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Mi Mix 3 Review Part 2 - Battery & Charge Times With Final Thoughts

Mi Mix 3 Review Part 2 - Battery & Charge Times With Final Thoughts hi guys Chris here back with the XiaomiMi Mix 3 this is a follow up video one week later a week of using the Xiaomi Mi Mix3 and I'm gonna cover a few things that I missed out on my first video the firstvideo was only after just a couple of days of using the phones of this nowI've used for quite a while and I'm finding that it's a really good phone Iwant to cover a couple things with the phone to that the screen really nice sono problems with this emiliya panel it's very bright really good bonus on herenow as you can see I've switched over to the full screen gestures on this andsadly I have actually noticed from time to time you will actually get a littlebit of full screen just your leg that sometimes comes through I will sing thisa lot on me away 9.6 and sadly it's still on me you 18 now when it normallyhappens is if you're not using the phone for a while so imagine you unlock now ifyou wanted to unlock with using the face unlock you always have to slide down forthat with the front facing cameras so imagine that unlocks and then you decidethat I'm going to go to recent apps are you gonna swipe up and go home then youmight see a tiny little bit of a stutter there now there were a lot of commentsand people asking how does the case work with the slider so they have to make agap here at the bottom and that's how it works I mean a few comments to peopleasking me about this gap now there is a little gap between the slider that'sabout one millimeter and that doesn't really bother me it's a tiny getting itit has to be there I think it's to stay the way it is the design the slidermechanism on that so I'm perfectly fine with it the only thing that bothers mesometimes a little bit is that is that when you're playing a game for exampleand you haven't depressed just up and down here with the case on it doesn'thappen so the case completely stops this but if the case wasn't on it get a tinylittle bit of play just on the edge of the screen wobbles a little bit but it'sonly about one millimeter and it's really not a big issue at all now one ofthe things I mentioned with the case when I did the unboxing is it just feelsa little bit cheap and it's not up to the same quality as the case that yougot with the original Mix in the Mi Mix 2 and the 2s and they've gone with aplastic that's a little bit thinner and I think the reason is because of thewireless charging they don't want it to inhibit the charging so that's not goingto be a problem with that that's probably why they went with a thinnercase with this now it doesn't actually your prediction with the camera here Ithought it did but when you light a flat it's at about the same exact level outas the camera lens here now this is covered with glass at least but puttingit down on a table and if you move that around a little bit then you could endup scratching the lens now in hand the phone feels great but I do have a littlebit of a complaint with this case that if you happen to just squeeze eitherside of it you sometimes hear a little bit of acreak so there is a tiny a little bit of a flex and movement with that case so ifany dust or grains of imagined sand or something like that got in there then itwould end up probably scratching around a little bit there and of course if youhappen to get something in between and the slider then perhaps that couldscratch but the slider mechanism after a week of use it feels great and I likethe way it works now a lot of questions to people have been asking me okay if Ihappen to have the me macstew or the tourist should I upgrade now if you'recoming from the - for example Mimas - is that one there I don't think you reallyneed to upgrade it all with this phone the only reason to go for the newermodel this one of course mmx3 not for the chip they're not not for the betterlive is probably for the improved selfie cam now this camera with its 24megapixels is a big step up over there like sort of mimics - is so you don'thave to flip the phone around anymore of course you just have to slide it up nowI don't take a lot of selfies so I don't really actually see this camera a lot Inormally just take selfies for my reviews and the odd occasional one hereand there it does have a front-facing LED flash in here as well and we do havethat secondary two megapixel camera now here's a sample now this sample in factI showed you with the unboxing video but if you have a look at the details thatthis can capture when you zoom in that it's really good and a greatly improvedfront facing camera here with the me mix 3 so that is probably the best reason ifyou want to be - selfie cam and you already have or you're choosing betweenthe mimics 2s and then this model that's why you would go for this model righthere for the improved selfie cam if that's what you needotherwise they do look very similar when you look at the back of them you've gotthe ceramic on here now the biggest thing for me with these phones here isthe weight so this is slightly here oh it's about 25 30 grams heavier than yourtypical flagship it is also a little bit thicker now I go overthe thickness of this that it's up to about nine millimeters with the camerabump and around about eight or so or what was it eight eight point one Ithink so it's a slightly thicker mobile phone computer most flagships out therebut the main thing is the weight of it now in terms of build quality it isreally good but I feel that the mimics to s just has a better build to itbecause you don't have the slider there so you're not having this moresusceptible lip around here now this is a middle frame that does go around thescreen so that is fine but I can just imagine that it would probably break alittle bit easier on the screen around here then saving me looks to us not onlythat the mixed OS is of course a little bit thinner and a slightly lighter aswell it's still a heavy phone but it's not quite as heavy as this one here nowfollow up with the camera I have been using it quite a bit I've been out andabout I've also been to a couple of days out on things I took a few photos of asteam locomotive here yes it's dressed up as Thomas the Tank Engine but I wastaking my daughter along there and you can see it takes a really good photo butwhat I have noticed that with this camera when you use the two times camerawhich I think is almost 2 times optical but a little bit of digital perhaps inthere as well that it often over saturates over exposes sorry not oversaturates over exposes you can see the images look a little bit white with someof these examples here but then again most of the time initially it will takea very decent photo just a couple more samples here because people pointed outin my first video the unboxing that it wasn't perfect lighting conditions butit wasn't daylight in some of the photos it was getting a little bit overcast buthere with these images you can see it does take a very decent photo so aboutthe same level really as the me 8 or the mimics to is it is after all using thesame camera setup now a battery life was something that I was a little concernedabout it in the beginning because it's got a smaller battery smaller than mostother flank shows 3200 milliamp hours it's not exactly huge now when paired upwith this name check an 8 4 5 but this screen is much more efficient now butthe in the beginning I did run into this problem here that caused me to actuallymove my files off the phone do a factory reset and reinstall Google Play Storeyou can see right here that was using a whoppinghuge 46% of my battery and I struggled to make it through a full day I wasusing the phone a lot this is very heavy use and he looked at my screen on timehere I managed to get only four and a half hours and it was when I was at 29%battery so I was getting a little bit worried in terms a better life it wasnot looking good however as I said I did a factory reset and I reinstalled GooglePlay and this is more normal here now you can see the YouTube was the mainuser because I was doing a lot of YouTube streaming watching a bit ofYouTube chrome as well and Google Play was only using then 3% of my batterywhich makes sense so my normal days use here screen was 30% when you look athardware and then check it out really impressive time here considering thebattery capacity eight hours of some very demanding use now I kept my screenbrightness on a manual setting which was calibrated to about 250 Lux so I liftedit that I could have gone less and I could of course gone with a brighterscreen but eight hours remember this is an estimated use my own personal usehere so eight hours for me is impressive and really good considering the batterycapacity so just goes to show that they've done some optimization and to meit's probably because of the AMOLED panel that the better life is so goodhere what else is impressive is the wirelesscharging times and also the cable charging time so just plug in and normalit's one hour and 29 minutes that was from five percent battery so reallyquick to charge that's only using I'm 18 watts that's Qualcomm quick charge threeand then wireless charging also is super quick so this only took two hours andtwo minutes that's the 10 watt wireless charger that's included in the box whichis great to have so super quick that charges as fast as other phones thatwould charge using the cable of course so while it's charging in over just over2 hours around 2 hours to me is absolutely brilliant and I won't beusing the cable with us at all because that has super quick so there we go forme this is overall a very good phone it is a decent phone considering in theprice really great so it's got great battery life at a charge super fast bothwirelessly and with the cable that's one thing that really did surprise me andthey better live getting eight hours of screen on time I did not expect this Iexpected maybe about six and a half seven I thought around that kind offigure even though I did say I know in my unboxing seven to eight hours and itwas good to see that actually that came true so the screen is very nice and theUI is for the most part fluids you just occasionally has mentioned we'll see nowand then just a couple of little stutters when you go swipe out there gohome and that there's only just after a while so if you haven't done that for awhile gone home or you're just weak and switching over to other apps as the onlytime that is gonna really happen so hopefully sham is going to finally fixthat the other thing that doesn't know me a little bit as the audio quality andvideo it's still not there Xiaomi still can't seem to get that right it seems tobe a little bit too high with the trebles and that is me yes Ben maybe alittle bit fussy there nitpicking with that the overexposure on the second zoomcamera there is something of course that can be addressed with software sohopefully they're just going to be able to tweak that back a little bit butoverall it takes a really good photo the fingerprint unlocking is really quick Iknow it doesn't have the one that everyone thought it would probably becoming with in the screen which would have been nice but they often tend to bea little bit slower now face unlocking yes that's possible I'll just do thatagain but you have to call swipe down to get that front facing camera and it isreally quick but I don't think it is very secure on this mobile you canprobably hold hold up a photo of your face and it would unlock this soall-round you get that nice slider mechanism on there and yes there is alittle bit of players eye and they're in the unboxing video my first hands-onwith this phone a little thicker a little heavier but all round you can'treally go wrong with this phone and yes if you are looking between the mimics 2sand then this phone like I mentioned it all depends if you want a better selfiecam that to me is really the only reason to go for this one otherwise stick withwell okay better screen to almost forgot that yes you get a much better screen onthis the bezels and everything but if you want that better selfie cam as wellthen that's the main reason to go for this I feel if you're gonna be upgradingotherwise the the IPS panel that is on the mimics to us is not bad thanks a lotfor watching this follow-up second part of my review of Xiaomi's Mi Mix 3 .

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