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ASUS ZenFone 5 Review - NOTch A Midranger

ASUS ZenFone 5 Review - NOTch A Midranger so this is Theta zenfone 5 my fullreview of it the being using this find out for the last week and it's my firstphone were they notch and it's taken a little while to get used to itluckily if you don't like it you can actually hide it they released an OTAupdate just recently that allows you to do that so it puts black either side andyou won't see it so much so this is a Snapdragon 6-3 6 mar 4 gigabytes of RAM64 gigabytes of storage just the vision I have here and has micro SD cardsupport and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack so they haven't done anything crazylike removed bow for those that a lot of people like to have so this mobile phoneis priced around about 350 u.s.
so it is a little bit expensiveI feel overpriced really for what it is the spec and what you're getting whichI'll cover here in this review so the design of it quite premium it is areally nice phone in hand it feels good it looks good it's got the glass on theback of course the downside is it's going to be very slippery and if youdrop it it's gonna be a lot easier to break here with that glass on the rearso it's got your cameras on the back you can see so one is a wide angled sensorthat is a complete and utter letdown and they missed an opportunity here is withthis one so the very muddy the photos but below that there is a 12 megapixelsensor with optical image stabilization this one at least does take a verydecent image it's not bad at all and considering this apparently has quite ahigh DxO rating or the same rating as theGoogle pixel I was expecting a lot from this camera and it does disappoint asyou see later on we do have metal around the outside you can see some antennalines here at the top we just got a microphone that's for noise cancellationand for voice calls now the display I'll mention the nights you can see it'sthere we've got an earpiece that doubles as a loudspeaker and it also has an LEDand side there for the status led to the side of it we've got an ambient lightsensor and proximity sensor and then the 8 megapixel front-facing camera sothat's why the knotch is that wide so the screen apart from the notch ofcourse not everyone's going to like that you can hide it which is good but italso has a very bright panel it's 630 lux maximum brightness that I measuredgood color reproduction as well you use the splendid application that provideand you can tweak the white and tweak exactly how you want thisdisplay to look and I do like they've included that now on my panel I have alittle tiny bit of Darkness around some of the edges on the bottom the chin isquite a small chin so they have slimmed that down which is great and it fits inhand nicely so it's not the tallest fun even though it's 6.2 inches it isactually a little bit shorter than some 5.99 18 by 9 aspect ratio phones theratio and this one is 19 by 9 aspect ratio because of the the knotch but it'sbasically just a 1080p display and on the left hand side we have a sim tray sothis will take either a micro sim and a nano sim or a nano sim and a micro SDcards and the build overall is excellent its premium definitely with the glass oklittle slippery but in terms of build quality really right up there so that'sgreat from a Zeus down the bottom we have eight allowed speaker now theearpiece also doubles as a loudspeaker and it has good volume but it doesdistort a little bit at 100% foam I'll give you a sample of that now the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack alsooutputs really good audio quality it's clean as clear and the loudness isacceptable it's good it's not the loudest I've heard but it is one of thebetter ones now the core quality I did have an issue with core quality that Icouldn't hear the other end a couple of times then I thought it was down toorange who is my network provider but it turns out they released an over-the-airupdate just the last one it's now the fifth update from them that fixed thatproblem I haven't had any problems with call quality since then so that's oneissue they have addressed now hopefully they will address the rear camerasbecause that white angled sensor does take quite a poor photo you can see fromthese examples here so it's not the best I mean when you first look you say okaythat's an okay photo but zoom in and look how muddy the images it's justlacking sharpness clarity details where are they so poor sensor or poor lensthey've gone it's a missed opportunity but the 12 megapixel rear facing cameracan take a really good image if you have a look at these samples here of courseit does come with portrait mode where the dual sensors you can get a bluebackground the depth effect they call it on both the front camera using AI tostitch around your face it's not perfect no one really gets this 100% perfect Ihave seen better examples and I've also seen worse it does apparently improvewith the time it gets to learn people's faces around here and things like thatand stitch things out a little better so for front-facing camera performancethe 8 megapixel sensor can shoot only up to 1080p but it does have goodelectronic image stabilization as you can see so on the rear camera we get upto 4k 30 frames per second I've noticed that the focus is stable no focushunting issues and the audio quality is good the video quality as well is goodnow does have optical image stabilizationunfortunately electronic image stabilization is disabled so you willsee a bit of that OSI rocking around from time to time alright I feel for this price rangekateri it is good I just hope that a future patch as this will be able to addelectronic image stabilization as well so it comes with Android 8.0 it's notquite the latest version it does have a recent security patch level howeverwhich is good and there's any way that it has their own custom skin on herethat logos the icon set that they've gone with does look quite Samsung as shedoesn't it it looks a lot like same Suns and it's not really original there butthe speed of the UI at least is very quick it's very smooth chromeperformance very smooth multitasking aside by side apps as well if you wantedto do that or the absolute support it good performance and no complaintsreally with it at all I do like it it is fast the animation speed is also veryshort making it seem really quick to open things up and to move around RAMmanagement as well as good and even the gallery performance very fast with lotsof photos on board here and we never look at synthetic benchmarks so this isthe antutu score very high this is what the AI booster mode on and what that isis a little bit of marketing gimmick and well it actually does work out toimprove the performance it will boost up and hold the highest clocks it can onall of the cause as a result it will true through the battery a little fasterbut it will improve gaming performance and the overall the fluidity of the UIand everything just seems to be slightly better there then we have a look at theinternal storage speeds it's using an emmc type of storage and not quite asfast of course as ufs storage and i think forthe price of phone they should have gone with ufs 2.1storage 3G speeds Wireless speeds GPS everything there is working perfectlyfine no issues with the signal strength either now the battery life thissurprises I didn't quite think I was going to get seven hours but I managedto get over seven hours on screen time from the 3300 milliamp hour battery andif you have a look at my use here it's quite heavy so I've done quite a bit ofgaming a few hours of gaming some Chrome's and YouTube I wouldn't exactlycall it light use this was continual use mostly on wireless about 20-30 percenton data and overall it held up really well so a great battery life there'sgoing to be a 2-day better each phone at least now charging times I did run intoa problem that it would stop charging at 84% and later at 94 91% sorry it stoppedthe game charging now it could be just my unit it may need and over-the-airupdate for this so my charging times here you can see Idon't know whether these are correct because it did stop there and I was ontop of it most of the time and I saw but expect quicker times if you're nothaving this problem so hopefully Azusa is going to address this I will hold onto the phone and see if the charging issue that I have is going to be fixedso for gaming performance it is very smooth so all of the games I tested willde tanks lineage 2 on high settings it's smooth its playable you do see someloading lag but this even happens for me on Snapdragon 845 Mobile's Pub G on thehigh settings high frame rate very playable it's smooth and you do see acouple of little legs and stutters here and there to be expected but overall agreat gaming experience from the zenfone 5 the zenfone 5 also has face unlockingand it will unlock really quick I haven't had any problems with it do youjust basically hold it up look into it and within seconds even not even secondsunder half a second it's unlocked and ready to go now the fingerprint readeron the rear very quick it unlocks straightaway it's an always-onfingerprint reader so you don't have to wake the phone you simply place yourfinger that you have already set up and straight away it unlocks and you're inthe system and it works ten out of ten times alright guys so is this a phone Ican recommend well first off as erst need to lower the priceand that would make it a lot easier to recommend at the moment it's justoverpriced for the chipset okay it is a very fast phone it feels as fast as asnapdragon 8 to 1 like a flagship phone it's really hard to tell the differencelike if you handed this phone to someone and you told them it had a Snapdragoneight four five in it they would probably believe you of how it performsgood it has really quick the animations and just how the you I feel so they'vedone an excellent job there but things aren't 100% stable now they have beenpushing out a lot of over-the-air updates but I've run into two issues thecore quality issue will the fact that I couldn't hear that other end in somecalls that's being fixed so that's no longer an issue but it was there but theproblem I have now charging so we're not charged to 100% in one go for me it'shappened now twice no three times that I've tested it it'll either stop at 84%it'll stop at eighty late 80s or even 91 or something like that so that shouldnot be happening it should charge on one go so it's either a problem with my unitor just a problem in general that hopefully they can fix with itover-the-air update now the camera they hyped it up with the camera as good asthe Google pixel according to the DxO mark now I don't believe you can trustthose benchmarks anymore because it seems whoever pays them to optimize orhelp optimize the cameras gets a higher score so it's a really a paid score nowso completely untrustworthy and as I saw of my comparison make sure you checkthat video out by the way that even and much cheaper phone can beat this theredmi note 5 in still shots at least not in low light not in video but in stillsand that to me was a bit of a disappointment they're not to mean thatthis doesn't take a great photo it does front-facing camera as well isreasonable we've got electronic image stabilization but not on for cable dissbut overall as a package it is a good phone I like it you're either going tohate the notch and not buy it for that reason and the price of it will probablyput you off so if they drop the price this will be a good phone or what Ialmost forgot another big con is the wide-angle lens camera superdisappointing they missed that up a missed opportunity it really is bad sothank you for watching this review here I hope you liked it if you're new to thechannel and you like this kind of style of review here please subscribe and Iwill have what happen coming soon also check out my review of Shelby's redminote 5 that's up here that is another Snapdragon 636 mobile bye for now .

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