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Next-Drive Light 2 Electric Scooter Review

Next-Drive Light 2 Electric Scooter Review So I have with me here another electricscooter from China that's called the next drive I picked this one up fromlight in the box dot com it took five weeks to arrive with UPS shipping now thescooter has acclaimed up to thirty kilometer range under perfect testconditions of course just like my Xiaomi me scooter it also has twenty fivekilometer per hour maximum speed on it but it weighs 7.5 kilos so it is a lotlighter than that one so in this review here I'm going to go through theunboxing we'll get it set up apparently you have to install the handlebars on itwe'll check out the design and build quality and then of course micro testsI'll test it out to sout the acceleration how does it climb hills andslopes what kind of range I can get out of it personally and then my finalconclusion at the end of this video on whether or not this is a decent scooteras you can see that these scooter is well packaged up here with thispolystyrene surround so in the Box you get a user manual two handlebars thecharger which is rated to twenty nine point four volts and the plug on it canbe easily replaced with one from your own country and then an allen key fortightening up any of the bolts if they loosen up over time at the top of thehandlebars we have this nice big bright LED I'll give you sample that in just asecond and then here is where the batteries are so the battery capacity isten point four in this particular model amp-hours and the handlebarsyou just got to screw them into place so very easy to setup now the toys on thisparticular scooter are solid rubber ones which are good in a way because we'renot going to get any flats are we from punches and things like that which is aproblem on some of the other scooters that have inner tubes the diameter ofthe wheels is rather small it's only 15 centimeters and located either side ofthe rear wheels there are in fact some LEDs in here for brake lights the rearbrake is of course a manual brake just like a traditional scooter and you cansee it does have a middle plate in the inside of the mud guard here and thewheel hub is using ball bearings they're your typical kind of size it looks likethey're using just er ones you find in skateboard wheels on the footrest you'llfind griptape just like a skateboard so downthe bottom is a middle kickstand which is spring-loaded and it shouldn't rattlearound it does feel solid and here you can see the front motor so that's 480watts the maximum peak output on there now the fault this is made out of metalit has to be of course and it's just a plastic covering here for where thecable will go in to power that motor there so you want to notice that thereis no suspension on the front wheel here now I thought it was going to come withthat but it's just a hard for gear so no shocks on this whatsoever I also wantedto show you to the way you collapse the whole scooter is just simply pulling uphere so the whole frame here this mechanism that to unlock and latch itit's all made out of this metal bracket here which is super strong and the wayit latches in seems quite secure as well so you just need to unlatch lunch thatthere and then the whole thing will just collapse right down now and then lock inplace so the controls are easy we've got power on now if you double Tampa's thatwill change the gear there's two gears a low gear in a high gear a single tapwill then turn on the light and we have the brake and then the accelerator hereso find the front LED light to be a little bit disappointing in fact quitedisappointing it doesn't really light up your way that much at all it's more sopeople see you and not illuminating the path ahead of you they're taking a quicklook at the dimensions of it so the length of it hundred and sevencentimeters approximately the handlebar width is 41 centimeters and then ourground clearance that's around about 6 centimeters only you're on the top wehave a speed readout and then our battery this is right here the % thereand if you double tap that will show you that now I'm in gear to double tap againgear 1 so the brake lights can't be turned on and off manually they'reactually activated by vibrations in the road they've got a little tiny batteryeither side and you can see from those vibrations then the LEDs flash so it's alittle bit of a gimmick there because eventually those bettergonna go flat of course and you'll probably have to pull this off and thenchange them out the power ports located just behind this dustproof cap nowcharging time is approximately four hours so it's definitely a plug in andlet it charge overnight job so the build quality is okay but I did notice someimperfections in the fit and finish it's certainly not up to the same quality asmy Xiaomi or Segway electric scooter so another stunning day here in dinya eventhough it is winter it's a nice 21 degrees so one thing I like about thisscooter is it's very easy to sit up and get started so what you need to do isplace your foot here there's a little latch there and then just drop the basedown and it clicks in place so it's hard to make out in camera but I'm in thefirst gear here I'm just gonna check out the acceleration we can expect so youhave to kick off first like the other scooters you can't just acceleratestraight away and you can hear that that motor is a little bit more noisier thanthe other skills that I have tested out like the show me or the Segway and thatacceleration is quite slow so I'm going to the second gear now here we go comingup to the top speed now 25 26 km/h let's test the brake oh that is very poor thatbrake compared to the xiaomi in the Segway oh this is very bumpy going because ofthe lack of suspension here now I've got about a 20 degree climb here let's seeif it can handle this without me having to kick now I have it in the first gearfor this test whoa struggling no it's not gonna be able to make it up this I'mgonna have to kick here front wheel spins you can hear the motor struggling so now when I test out a wet surfacethis is actually all wet damp this road here at the moment go down and see howit handles I've been crap off it feels okay but I don't feel exactly asconfident as I do on whoa whoa whoa on the other ones yeah that's slipping alittle so this scooter here is it more at home on the flat currently toppingout at 25 kilometers per hour at the moment now I have a speed bump herelet's see how I can do this without crashing okay yeah you're just like atypical manual scooter lift up the front wheel jump over it you can do that andthe bottom wheel takes it quite well there so I've made it to the end of lostrotors here in dinner which is a very beautiful spot here you can see from thescenery and I've got about two three bars left which means that is aboutapproximately 60% battery because each of those bars is five of them shows 20% so I have two bars of battery left nowwhich is between 20 and 40% and my range so far well 15.7 km/h to get at least 20K out of the scooter which is one of the positives of this model here so I madeit back into the office here in one piece so the way the scooter handlesisn't as good as the show me or the Segway I've noticed it just doesn't giveyou that same level of confidence and there's a big reason and the obviousreason why that is is because it's got these tiny little tires on them so ithas the hard rubber tires which is good that means we're not susceptible andprone to flat tires like we are on the show me but because there's so muchsmaller they just don't it doesn't handle as well then I've noticed alsothat in the wet that it tends to slide a little the front wheel and my wet testthere with the tires those tiles were quite slippery and it was kind of movingaround a bit so it doesn't have the same kind of level of confidence that you geton the other scooters there also I've noticed that the acceleration not verygood on this one it is quite slow and the first gear itgets up to about 1314 to km/h so if you've got younger children or teenagersor someone like that that you don't want going too fast you can try to make me toskip them to use the first gear or when they first test it out for exampleyou've got a 12 year old that wants to have a go then you can put it onto thefirst gear mode but I just kept it on the second the whole time around andthat seemed to go right maximum speed of about 25 kilometers per hour the frontlight on here it doesn't protect your head very well so it doesn't reallylight up what's ahead of you so not a very good headlight that's on this thebuild of it the quality of the build is not as good as the Segway or the Xiaomibut that's kind of obvious it's a cheaper electric scooter here that wehave now the mechanism here the metal that they have used around the henge andeverything feels very solid it's well put together and I do like the way itcollapses and you can easily just lock it into place dad is good but the brakelight on the rear is kind of cheap and pointless because it's just gotbatteries in there and from the vibrations it flashes the little LEDlights on there and I believe that probably after about six months thatthose batteries are going to go flat and it's completely pointless really theywill probably be better off just to put some reflectors in there now the littletires yes okay bit of a con here but the braking on this model is not good at allit takes a lot longer to stop than the Segway or the show-me that I havereviewed and then there's a full-on brakes pressing down as hard as I can onthe rear here it still takes about twice the distance of the shell me or mySegway to stop which isn't really good it's almost borderline dangerous attimes because you really have to factor in when a car pulls out in front of ityou out of a driveway or something then you really need to think about I shouldstart slowing down now whereas in the other scooters you could wait a littlebit and it might even be quicker just to jump off the scooter the braking isreally that bad on it which is probably yeah it's definitely the biggest conwith this one so the better life the range turned out to be actually quitegood because we've got 16 kilometers with two bars left I believe you can get20 to 21 kilometers range out of this which is a lot better than my shell meor my Segway and the price 299 us means it's a lot cheaper there but overall theway we recommend the scooter well for the range yes for the price but Ibelieve you'll be better off putting your money towards this she'll meor the Segway because they are a lot better scooters overall they just havethe larger wheel so they handle better they give you more confidence whenyou're riding and overall in general just better scooters there thanks a lotfor watching this review I do hope to see you back with another 1 or 2electric scooter reviews that I have planned bye for now .

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