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Mi Mix 2 Review - Full In-Depth Review

Mi Mix 2 Review - Full In-Depth Review so last year's Mi Mix brought back thatbezel is designed that sharp originally introduced but weren't so successful atit so we've got them mix 2 here now andit is sadly a case of two steps forward and one step back so they've made somereal improvements to the camera we've finally got optical image stabilizationsomething that the mix lat we have improved call quality with a betterearpiece and we have a lot better LTE band coverage now you're probablythinking why am I saying it's a step back well the battery's gone down 1,000milliamp hours and as you see later on you're not going to get the same betterlife you did from the first model and also the bezels you can see they justdon't have that same well factor that the me mixed it because the bezels hereslightly larger and definitely at the top it's larger because of that newearpiece the design change they had to make to get better sound qualityalthough the chin on the bottom is 12 percent smaller so like the mix the rearhousing does have ceramic on it which is very scratch resistant however quiteslippery so on the rear you will find the fingerprint reader which is exactlythe same as the previous generations coated with ceramics so it's quitescratch resistant and it unlocks the phone fast and flawlessly the cameramodule you can see here does protrude by approximately one millimeter and we dohave a dual tone LED flash now including a slot at the top for the sound to betransmitted through from the earpiece which is actually inside the phone herethe bezel did increase a little bit but thankfully the call quality is now up itdoesn't sound completely flat like it did on the Memexand really overall quite a big improvement the body on the standardversion is made out of metal but there is a special edition that has 8gigabytes of RAM and the hot body is also made out of ceramic including thebuttons so on the left side of the phone you'll find the SIM tray it takes dualnano since there's no micro SD card support on this one but with myparticular model having 256 gigabytes of storage that's not really an issuenow you notice on the top you can see two antenna strips and asecondary microphone there's no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack we won't beseeing that Jack ever again on Charlie's flagships which is a real shame hereit's a design to us that I don't agree with so along the bottom another twoantenna lines there loud speaker microphone and then the type C port thenthe bottom right-hand side you'll find the front-facing camera five megapixelswith an F 2.2 aperture the notification LED has located just here above the typeC port so overall the build quality is great this is premium it's a lovelylooking phone it does really look very nice but it doesn't stay looking cleanfor long as you can see it gets all smudgy with fingerprints very quicklyand if your hands are cold it's extremely slippery too but inside thebox you will find this case here now it has a matte coating to it so it is quitegrippy that helps with the slipperiness and it does protect the sides and thetop of the phone it is well made in fact fits it perfectly that much so that italmost looks like it is part of the phone it does however lack protectionfor the screen so the screen is an LCD panel it's 1080 by 2160 and that meansit's 18 by 9 aspect ratio so when you have a look at anything that's sixteenby nine you'll get these borders either side maximum brightness comes out to be570 lux to find the colors to be natural good reproduction there blacks arereasonably deep not as deep as the AMOLED panels but of course it doesoffer more natural-looking colors which I prefer now I have noticed that thereis a minor flaw on my unit and that is that the bottom bezel edge along herehas a bit of a darker patch to it as you can see there it's not IPS bleed it'smore like a darkness perhaps it's from the process of bonding the display tothe digitizer glass so the phone is currently shipping out with me oh I 8.5stable now this is the latest version I have on it at the time this review therewas a 1.4 gigabyte update now me UI 9 that is coming shortly but it's still inits beta phase so I don't know when we're gonna see that approximately butit should be hopefully only a few months away now performance for a snapdragon ate through five and six gigabytes of RAM it's very quick andsnappy have a look at chrome here the scrolling is really fastI'm currently actually screen recording this at the same time and it doesn'tseem to affect their performance at all so it is very quick at switching betweenapps we'll have a look now at Twitter performance - no issues overall it'svery fast I've encountered no bugs whatsoever the ROM seems to becompletely stable and on the topic of performance here here's Geekbench fourvery good score so you can compare this to your own mobile phone if you'rethinking about replacing it or if you're on the me mix that's the end - to scorealmost hundred thousand now these scores are really good the ufs 2.1 storage ithas on here now my version is the 256 gigabyte one so really quick 700megabytes per second sequential reads that's faster than a SATA 3 SSD you'llfind in older generation laptops and PCs now the battery life I did my littletest here so I was a bit of gaming using it phone calls basically to just testthe core quality but I got screen on time of my first test 8000 36 minutesand then my second test 7 hours and 21 minutes you can see a bit of my use hereso there was a bit of gaming going on there screen on time there well closerto 8 hours actually which isn't too bad but this is still down on what we getfrom the Memex because it has a larger battery this has got 3,400 million hoursand the Memex has four thousand four hundred millionhours so it's to be expected even though the Snapdragon 805 is a little bit moreefficient GPS performance very good no issues here you can see it locked on toevery single satellite and view moving around in my car around town it neverlost the signal and accuracy always stayed around three to four meters nowthe wireless speeds they are excellent here super fast I'm getting the fullspeeds out of my fiber line here via Wireless really really good nocomplaints and even the range is good so the performance of that two-way -antenna setup is really good just like them me 6 I found 4G speeds as wellexcellent so the loud speaker on the bottom putsout around 85 decibels and we also have sound being transmitted via the earpiecethere at the top although it doesn't really add much it is better thannothing now the audio quality using some type C headphones I found to be veryclear and nice and loud it's good however of course being a type C portit's a little difficult to charge at the same time I really wish they did not getrid of that 3.5 millimeter headphone jack that I believe is a big error andvoice calls sounds so much better thanks to that new earpiece design it's reallya huge step up over than me mix so what about gaming performance well it'spowered by a Snapdragon 835 as you'll know from the start of this videowith audrina 548 GPU and all games that I've tested they've got very playableframe rates it's most of the times smooth however you will occasionally seethe few odd little stutters here and there if you want to see more on gamingperformance of the Memex to check out my gaming review should be a little cardpopping up in the or right hand corner right now and now on to the charge timesas you can see charging in under one hour and thirty minutes it's very quickto fully charge now these results here we're both charging the phone off andthen on as you see when it's on it's slightly slower but overall very quickand great results here now on to the camera which has improved greatly overthe Memex due to the fact that we've got an AMX 386 sensor on there that's 12megapixels with 1.25 microns so larger pixel size there and the aperture is 2.0now we have also got for access optical image stabilization now the original didnot have any image stabilization on video and that resulted in horriblevideo quality there was just shaky and not reallyusable without the use of a tripod or gimbal or something like thatit's great to see we improved on that now we have a look at some camerasamples now I've already just shown you a couple here and you'll see that inlower light I feel that the performance of the camera still is nowhere near thelikes of the latest flagships even the 2017 flagships it's falling behind so now on to the front-facing camera 5megapixels with an F 2.2 aperture and I think it's on par or maybe slightlybetter than that of the Memex but as you see now in direct sunlight it will overexpose quite a bit but when you step into the Shadow it's not as bad therenow there's no settings whatsoever so we cannot control the resolution it isshooting in 1080p and you see now what I'm in the shadow it's exposing my facea little bit better here not over exposing like it does in the Sun but Iroll for a flagship I feel they need to improve on this video quality otherBibles are now shooting 1440p and even up to 4k on the front camera so this isthe sample here shot in 4k and as you can see the footage is relatively steadycompared to what we had on the meme X the first model didn't have anystabilization optical or digital and it was really unusable footage because itwas just beach shaky and horrible now the audio bitrate is still quite lowearnest it should be a little bit higher and as a result the audio does sound alittle bit washed out I find and compared to other flagships because wedon't have any combination of both electronic and optical stabilizationthat it's still not as smooth and the focus at times does have problems butoverall it is a step up over the me mix so the meme x2 is both a step forwardand a step back from the original but first we'll cover the positives here theearpiece has greatly improved over the flat sounding one on the Memexthe camera now has of course that optical image stabilization video is nowusable and the camera quality has improved a lot for stills front-facingcamera doesn't seem to have improved that much a little bit perhaps and thenof course the band supports we've got lots of LTE band coverage now so if youdidn't have it on the original Memex you have it now on this model which isliterally covering the whole globe that is a huge step forward and then ofcourse the size of it five point nine eight inches makes it a lot moreaccessible to people that just felt that the original model was a little too bigat six point four inches then of course there comes the cons on this the bezelsize has increased a little bit that top bezel due to a compromise made by theimproved earpiece it's now a little larger so it doesn't have that sameimpact the first model did when I remember unboxing that one just goingwhile this is amazing so you don't get that same feel to it and then of coursethe battery capacity is down 22 percent but the Snapdragon 835 is a little bitmore power efficient there which helps out so you're not exactly losing 22percent battery overall I feel it still got a good on-screen time theperformance is really fast very good connectivity so for G andWireless speeds on this are top-notch they are really quick indeed same goesfor that internal storage another compromise of course is the fact that wedon't have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on this which is disappointing tosee that trend that charm is following on with us in all their flagshipflagships not including that a real shame there so overall it does comerecommend it but if you have the original me mix I feel buying this modelhere you're gonna be disappointed with the bezels the battery life but ofcourse think about the improvements if you are considering upgrading do youvalue the call quality and video quality more than perhaps it's an option for youthank you so much for watching this reviewI will have the Xiaomi me Note 3 to unbox tomorrow and for later review sokeep an eye out for that in the channel and if you haven't already why not thinkabout subscribing I do hope to see you back in the channel thank you so muchfor watching this video .

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