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Lenovo XiaoXin TB8804F Review - A Top 8" Android 71 Tablet

Lenovo XiaoXin TB8804F Review - A Top 8 Android 71 Tablet This is the Lenovo XiaoXin it's an8-inch Android 7.1.1 tablet and it's very similar to the Tab 3 plus this isrunning the same specs so it has a snapdragon 625 4 gigabytes of RAM 64gigabytes of internal storage a 4850 mAh battery it has a fingerprintreader on the right-hand side that's incorporated into the power button asyou'll see there and it also has a 5 megapixel camera up the front 80megapixel on the rear which is autofocus along the top a 3.5 millimeter headphonejack type-c port and front-facing stereo speakers which is really good to seethey're not mono ones and unlike the Tab 3 plus these are firing out towards youdirected towards you so they do sound a lot better I'll give you a sample ofthose later on in the video down the bottom we have a microphone so that canbe used in video and your Skype calls and other applications on the left handside there's a little flap here with the lenovo logo where you can insert a microSD card up to 256 gigabytes is supported i've tested out 128 and it worksperfectly fine you can set it up as portable storage or use it as internalstorage if you find you run out of space installing apps on the 64 so the buildquality of it isn't bad it is made out of plastic the whole rear but it has anice feel to it's also very light and quite thin to this tablet and overallbuild is good very comfortable to use no real complaints the bezel size isn'texactly the slimmest but it gives you somewhere to place your thumbs and yourfingers your palms without touching the screen so it is practical the bezels ithas on here so inside the box you get the tablet wrapped in plastic someinstruction manuals and promotional material all in Chinese we have a type Ccable that's black and then our power adapter which is two prong now this israted to 5 point 2 volts 2 amps per tabletjust 302 grams thanks to that plastic build it's very lightweight andcomfortable to use and comes in under 8 millimeters so it's very thin as well sodisplays 1920 by 1200 16 by 10 aspect ratio now up the top here looks like wedo have an ambient sensor in hardware but with my rom there seems to be no wayto actually activate Auto screen brightness you have to control itmanually which is a bit of a disappointment there now the screenbrightness at the maximum level maxes out at 470 lux it's a fully laminatedscreen and it does look really decent I do like the colors the reproduction onhere viewing angles are also good now onearea I feel they could improve on the screen is the touch scrolling now theresponsive touch is good but I feel that the scrolling at times could just be alittle bit more sensitive at times it seems like it's just not as sensitive asit could be here you see when scrolling but performance here in chrome is verydecent and it's smooth enough the typical kind of performance you wouldexpect from a Snapdragon 625 so it counts with Android 7.1.1 and these arethe applications we get straight out of the box so it does come with a lot ofpre-installed bloat unfortunately but the good thing is you can uninstall mostof it which is great once again approximately 50 gigabytes free of that64 that it has so it is running a more recent version of Android the tab storythat I had was stuck on Android 6 and this is going to be stuck on Androidseven point seven point one and while I say stuck as there is no over there errupdate system that I can find on this particular model now it could be down tothe fact that this is running a shop ROM so someone's modified a tree flashed itwith Play Store on here and this is the reason why the tablet gets 60002 - youcan see here which isn't bad for the snapdragon 65 chipset more or less otherdevices I have tested out and the Tab 3 plus will get the score the internalstorage is also very fast it maxes out at 270 sequential reads and 141sequential writes with good for case so very fast storage this iswhy multitasking and the performance of it overall is goodone other thing is excellent Wireless on this device which is really good to seeso very fast speeds here testing with my 300 megabits fibre line and also testedout the range so I went over to the other side of the apartment and therange is still really good and the speeds here back that up so speeds dodrop of course but very decent it's a really good wireless on this if you needa tablet that's got great wireless this is one to go for we also have GPS onhere which is really good to see but what isn't good to see is they ditchedthe hardware compass on this model it's on the tab 3 plus that I reviewed fromLenovo but not on this particular model accuracy was down to 5 meters andoverall very good the GPS so just how does the ROM perform it's actuallyreally quite good not bad at all multitasking can swap between yourapplications quite quickly it will do split-screen as well on apps thatsupport it overall ROM performance is not an issue at all with this particularmodel here so most habits really do suck from Chinawhen it comes to speaker quality they are normally very flat and poor butwe've got two front-facing speakers you can see those slight little girls thereleft and right and I really do like the speakers on this it's using Dolby Atmosso it's more like an equalizer you can tweak you can boost the sound you canjust adjust it and fine tune it now audio quality out of the 3.5 millimeterheadphone jack is very decent it's good I really do like the quality coming outof this considering the price and it's a tablet and I'll give you a sample now ofthe front-facing speakers just how they sound the template comes within an Adreno 506GPU now those GPUs capable of pushing games that are graphically demanding at1,200 feet without any problems it's not super smooth 100% of the time dependingon the games you test you will see now and then a few little stutters the gameslike hit shadow fight 3 and World of Tanks all ran perfectly fine on thistablet with playable framerates with an 8-inch screen and a tablet that's thisline and thinner it's very comfortable for e-books and PDF files and I foundthe performance to be reasonable it's certainly not the fastest when you'reusing large PDFs moving on now to battery life which I find to be verygood here I managed to get 10 hours and 16 minutes of on-screen time with thecombination of that 4815 milliamp hours cell and the Snapdragon 625 which is avery efficient chipset so during this you sell I did quite a bit of gaming so55 minutes here shadow fight 3 also streamed Amazon Prime for 1 hour and 32minutes YouTube for an hour as well 1080p quality and then I played hit forabout 4 hours almost there so moderate kind of use very happy with the batterytimes that you're able to get out of this now to fully charge the device itwill take just over 2 and a half hours which is also very good so here's asample from the front-facing camera does crop in a little bit and I find thequality to be quite decent as well as the audio considering this is a tabletnow most people would normally just use their mobile phone so on the rear camerawe also have up to 1080p video from that 8 megapixel camera and the quality isquite good but you will notice that the focus is constantly pulsing in and outso it has that focus breathing issue which is very common on many devicesother than that I really do like the quality for a tablet I find it to bevery good it's just ruined a little bit by better focus so there we go this isan all-rounded great little 8 inch tablet I do like it love the weight andit just got really good weight distribution on it - really decentscreen so it's right is fully laminated we've got GPSwe are lacking a couple of things though there's no ambient light sensor there'sno compass and there's no HDMI out if it had those three things then I wouldprobably declare this declare this one and the tab will plus if it's got thesame spec as being one of the best Android 7 tablets 8 inch ones that youcould buy but I won't go that far but I will say that this is very very good itdoes come recommended really enjoying my time using this tablet so the ROMperformance is decent it's good I haven't noticed any lag or stuttergaming performance from the audrina 506 is also great you do sometimes get a fewlittle stutters and games that are very demanding but overall it's a smoothexperience and everything loads up quick enough thanks to that emmc 5 spec drivethis has only over the 64 gigabytes of storage so the cameras there ok there'san autofocus problem with the rear camera but I doubt too many people aregoing to be bothered by that it still works out to be fine for Skype callsboth the front and rear cameras and for e-books also very decent this tablet butif you're going to be using this for GPS navigation I would go for the Tab 3 pluswith the hardware compass and GPS module so that's really the only things thatthis tablet lacks and also the price at the moment 240 or so us means it's alittle bit pricey I feel for what it is even though the spec is really good thebuilders great the screen is good is it worth the extra cash I feel it is butwait for the price to drop down a little bit or take a look at the tab 4 pluswhich is basically exactly the same as this and a really good little tablet nowif you haven't seen my review of the Tab 3 plus which is the interior model 2this one the older model then check out my review of that here or here if you'renew to the channel please think about subscribing and I do hope to see youback with more upcoming reviews bye for now .

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