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Lifehack Products From #AliExpress: Things That Make Your Life Easier #1

Lifehack Products From #AliExpress: Things That Make Your Life Easier #1 A sofa organizer bag to hold the remotes,reading glasses and such.
This one comes with a solid top for drinksand snack bowls. Do you sometimes spend your mornings runningaround and trying to remember where are these damn keys I swear I left themright here? This cloud shaped magnetic key holder costsjust around 2.50 According to the pictures from the feedbacksection this thing can handle an impressive amount of weight. And if your problems with keeping your thingsin order are more severe than you want to admit, why not tag them with theseBluetooth tags? They are cheaper than I expected at less than $3 a piece. There are round and square ones to pick from. Both come in a variety of colors.
Do you like pizza? These scissors will helpwith efficiently serving pizza without having to use tongs.
Wire holders. I have been using these for a couple of weeksnow and, man! These are an absolute game changer! I bought 1 lot of 10 pieces for just $1.47,used 5 between my home and the office. They all come with a pre-applied adhesivestrip, and so far feel and seem pretty trustworthy. To avoid having to turn the lights on whenyou need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night in the sight ofrisk of completely waking up, this LED toilet light just might be the thingfor you.
It is operated by AAA batteries,and comes with a motion sensor. .

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