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MSI GL63 8RD Core I7 8750H Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti Unboxing & Review

MSI GL63 8RD Core I7 8750H Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti Unboxing & Review Chris here back and I'm looking at anothercoffee lake i7 8750H laptop with an nvidia 1050 Ti so after the failure Ihad with the ASUS FX504 that it ran into power limit throttling it saiditself a TDP of 25 watts once it got a little bit too hot I decided to get whatI was originally looking at but was put off by the fact that it had quite asmall battery and I wasn't too happy with the touchpad ahead on my old msiwell it turns out some of those problems remained but the GL63 8RD here fromMSI is a huge improvement I feel over the previous model so their specs rightup here and also the time codes as well so feel free to skip ahead to the partthat interest you the most now I bought this unit here from eBay that's becauseI want the US layout keyboard the ones that they sound locally here in Spainthey don't actually come with an operating system and of course they havethe Spanish keyboard which is no good for me I need the US layout this thelayout that we use in New Zealand and the one I'm used to so the packaging isa little bit on the cheap side not a lot of protection it wasn't double boxed soon the right side here you'll find the power supply now this is a rather largepower supply I will weigh that with the laptop in just a minutebut it is rated to 150 watts which is 30 watts more than the ASUS I've reviewedwith the same exact spec underneath the laptop you'll simply find our QuickStart Guide and then your power cable and now taking a look at the laptop so2.2 6 kilos isn't too bad considering the spec and how much copper this hasinside which I'll show you in just a second when we take a look at theinternals but when you add across the power brick and then the cable on topyour total carry weight then comes up to 3 kilos exactly getting a little on theheavy side the thickness of the laptop you can see is thicker than the azuz FX504 504 as a laptop that has the exact same specs so the same process in the i78750 with an Nvidia 1050 Ti so this one here comes in at 30 millimetresthat's excluding the feet and the Zeus is 26 millimeters thick also excludingthe rubber feet the lid of the gol 63 does have quite a bit of flex here nowit's a plastic build exactly like the previous generation the GL 62 I alsoreviewed that model they have made some changes here season see we've got now alittle bit of a design tweak to the plastics here but overall it's the sameplastic and it does pick up fingerprints really quite bad now the hinge here isquite stiff but you must open it up with two hands and there we go you can seethat keyboard so the keyboard still serious yet again MSI has been usingsteel chairs keyboards for quite some years now it's a good keyboard thekeyboard flex is almost non-existent it's very solid and these keys I do likethem they do have a bit of a sort of rubber feel to them but very goodfeedback from them I've got the new miracle key bed you can see there we'vegot controls for your print screen shortcuts like that we've got page homeup-and-down and overall a comfortable keyboard it doesn't feel quite as goodas the one that's on the assist FX 504 I quite like that keyboard it just feels alittle bit strongly get a little bit more travel on the keys but overall itis a decent keyboard now this one comes with just a red backlight I will showyou that later on once a power on the machine now MSI have changed the powerbutton a little bit so we've got the boost override which is this right herefor the fans that puts it into the top speed high rpm mode and in the G thereis for the MSI gaming center which I will show you also in this video powerbutton slightly tweaked there you're not going to accidentally press this powerbutton because it is separated away from the keyboard as you can see now you cansee already that this is picking up these smudges and fingerprints I reallywish that MSI would change the plastic they use because it's really bad and itjust means that this looks dirty straight away that it's very hard tokeep clean now the touch pad this is a typical MSI touch pad that it's notactually using windows precision drivers unfortunately I think it's an e LAN onethat they're using or some nap decks and it's not too bad so it has a soft feelto it that is definitely not the best touch pad now most gamers will probablyend up using a gaming mouses that's not a big issue for mostdo need to step up their game when it comes to their touch pads becausethey're not the greatest we're the separate mouse buttons there now thepalm rest here very little flex on that it is overall solid this plastic buildthat they've gone with now you can see that these bezels yes they are extralarge and this is to be expected this is not a mid range this is not a morepremium MSI laptop so we're not going to get those extra slim bezels hereunfortunately so they have made a few little tweakshere to the design we still have the rubber pads as you can see the side tokeep the screen from scratching up it's not pressing against the palm rest it isa matte coated 1080p IPS panel you can also get I think it's 120 Hertz or 144Hertz a TN panel but you don't get the good for you vertical viewing angleswith that one and at the top the same 720p webcam it does have dual array micsand a little status LED in there just to let you know when it is on now unlikethe FX 504 we get plenty of ports with this one here so we've got a Kensingtonlock slot then you have one on the exhaust fence there so this is new therenow got exhaust vents on the side to help improve the cooling Gigabit LANport there we have HDMI 1.4 spec should be HDMI to I feel then we have a miniDisplayPort out USB 3.1 USB 3 Type C and then our mic and audio out Jack's thereand then on the right hand side we have an SD card reader now this is not ultrahigh speed 2 more USB 3.1 ports type a of course and then another exit eventthere for the cooling and note that the plug is actually wider this time aroundnow I don't know why they changed this from the previous generation and thenalong the back we get the two exit exhaust vents here so just like the GL62 nothing has really changed in that regard there most of the hot air willcome out of those two vents on the back now this is very good so the main intakevent will be here there's one on the other side as well so that's where wehave the fan but it will still draw air in F over here over the RAM and othercomponents and then the heat sinks that are inside there as well just to give alittle bit of additional cooling there we have a full rubber feet there you cansee so it's not going to slide around on a table at all now I feel that theon here they've done a good job of that when you compare that to my esos so yousee that the FX 504 has very little vents along the back of it it's it'squite limited so it looks like we have a lot of vents with the Zeus but we don'tit's actually just those two slots that you can see either side as the mainintake for the fan so removing the rear of it you do have to break this righthere this factory seal but once you break that I mean you are allowed toupgrade these machines which is what I'm gonna be doing so don't worry too muchabout that you're not actually going to void your warranty I think it's just soyou know that knowing has been in here before since the factory once youunscrew all of the screws it's not too hard to get off just start with thefront prying around the outside here use a pry tool or your fingernails and thenwork your way around and you should be able to pull it off quite easily so youcan see big changes here to the internals the most obvious is thespeakers now they are five times bigger and they do have like a sound chamberseither side here to help produce some nice bass and they are a massiveimprovement over the GL sixty two M's that I tested because those speakers andhad four tiny little speakers they were horrible my configuration comes with aset of three 256 gigabyte drive here from Toshiba with 550 reads and about500 writes it's not the fastest but this slot does support nvme and because thisis going to be my personal travel 4k editing laptop with some light gaming onthe side I am going to be replacing this with the Samsung 970 Evo 250 gigabyteDrive which is going to be so much faster and same goes for the RAM so I'venow installed some HyperX Ram and this is 16 gigabytes now if you want to itcomes with 8 gigabytes already pre-installed all you need to do is addanother 8 gigabyte slot that will give you 16 but I already have this Ram onhand all models come with a one terabyte hard drive that has about a hundred andtwenty-five read and write speeds you can replace this with an SSD if you wantsomething faster and we also have a replaceable wireless card so this is anIntel wireless AC 94 62 and it does have bluetooth five right here's the mainreason why I went for this but the model so we have seven copper heattransfer cooling pipes on the FX 504 from a Zeus that only has two one bigone and one small little one so hopefully the thermals on this and likethat particular model are gonna be really good when you go through thesetup here you do get a big language selection here on first boot now myparticular model has a 1080p anti-glare IPS panel it is from LG and it is an LGd0 590 that's the model number of that if you want to Google that check it out250 Lux is what I've measured is the maximum output and because it's antiglare I find that the brightness output that's sufficient for induce it's gonnabe fine and even in direct sunlight you'll still be able to make out andwaters on the screen now the blacks on it as you can see they are quite deepand overall it is an OK panel I feel for the type of laptop this is that this isnot a high-end video editing machine or anything like that it's not going to besuper color accurate so your srgb and a'dope RGB ratings I will measure thatin the full review will not be very good they will be something around the 50%level because it these aren't not amazing screens and the screen will talkback about that far which is the norm really for a gaming laptop this isembedded all and that hinge is quite stiff now if you're typing away on thekeyboard it does wobble around a little bit the screen but I feel that can'treally be helped now be first swapped over the SSD I did benchmark that oneyou get that as included the 256 gigabyte Toshiba Drive and you can seefor a set of three Drive that these speeds are fine they're ok but it's ofcourse not as fast as an nvme SSD so if you press the G button that is above thekeyboard this brings up emphasize dragons Center what is called and itactually does have some useful things in it so it gives you a quick overview ofthe system you can see here you can see the information on the CPU what currentgraphics card you're on at the moment it's the integrated one so yes it doeshave that Optimus switching so it'll switch between the in tower UHD 630 andthen the 1050 Ti that's on there now the SSD on first boot you get aroundapproximately about a hundred and ninety just andgigabytes free there and there's also quite some quite useful features onhere's for example one of the ones I like here is we've got custom fanprofiles so at the moment I've got it set to advanced and you can go on andtweak this so when the system is idle or not really doing anything you won'tactually hear those fans at all this is very useful and you can even really pushit to the limit so if you decided you don't want the fan on it or even whenit's just getting a little bit warm around 50 degrees or so and you canactually stop that from coming on the fans and even just lower down the RPMsthere now it doesn't give you a readout of the exact sort of temperature whichwould be nice it's just got a hot to cold guide there but would be nice tosee for example right up here 80 degrees and then down here 30 degrees orsomething so it gives you an idea but overall it is useful as for bloatwarewell there is one application installed that I consider as bloat here which isNorton security so it's an anti-virus and really we don't need this it's onlygonna slow down the machine and it's all there because they've made a deal with anorton of course so the windows 10 image that it comes with will have thisincluded but you can just uninstall it you don't need this you've got WindowsDefender which normally does a sufficient enough job for everyone andthen of course Windows with the latest images they like to install their ownbloatware as well force upon us a few amps and this is something you can'treally avoid so you just got to go through and install some of that rubbishon there that you probably don't need or wouldn't never actually use it comeswith Windows 10 home and the version is 1709 so this is not recent you will needto run Windows Update quite a few times to then get it onto the latest builds ofcourse and I have benchmarks now on my samsung 970 Evo and you can see here asexpected the speeds are very very quick for this type of drive what else is alsoquite quick is the wireless so that 94 62 from Intel wireless AC it's only aone by one antenna setup but I'm still getting a 38 megabytes per second peakhere this was a download from Steam here is the stock Cinebench score sothis is a big jump up over that as zeus FX 504 that I reviewed they've got about700 in 8800 CB and then if you under vault that score goes up quite a lothere so you can see one thousand two hundred and forty-eight CBthat is a an impressive score from the CPU now I could get the same kind ofresults from my azuz but what was happening with the FX 504 that it couldhit the score maybe once for the big under vault and then second or thirdtime you would run it it would then clock itself and set it to two point twogigahertz on all caused slow itself down with a 25 watt TDP and that is nothappening here on this MSI even after a few hours of use so you can see thatthat yes is picking up smudges fingerprints the oils and things fromyour hands and you can see them especially on the touchpad there and itwill not take long but we get a dark patch here when you use this touchpadnow the touchpad is probably my biggest complaint so far with this particularlaptop two finger scrolling doesn't always work it is a subnet Tech'stouchpad and when you go to scroll down often it will not register at first andyou have to keep repeating yourself they finer movements in accuracy is a step upover the previous generation the GL 62m that i've reviewed so feel it isslightly better there the mouse buttons themselves are okay but most the time itwill just double tap and your two finger right click those gestures are allworking there so you've got all your windows TM gestures you've just gotabsolutely no control over it it doesn't seem to have any subnet ik softwareinstalled I've also been having some issues with my keyboards it was fineuntil I had to hit the spacebar and I found that the very edges of thespacebar from about here onwards either side they don't seem to register it'sonly going to be working if I tap this about ten times it's only going toregister that keystroke maybe six or seven times and then as hopeless that'snot really good so I'm not happy with the spacebar at all I don't know whetherI have to do an RMA for this unit all I need to send it back we'll get a messiahwarranty to fix this we'll take a look at it but it did a quick google searchand it seems to be a common issue with these laptops the funny thing is myprevious model which had pretty much the same kind of keyboard on it asSteelSeries one and it was a GL 62 no issues I need any problems with thespacebar so I don't know why this one is bad if I hit it did in the middle aboutthere then it's going to work and register every single time but verydisappointing to see that especially I imported this unit from United Statethat I have this problem with the keyboard here at least MSI does have aninternational warranty now the keyboard backlit as I mentioned it's just redthis is not one of the RGB ones other models have RGB if you need that if youwant that so I'll just show you the different levels we've got so right nowthis is on the maximum brightness and that is the middle level and then thelowest level there or off one biggest complaint with the last gen model wasthe sound the speakers were terrible they were flat they were tinny theyweren't loud enough and that has all changed thankfully these five timeslarger speakers are five times better give you sample of them now first up is Geekbench 4 so we have adecent score for this chipset note that I did run this here with the undervoltthat is why the multi-core score is a little higher than normal it should beabout 18,000 without that under both the open CR score this of course is runningon the nvidia 1050 TI and then I did overclock it I got a very good overclockwhich I will show you just after this and then as the result there so it doesincrease the score quite a bit and then is a free boost and I can't see anynegatives to the overclock there's no artifacts or anything like that at thetime of my testing I've been running it now for about 4 hours or so and here isthe 5 strokes course this is 3d max fire strike and then again with the overclockthat gives us about just actually over a thousand points more which is reallygood and this is the overclock on the GPU so very very good overclock here Imanaged to get similar results on the previous generation as well because theyare running with Samsung Ram if you have the hynek's Ram I found that it tends tocap at around 700 megahertz the memory clock but I'm able to get a full 1000mega Hertz here and as I mentioned this is not costing you anythingI have seen no secondary effects with this overclock whatsoever testing outsome games which will do it in just a minute - so the core clock 200 megahertzon top of that as well I could possibly go up to 220 I feel butI'm gonna leave it at 200 at the moment it does increase the temperatures butit's well worth the trade-off and because it is a gaming laptop I do haveto test out a game and this is Witcher 3 I'm sure you're familiar with it I havetested it with the other laptop reviews that I have done and it is runningreally good this is the medium preset sitting on 1080p I've been able to boostthat GPU clock up to 250 megahertz more and it is a 100% stable as soon as I goto 55 the game will crash so we're averaging about 73 74 framesper second now I'm gonna clock it down to the default clock and we'll check outand see what kind of performance gains or should I say when how far it's goingto dip now so I'm going to set that then to stock again and we'll go back into itand resume so there we go we gained approximatelyin frames per second on average more so it is well worth overclocking and thisis gonna make the game so much more smoother and then surface temps I noticethat it's getting warm on the keyboard about here in the middle so that's up toabout 37 degrees the top around 38 almost 40 there now after 2 hours ofreally pushing this system and this is on just the normal fan mode so not thatfan booster your typical gaming fan noise is about 45 to 47 decibels whichis actually quite good for the spec and that is what the temperatures of the CPUand the GPU hovering around 70 degrees now when you use that cooler booster itthen goes up to about 55 decibels or give you a sample of that now so you can hear that yes it is loud andit does get up to the 55 decibels be done if you will you need to use it youcan put it on if you want to be benchmarking or you're doing somethingsuper demanding or you just want to cool down the laptop quickly after a big longgaming session or something like that you don't want any more fan noise so thebuild of it yes it's plastic and yeah I'm not toohappy with the fingerprints but I knew this was going to happen because myprevious MSI gaming laptops I had they just it just attracts fingerprints sothis takes about five minutes from being brand new to looking like it has beenused for three months then it's just her enos I really wish that MSI would changethe plastic they use just do something else or put maybe a brush texture to itso we don't get the fingerprints all over it so it just doesn't look so messyyou've got to constantly clean it down and then after a minute of use it looksexactly the same so you cannot win you can't win at all there's a little bit offlex with the hinge and the lid there that's a suspected so the gamingperformance is really good I can overclock it like crazy the CPU isreally good and now of course I did upgrade some of the components I put inmore RAM and then they added a much faster drive this you're not happy witha set of three speeds you can go over to something like the 970 Evo and that isvery fast I write very quick system I didn't go over general performance inthis first look because it's not really necessary everything has just superquick very very fast indeed so when it comes to the cons the touch pad I kindof knew this was going to happen but it's a little better than the previousgeneration it's still not a brilliant touch pad they're using a synaptics oneand I feel overall yeah it's usable the final movements are ok it's just thegestures sometimes than the two finger scrolling doesn't tend to work too welland a lot of times I have to keep going a second attempt a second round toactually get it to scroll down probably on a page my biggest disappointmentwould have to be the spacebar that when you tap it right on the edges it doesn'tactually register all the time and that is very annoying when I did a quickcheck on Google something I somehow missed I know I was looking to importthis one here from the US then it said no in problem that the SteelSerieskeyboards the funny thing is that my il-62m the earlier model of thisparticular one here I didn't have that problem at all the keyboard wasperfectly fine it's a good keyboard but I must give it to as this here with theFX 504 it has a much better keyboard it's a little bit thinner as well butthen again the thermals on that one a bad battery life is also very poor asexpected 41 watt hours you're going to get three and a half to four hours onlyand that is on the integrated GPU so it is just that gaming you're gonna reallystruggle to get over about an hour and 20 minutes gaming on this so most peopleI know most will have it connected up to the powers and that's not going to be abig problem it's not a problem for me eitherso every was a package I think it's very good they're calling on it is definitelygood I mean 82 degrees max about 72 on the GPU max so there as wellvery very good and that does at our room for overclocking that GPU so I'm quiteimpressed with but so far I do like it I don't know whether I'm going to have tohopefully get a replacement keyboard get this fixed here with MSI I'm not happyabout that keyboard that's just for me the biggest problem there and it's justa hardware lottery I feel whether it's going to be good or not on Google somepeople said they've got the replacement keyboard it was fine and others they hadto do a custom little hack fix themselves I may have to do thathopefully not thanks so much much for watching this lengthy unboxing indetailed look at the MSI g/l g63 sorry 8d bye for now .

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