last thing if you do own one ofthese or you're thinking about getting one make sure if you haven't done thethermal for this you have to really do it I feelto getting the most out of this is add a copper shim open it up and put a thermalpad on the back and it really opens up the performance as well for thisparticular model thank you so much for watching hope to catch you in my nextupcoming video bye for now .

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