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Mi Gaming Laptop Review - 2nd Ed Core I7 8750H & GTX 1060

Mi Gaming Laptop Review - 2nd Ed Core I7 8750H & GTX 1060 Hi guys Chris here now you can see I'mshooting from a different location here so not currently in Spain I'm back home inAuckland New Zealand on holiday but I will be checking out a few devices so Ihave this right here with me this is show meas me gaming laptop that I'vebeen testing for the last couple of weeks now this is the second edition Ireviewed the first model that was released that had the seventh gen Intelchips in it this now has the 8th gen ones which they should have released tobe honest to begin with now has the 8750 H in here that's 6 cores 12 threads andit has a maximun turbo of 4 point 1 gigahertz it's a powerful chip and it'salso quite a hot chip and we will check out thermals on this and mostimportantly fan noise which I didn't likeon the first model it was a little bit too loud and spoiler alert it is stilltoo loud sadly on this model now the RAM is slightly faster it's double data ratefor its 2666 mega Hertz now instead of 2400 this is a very marginal increasethere now my model is configured with the NVIDIA GTX 1060 with 6 gigabytes ofvram there's also a cheaper model that has the Nvidia 1050 Ti so apart fromthat we also do have faster wireless it's got Intel's wireless AC leadgigabit chipset which is the 95 60 and a much faster SD card reader which is nowultra high-speed one spec gaining access to the internals isn't difficult we'vegot nine screws to remove and one of them is hidden under this rare rubberfoot now the internals have not changed from the first model they have notredesigned the cooling it looks exactly the same to me we've got a 55 watt hourbattery right here so it is smaller because they've given us space for a 2.5inch hard drive and another 22 by 80 nvme times for drive which I haveinstalled at the moment for the purposes of this review i've also swapped out theone terabyte spindle hard drive of the GPU and the CPU coolers these fans hereare capable of 6250 RPM which is really fast but that also means that laptopwhen in that cooler booster mode is extremely loud but more on that later inthe review as far as upgradability goes wehave the SSD drives and also the RAM that can be swapped out and I see noreason to do this at the moment with 16 gigabytes of RAM and that should be goodfor most people but you can install a maximum of 32 gigabytes just above theSamsung PM 981 SSD we have the wireless card now you cannot upgrade this oneunfortunately it's not replaceable it is an Intel 95 60 and that is wireless ACand it also handles and Bluetooth 5 along the front you will find 2 3 wattspeakers there downwards firing their decent sounding ones but not quite asgood as the me notebook pros I will give you a sample of the speakers again lateron in this review so show me have kept the design plain and simple there's nodragon logos there's no gamer accents on this whatsoever no gamer Ridge no logoson the top I do like this look it's simplistic it means you could even useit say as a business laptop and you'll notice along the top we do have thisstrip and this trip is for improved wireless reception and in my testing itdoes seem to have very good range on this so no problems and no issues withwireless speeds or reception the lid has very little flex so I don't see thispressing in and pressing that screen up against the keyboard on the right handside you'll find one exit vent USB 3 port and then our new faster ultra highspeed one spec SD card reader and then on the left another exhaust vent 2 USB 3ports 3.5 millimeter audio out with very good quality it's loud it's very cleanthere's no static no interference and we also have a dedicated mic in findingfour ports on the rear we have DC in for charging we have a USB 3.1 type C whichsadly is not Thunderbolt 3 spec which is an error because the competition in thelikes of Dell and they are offering this hdmi 2.0 a spec USB 3 ports Gigabit LANand we have those two exhaust vents on the rear so for the keyboard but got nochanges here we've got 1.5 millimeters of key travel it's a reasonable keyboardto type on it's RGB will you have three color zones and the software is now inEnglish thankfully which it wasn't when I firstthe first model the power key isn't separated away from the rest of thekeyboard sadly now wish it was but at least it does have a high resistance tothe rest of the keys and this does prevent accidental key presses thebiggest con for me however is this right here your five programmable macro keysit's just the location of them I do find it quite annoying often when I go to hitctrl I hit the macro key here or when I press EscapeI accidentally hit the hyper fan mode and the macro keys are very easy toprogram with the included software now with us our GB keyboard we do have fivedifferent levels of brightness so you get a little bit of control over thatand of course you can set it to whatever color you want there's different thingslike breathing mode you've got wave pretty straightforward here and that'sall controlled and tweaked again via the me gaming center software the softwarealso lets you check out your CPU load GPU load memory use and it even doeshave a built-in task manager and you can take a look at your network performanceas well and just like the first edition no changes here we have the ambient sidelights so you've got sixteen million color combinations there that you cansit with the side lights just turn off those lights and you can see it thereand also when the laptop is fully chargedthey will glow green so there are no changes to this touchpad at all and thatis a good thing because this is a great touchpad the me gaming laptop and the menotebook pro which used the same touchpad here they're both excellent itis really good for the finer movements very accurate smooth surface and it doessupport of course windows gestures it is definitely one of the best touch padsyou will find on a gaming notebook so overall the me gaming laptop has apremium design a very high build quality and is great no faults with itwhatsoever noble quality issues and I love the factthat we don't have that game redesign here this is very simplistic the designwe only have that me logo on the front that's the only logo you will find onthe whole laptop so the display is still a 1080p 60 Hertz display now I know somepeople will be disappointed and shall be the decision not to go to 120 Hertzpanel but since it's only Vidia 1060 that we have on here it's notthe 1070 and really I feel it's an okay combination we don't have thesuper-powerful graphics card so it is a 300 Luxscreen and it does have an anti-glare coating on here we've got an sRGB valueof 93% Adobe RGB is 72% so very similar to the first panel it is a good paneland good color reproduction and that brightness 300 Lux and being ananti-glare screen I find is also perfectly fine theremy only complaint with the screen is there is a bit of light leakage justdown there on the bottom but it's very hard to see you really just need acompletely black image to see that light leakage and it will vary from panel topanel so overall for a gaming laptop this has an above average screen in itand when looking at the screen bezels here so either side are quite slim andthe top of course they've got the webcam in the correct location webcam 720p witha status led to the left of it and then either side dual array microphones andnow a sample of that 720p webcam it treats and 30 frames per second now youdo notice what the quality that okay the exposure seems to be all right I havereasonably bright lights on at the moment but it does look a little bitpixelated it looks a little grainy the audio is above average perfectly fine Ifeel with those jewelry microphones and audio you are listening to right now isbeing recorded on the show me me gaming laptop so what are the problems ofbuying a laptop from China and importing it is this right here it's gonna comewith Windows 10 home in Chinese unfortunately now there are a couple ofways around this you can install into a complete fresh new install with Englishor you can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro and then install your language packs so thisis one thing you have to remember and the other of course is that you're notgoing to have a local warranty checking out a few synthetic benchmarks now thatI like to test out when it comes to if I strike one point one the nvidia gtx 1060gets a graphics score of just over 11,000 with a total scorethere of just over 10,000 then it's on par with other GTX 10:16 notebooks andwhat a slightly higher here is the Geekbench CPU score so when we have alook at the single core score for Geekbench 4 it's close to 5,000 which ismaybe not the fastest I have seen but the multi-core score here of over 21,000is really quite good this is faster than the MSI in GL 63 that I have looked atand it is also faster than the esos FX 504 that I looked at it's the highesteight out of the gaming laptops that I have reviewed and when we take a looknow at the OpenCL score with geek bench this is a very decent school here and ifyou do overclock the GPU which I have managed to do a little bit I'll justshow you my overclock managed to get plus 160 megahertz to the core clock onthe GPU and the memory clock a respectable plus 700 megahertz doing sohas increased the scores here with the gig bench for OpenCL score I wrote about6.5 percent so not much of a boost but anything we get here is really welcomewhen it comes to of course a gaming laptop and it doesn't increase thetemperatures much at all Billy goes up one or two degrees when you overclockthat a hundred and 60 megahertz on the core and when it comes to Cinebench r15again this is one of the highest scores I have seen for this particular CPU sowe've got a Seabee score of one one forty five and if you do under volt alittle bit which I managed to get a stable negative zero point one hundredand sixty under volt with both the core and the cache then that does help boostup our scores here as you'll see now that's increased now to twelve hundredand sixty 3cb the pass back nine rating is five thousand six hundred andsixty-four which is a very decent score for this particular speck of laptop andthe internal storage that samsung PM 981 which is basically like in om9 70 Evo isvery quick as you can see here we're getting very goodintial reads and writes the four K's aren't quite as fast as I expected nowit did populate that spear nvme slot that we have in here will they light on256 to gigabyte Drive and you can see the scores from that one so that provesto me that both of those slots can run together at PCIe times four speeds whichis great and then a very welcome change here with that SD card slot so on thefirst model it maxed out around about 23 megabytes per second and sequentialreads and writes and you can see it's much faster this was my samsung prohundred and twenty-eight gigabyte micro sd card that I had in the slot using anadapter and very quick so good reads and writes on the drive now on the slotshould I say thanks to the realtek PCIe card reader they're using so the CPUthat eighth generation I 78750 H is no slouch so you can run multiple tabs youcan do all the multitasking you want and this thing just does not slow down it'svery responsive it's fast I'm even editing a 4k video here in thebackground you're gonna have no problems there's no real need for me to go intoextreme details here on the performance because this is right up there this is avery fast chip for a mobile chipset for 45 watt CPU it does run really quitewell and I'm gonna run a fork a demo here just to show you how this runs I'llstick that on the 4k quality and we'll put these stats on for nerds and you cansee that it's not actually dropping any frames whatsoever now this is runningperfectly fine not a problem so I do have a 4k clip here this is actually ofa gimbal review that I still haven't posted that I recorded in Denia and asyou can see that the previews there that's in real time so there's noproblems with that as you'd expect for this CPU now I'mgonna encode now one minute of footage and we'll see just how long this takesthis is in the h.264 format it's the YouTube 4k preset and to make it fearbecause I know a lot of people gonna be using this now that most people willstick with hardware encoding so it's gonna be very quick we'll see how long aone minute clip takes to encode okay so just finishing up now I will hit pauseonce that disappears so one minute twenty two to encode one minute of theYouTube 4k preset video which is very quick audio wise the me gaming laptophere the sound is good that you get from those jewel down with firing speakers Idon't like the location too much because you can end up covering them if youhappen to use it on your lap which most people probably won't so the soundreflects up off surfaces like desks and you do get a decent amount of volume andyou also have a little bit of bass there some good meds overall the sound qualityfor a gaming laptop there's not bad at all but it could do with a sub now the3.5 millimeter headphone quality is very good it's loud and it is also cleanthere's no static this note interference I'll give you a sample now of thosespeakers at 100% volume so after all this is a gaming laptopit's time to check out just how well performs at 1080p on mostly highsettings so far noises one area that I highlycriticized with the first model and sadly it's not any better this is stilla very loud laptop wind gaming it gets up to around about 67 decibels but I'llgive you a sample of it now with your normal gaming your fans on auto and thenusing the hyper boost the boost fan mode taking a look at the maximumtemperatures so the CPU gets up to around 87 86 degrees when you're gamingwhen you're not gaming it tends to hover around the mid 70s I have seen it peakat 93 degrees but that only happened once so just above the keyboard it isgetting up to 41 degrees so does warm to the touch and then the GPU maxes out at71 degrees that's after one hour of gaming and I haven't seen it go overthis so the GPU temps are perfectly fine the CPU can get a little hot at times sowhat about the battery life it only has a 55 watt hour battery as I pointed outwhen we had a look at the internals and that is good for up to about four and ahalf hours of mix use this is around 40 to 50 percent brightness on only theintegrated graphics now when you started gaming you're only looking at about onehour and 45 minutes of gaming time and to fully charge the me gaming laptop ittakes a just under two hours so it is very quick to charge okay so just torecap here we've got an excellent build quality it's really well put togetherthey've got a metal a lid on the top here we have a plastic palm rest butit's very solid there's no creaks there's no flicks on this design thekeyboard is good to type on however I have a personal complaint with it for myown typing on this I don't find it to be that good it does take a lot to get usedto as I mentioned because it has that extra column of keys now that column onthe left there means I do get a lot of typos I tend to accidentally keephitting the fan the hyper fan mode the fan boost mode instead of escape and youreally do have to adapt to it it's a little bit more Kramden because of thatand I really wish that Xiaomi would change this and perhaps put those macrokeys in a different location at the top here the display is good about 300 Luxmaximum brightness and it does have good color reproduction as well for a gaminglaptop they are normally quite poor the touchpad as well very large greattouchpad actually gaming laptops they can we skip on thetouch pads but this one this one's really good performance gamingperformance it is a gaming laptop after all you can play all the latest titleson mostly maximum settings now some of the more demanding games like Witcher 3we're getting an average of in the 40s so you want to lower it from the veryhigh sitting just lower that down a littlebit or tweak some of those more demanding settings and you're gonna geta really great experience there with gaming and you can output via the HDMIbecause it does have HDMI 2.0 run us in 4khowever the 10 60 is not really demanding enough which is why I don'tmiss having say 128 Hertz option if they'd had one of those panels in thereit would be great but not a lot of games will be able to take advantage of sayrunning everything and a hundred and twenty frames per second because ofthose more demanding titles older titles like counter-strike for example canaffect sauce yes that may be the NBA couldn't be good for that so when itcomes to cons it's like the first model the problem I have what this unit hereis that when you're gaming so just a typical kind of game it's just far tooloud so you want to have a hit sit on to try and drain out that fan noise whichhovers around the 57 disavowal mark now when you put the fan boost mode on thatmost people will not be gaming with that on it or it's extremely loud it gets upto 67 decibels which is really far too much but again most people will notactually be using that so when it comes to the price of this it has been sellingfor as low as 1200 us which I feel is fine when you look at the speak of thisthere are cheaper options out there of course if you live in the US you cantake a look at the a sincere series is lots of notebooks from the end a bitcheaper azusa maasai things like that so they've got a lot of stiff competitionout there shell me but they're heading in the right direction I hope with thenext model of this they can take a look at the cooling the cooling is fine itdoesn't run into any thermal throttling it doesn't get too hot but it's justthat fair noise I really wish they could tone that down apart from that it is avery decent notebook there is a little on the heavy side so it's about 3.15kilos with the power brick and without it about 2.7 5 kilos so it is a heavygaming laptop thank you so much for watching this review and I do have tocatch you back in the channel and apologies for the lighting and the soundI'm not in my normal location bye for now .

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