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Honor Note 10 - 24 Hours Later, Battery Life Update & FAQ

Honor Note 10 - 24 Hours Later, Battery Life Update & FAQ Right so I'm back here 24 hours later orwith the honor note tier now there's been a lot of questions and the commentsthank you so much guys for firing all those questions through I've been tryingto go through them and answer them so this is the purpose of this videounfortunate I don't have my full battery stat details yet because I was goingthrough it last night and what happened is I was so tired I connected up thecable and I reset all the stats but what I will do is show you how the batterylife is fearing right now it is holding up really well so I'm using a GSAMbattery monitor here so three hours into it and the battery is down to 66% butI've been doing a lot of gaming and I'll just quickly show you what I've actuallybeen going through so go through the official stats here so when you have alook at this you can go and check on the battery usage of course and you checkthe app so three hours I'll used actually four hours there so GCM doesn'tseem to be reporting things correctly that's why I actually restarted and thiswhole test here and you'll see here the apps are being so prime video did a lotof streaming I've been playing hit YouTube as well will do tanks so primenet was going for just over one hour and it is holding up really well now havetheir brightness configured to about 200 Lux which I feel is a decent level thisis what you're looking at at the moment so it's only the set brightness it's nottoo dull and not too bright either and I'll just show you that screen on timeso we're looking at yeah four hours here so there's something's out with the Gsame stats I can't get proper stat so just use the official step as that's ofcourse built into the app here so there have been quite a lot of questionsfiring through no I did make a mistake a couple of mistakes I'd met becauseprobably I didn't search it well enough because what I did is in the seedings Ityped in I always on display on screen display sorry so they didn't actuallypop it but the seating is in there now what highway have done if they've reallyjust hidden this thing away because it's really silly it's under security andprivacy then you go into screen and with passwords screen lock and passwordsthere then the always-on display is right down the bottom there so it isreally kind of hidden away I don't know why why away have placed it here to methis is kind of a little bit silly to put it there they should have it underthe display some way we can see it but yes always ondisplay is there and it just gives you the time information and things likethat now I did have a lot of questions aboutnotifications and yes and no I am experiencing trouble so I've gotwhatsapp installed Twitter notifications do seem to be coming throughbut not always and I noticed the same with whatsapp what happens is that whenyou run the app then you start getting all the notifications will end up comingthrough and after a set timer when you close the app down it seems that they'renot being pulled through the push applications correctly or they work fora little while and then they're killed off in the background now this could beto do with their aggressive RAM management probably something to do withwith that but another one asked me what is the performance here of Twitter andyou can see it is really quite good now so far my time with this phone I amreally impressed it is a step up from the me max 3 of course because this is apremium phone and it does have a course the Karen 9 7 it's a flagship CPU sovery far it's really good performance of course this is gonna be a little bitdepending on what your internet connection is and you'll see there yeahthere's no problems with that it's just the notifications is one thing that isbugging me my biggest issue - whether I will end up swapping from the min/max 3- this phone in particular would be this it would be down to software so Imanaged to uninstall most of that bloat so I've got rid of it well not all of itso there were more questions about this can you uninstall all the Chinese bloatwell not quite what I've done is just put a lot of it into a folder so ifyou've got these other things in here like on a reader huawei video you try touninstall these ones here and of course a system app it will not let you so thatis one thing there that does bug me a little bit but if I can hide it thereand it's not going to be too much of a problem so really I want to see theinternational release of this and then if you've got the international versionyou won't have all those Chinese blower applications now yes I did comment andsay that it was rubbish crap apps now I'm looking at this problem from theperspective of someone that isn't Chinese I'm not in China so if anyoneoutside of China yes those apps they are all junk most of those ones that I havealready got rid of and uninstalled it's just a little bit of pre block they puton there now Samsung's for this as well they put like two appsof everything loads of crap on their Xiaomi also puts a lot of your Chinesejunk on it so it's to be expected with the Chinese phone there's just one ofthe things about importing a device like this and more questions as well aboutthe dual cameras on the rear so what modes does it support and what aboutopen camera so with open camera you can enable video stabilization and then asit at to 4k but I did test as I tested this yesterday and the reason why Ididn't actually mention it will post a sample is because it doesn't actuallywork so electron image stabilization with this CPU just is impossible we needto wait for the keren 980 which I believe according to where I think it isthat it's going to solve this problem and we will have electronic or digitalimage stabilization on 4k also quite a few questions about what kind of videomodes we have on there is there 60 frames per second mode yes there is andsomeone else asked about can we use the more efficient H dot 264 HEV C codec yesthat is here now there is an I didn't use that for my sample as I just keep iton the default normally on my reviews and sometimes I run into issues when Iedit my videos using that newer codec there now some of those comments to dowith the cameras were based on the fact that I'm doing it wrong here that youneed to disable and the beautifying mode on the video actually did that but itjust didn't come out through on my video that I had it disabled later on and youcan see it is disabled so it's set to 0 now and if I go into the settings thatyou can see here video size that's what we got so 720p unfortunately now I'mpretty sure a firmware update will probably add this in but I would like tosee a 1080p option on the front-facing camera like other manufacturers and ofcourse the demonstration there of the always-on display that you get withthese AMOLED panels so the face unlocking I made an error here that yesyou can actually go straight into the UI so what I'll do is I just demonstratethat now hopefully the camera is going to be able to pick me up and you can seestraight into it it is very fast and does work really well I roll this phonejust flies it is really nice good screen and just going through everything justseems to be almost perfect I'm still see some of that lagged sometimes you knowwhere I've seen it quite bad that's when you go into a folder so if you add anapp to a folder and I did this just before so why can I not drag that therewe go and put it in there and when I was when I was opening it up it did quite abig stutter and I didn't expect to see that kind of lag but there was just afreak event that most of the time this thing is just running super smoothanother comment was to do with sixteen by nine contents so depends on the apphow it handles at some of them you can scale to full screen mode so YouTubesomeone said well those borders are ugly that's a deal-breaker I'm not buyingthis phone but you can actually solve this in a way you just have to zoom butit's something you're going to actually get on a lot of phones that have the 18by 9 aspect ratio unless of course you're looking at an 18 by 9 aspectratio or 2 by 1 video but you can solve itjust by zooming in there and you can see that yes that screen does look nice Imean it would have been even nicer if it was 1440p but I don't have any problemsor issues with the sharpness of this display I mean I'm not looking at itonly an inch away from the actual screen so you don't see the pixels at normalusable distances so a lot of comments as well there's probably about like 20 30of them are so asking me which phone is better which should I buy which bigphone so straightaway if you're not on a budget and you don't mind having alittle bit of Chinese in the ROM you can get rid of most of those apps as Imentioned then this is the clear winner it has better loudspeakers it has abetter screen much better performance I mean the storage on this one can get 800reads this one tops out around 280 270 because it's a emmc 5.1 spec storage andthen we got ufs 2.1 so huge difference there and we're getting an ante to scoreof roundabout as you just saw two thousand and sorry two hundred and tenthousand verses about one hundred in 19 or sixteen one hundred and ten thousandso it's almost twice as fast this phone here now in terms of the cameras okaybut for them take a very very similar photo there are samples in my firstvideo that I posted in daylight but when it comes to night time using the nightmode this is the same night mode by the waythat has been borrowed you could say from the Huawei P 20 pro and it is oneof the best night modes it's a handheld night mode it takes five seconds but youjust got to hold it still and it combines various different photos justlike the HTT mode that Xiaomi has as well I did a test would bow for thatagain it's in my video low light there clear winner if you take a lot oflow-light photos is this one right here now bear in mind though with that nightmode if you're shooting moving subjects like for example you've got a dogrunning around no the dogs going to be blurred it's not gonna work VIN but forstatic images yet much better but into the daylight they are both very similarhere now one thing that's missing and the ROM is the fullscreen gestures thatwe have on the show me I would like to see while we incorporate that later onin the future and then they probably will actually end up doing it there'sjust one thing I'm I'm missing between these two so my pic so far having usedthis now full-on for a day I would say that yeah if you're not on a budget somemoney's not a problem you probably be happier with this onethey've got bitter loudspeakers it's this more immersive gaming performanceis a lot better so if you're gonna play pub G you can run it on HDR and theultra framerate sitting whereas you have to lower the settings down on theSnapdragon 636 fears so the build quality as well definite although I'mnot a huge fan of glass I must admit glass back to mobile phones very easy tocrack these and yeah that is one thing as well that the build quality is adefinite improvement now I just wanted to briefly touch on the topic of thatbutton there that I'm calling a gimmick and well I call this turbo the CPU turboand the GPU - about a bit of a gimmick because if you ask me it's real greatand all that they're improving the performance of games like pub GH felt 9optimizing the frame rate that's all good but why do you have to push abutton for it I mean come on this should be automatic there should be part of thefirmware part of the software to tick the game or at least have a gamingcenter that's connected to the button but it seems at this stage that's notproperly implemented so for me it still stands as a con that I listed in myfirst video so Oh it down because a couple of commentssaid I'm you know I'm doing it wrong I'm holding it wrong and nothing's going tohappen so every time I push it so if I go into ash felt and and run that gameand then you push the button there's still no actual it will pop up that willcome from there so just launched it felt 9 and you tap the button you'll hold itdown I'll press it 20 times it doesn't seem to do anything and I've also donesome tests with it and I'll show you that in just a minute but for me it isyouthful that button at least for this the camera go into the camera and youcan use it as a camera shutter shutter button should I say a camera shutterbutton and that's that's a video there because I'm in the video mode of let'ssee but if you're in the photo mode it will then take a photo so it did do sometests with and without that button being pressed even though it doesn't actuallyshow me anything and I'll just show you that so here in the gallery I did a testso here is n22 so someone said what you need to prove it's working or notworking well here's your proof so that's with it off on a reset and then I pushthe button and to me that's not doing anything I mean the scores are come onthey're almost identical it's only difference there of about a thousand orso points alright guys so I hope that that answered most of those commonquestions out there that kiss keep popping up there so we have a fantasticphone here if you ask me that I'm just really enjoying this phone so far I likemy larger mobile phones and as I mentioned when you're looking betweenthe me max 3 and this one if money's not a problem I would say go for thisbecause you're just getting all-round better performance all-around bit ofbuild quality better loudspeakers better low-light photography as a huge bonusthere with this one because of course it's sharing that night mode they hangout night shot mode from the app the like so the p20 Pro now the other thingthat I didn't have course show you is still no full battery details on thatI'm sorry about that it just takes a long time to drain out these berries sothere will be an upcoming video covering maybe gaming performance I've just beeninstalling some games to test out there and then of course my full and finalbattery stats and it's looking to me about eleven to twelve hours this ismoderate to heavy use I feel this is really good considering the speaker thisphone the power it's got and that's also just a right tear to you pretty seen itin the background so the me a to this is from Xiaomi their Android one device sothis mobile will be coming up and channel soon got a factory sealed boxthere so I need to go through to my tests on that when I probably just onlycover the software on that and just maybe one video because I've alreadyreviewed basically the same exact phone of course which is the me 6x that's ofcourse as a snapdragon 616 mobile phone so I hope to catch you back in thechannel with the video of that and then up and coming videos of course on thehonor note 10 bye for now .

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