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BEST #ALIEXPRESS DEALS: 12 Things For $5 Or Less Aliholic Well, hello there my beautiful friend.
I hope you are comfy and not in a rush, becausewe are about to embark on a magical journey to the land of far far away. We are going to see 12 beautiful masterpiecescrowned by a rare jewel, which is a new useless but fun addition to the videos, which is therandom product of the week. After that, I am going to announce the 3 winnersfrom the giveaway from the last video of the year. If you won, please send me a YouTube messagewith your mailing address, and your prize will be on its way to you very shortly, orwhenever the seller would ship it really. I also want to apologize for the video beingone day late, I would say that I was crazy busy but really I passed out binge watchingThe Office.
It was that episode where they get to meetJared from Silicon Valley.
When you think of interesting home decor items,I bet cutlery doesn’t usually come to mind. This wrench hybrid cutlery will definitelymake your meals more interesting. They’d be a great conversation starter ifyou’re having an awkward silence at a dinner party, or they’d make a great gift for anyhandy people in your life. Or if you fancy motorcycle camping and wantto save space by only bringing one gadget instead of two, this would work as well.
The nostalgic item of the week is this retroUSB controller. You can relive your childhood while simultaneouslyplaying your new favourite games.
Or go old school and find an online versionof Mario Kart, you know you want to. And while you’re at it, make sure to grab2 - one for yourself, and one for Luigi. If you have been fortunate enough to afforda new iPhone, and unfortunate enough to pick a phone that only has one port for everything,I have good news for you.
This revolutionary device will let you chargeyour iPhone 7 or 8 while listening to music with this 2 in 1 adapter cable. Most of the reviews are positive and the itemhas been ordered 347 times. If you’re paranoid about your AirPod earbudsfalling out of your ears, this magnetic earbud strap is the product for you.
I’ve had that feeling every time I’veused wireless earbuds. This product has been ordered 634 times soI know I’m not alone.
The majority of the buyers seem pretty happy,since the strap has a 4.7 star rating. Though we’re in the dead of winter, springand sunny days will be here before we know it. Especially if you account for the deliveryat some point seems to be done by snails moving through peanut butter. Prepare yourself now with a new pair of sunglassesthat should arrive just in time for the warmer weather.
If these sunglasses aren’t your style youcan check out the store for more options, I’ve provided the link in the description.
This is the best wall sticker I’ve seenin a while. Aliexpress suggests you use it to surprisehouse guests when they use the toilet, but you can stick it anywhere around the housethat will make you smile. Remember the ceiling cat? Then you might be just old enough to livein your own space which you can decorate in whatever damn way you please. If not, you can obtain one, and keep it inthe sweet anticipation of the time when you are in charge of your own destiny. There also is a dog version.

These are the perfect keychains for motorcycleenthusiasts. I find these pretty original, and I’m pickingup the “Drop a gear and disappear” one for myself. It’s kinda corny but also not really, it’sgot style, I like it. The ‘real men like curves’ one also worksfor car drivers who are really into taking Archer style joy rides. If motorcycles aren’t your thing, hopefullydogs are.
There are 17 versions of this pitbull keychainand they are all adorable.
If you’re a crazy dog person, you can neverhave too much dog paraphernalia. This comes from a person whos dog has a bandanacollar and is waiting for a new bowtie to arrive. The more artistic pendants in this listingare actually pretty cool, especially for only $2. These pins come in a bunch of different breeds,like French bulldog, chihuahua, pomeranian, and of course doge.
At only 50 cents each you can show off yourlove of canines all over your jackets, sweaters, and backpacks. These doggie pins might be the cutest pinson AliExpress.
The colors are bright and vivid, and theyare guaranteed to attract attention, especially of a dog lover. And if you are a cat person, well you arein luck, because there are cat ones too, and they are just as adorable. If you prefer classic stickers, here are some50 piece packs.
There are lots of cool options so I’m sureyou’ll be able to find at least a few you like. I like to order them every now and then todecorate my laptop and motorcycle. Like I’ve mentioned before, they are waterproofand hold on pretty well, but if you put them in a spot that gets lots of traction thatyou touch often, the top layer will eventually wear off and the color will fade.
So keep this in mind. Although handwriting is becoming less commonthese days, you can make it more fun with a novelty pen like this syringe one.
Just think of how if not cool then at leastunusual it would look on your desk, even if it’s just for decor. And if you think this product was interestingwait until you see this. Never lose your earphones again with theseglow in the dark earphones, which are helpful as long as your room can be turned pitch blackat your will. They would be perfect for a silent dance partyor if you’re just a night owl.
But either way, they come with a cool zipperdetail that gives an interesting touch for any time of the day.
Because now it’s time for the random productof the week: I don’t know about you, but I find it reallyannoying when the rain ruins my prize-horse’s mane. On the off chance you own a horse, you andyour busty sarcastic and slightly bitchy friend can keep Chestnut cozy and dry in the rainwith this fashionable waterproof horse overcoat. And now it is time to announce the winnersfrom the giveaway. These three commenters will receive the thingthat they liked the most from the previous video. If you didn’t win, there is another giveawaygoing on, so please check the previous video, which is called “20 Electronic Gadgets Under$20”, where we are giving out a pair of really good earphones.

I am also pretty proud of the idea for theconditions. .

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