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Cheapest Products From #AliExpress: 10 Things Under 1 - Vol 2

Cheapest Products From #AliExpress: 10 Things Under $1 - Vol 2 Who doesn't love cheap things? This is part 2 of the most watched video onour channel! Links to the first part and all the productsare in the description.
Number 10. LED not-so-smart watch that comes in a varietyof colors. The body is made out of rubber, and thereare led lights inside that shine through. The watch shows time only, and does not havea date function. The straps are held together with a smallmagnet and a plastic clip.
The length can be adjusted by sliding theclip off, and simply cutting the band off with scissors.
To see the time you need to press this smallbutton on the bottom. Pretty cool, right? Number 9. A neck scarf that can be used as a face maskto protect you against changing weather conditions. It can be used for snow sports, or even justfor walking outside if you live in a colder area.
Number 8. Neurotransmitter necklaces.
I've seen ones with the same design onlineat 30-40 dollars. There are three kinds, serotonin, dopamineand acetylcholine. Get one for yourself, and a couple more forfriends.
Number 7. A mousepad, but not a regular one! This one comes with a pillow for your wrist. I think it's pretty good for a dollar.
Number 6. An inflatable travel pillow.
These sell for obscene amounts at airports. The last time I saw one, I think it costed$12 or something. Thanks, AliExpress! Number 5. You could buy same quality gloves at a dollarstore, but these ones are touchscreen-friendly.
There are 15 different colors available.
I think it would take me some time just torecall that many. Number 4. A leather bracelet. Pictures from the feedback show that it'sjust as pictured. And there are more designs if you look in the suggested products.

Number 3. A rain poncho. It is a commonly sold item, but not for 50cents. I saw one at 7/11 for $5 a couple of daysago. Number 2.
A small USB fan that we unboxed last week.
The case is made out of rubber. You can bend it and twist it, and it worksoff a power bank. There are 4 other color options if you don'tlike blue. And number 1.
A USB light. The light is warm white color.
Just as the fan, it also is flexible. And it also works from a power bank. Let's test it out with the lights out.
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