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Onda Obook 11 Pro Unboxing, First Look & SSD Installation

Onda Obook 11 Pro Unboxing, First Look & SSD Installation You're probably thinking where are thetablet reviews they've just disappeared from the channel and the website well noit's because there hasn't really been anything decent out there but I didmanage to find this one which is the Onda Obook 11 Pro now this has a Core M3 7Y30 in there 4 gigabytes of ram and it does have 64 gigabytes of internalemmc 5 storage which you're probably thinking oh that's slow yes but there isan M.2 SATA3 drive bay in there so we can put our own SSDs in there toincrease the storage capacity and the speed there now it does have I thinkwireless AC it is an optional keyboard it's running Windows 10 home and has aunibody rear housing on it the screen isn't fully laminated not at this pricepoint this one I got here from Banggood and it cost me $299 USD which I thoughtwas reasonable considering it has got the higher powered core m3 in it solet's check this one out here and see if it's a decent tablet or not sounfortunately it doesn't have the original box so I can't show you thatbecause they repackaged it at least I know that this way it should have nodamage to it so that took a minute or so to cut around the box here I kind of dowhich they would use the original packaging because getting it like thisit feels almost like a used tablet even though it's not it's just not as nicehaving the original packaging would be so much better of course so we've got apower plug in here which is the 2 prong us-style they've included a type-cadaptor and here's the power supply so type C charging rated to 12 volts and 3amps there's something here about micro SD card are the slot there at the bottomjust to tell you where it is user manual in Chinese and Chinese okay even thoughit says use a menu in English there is no further English on there okay andcertificate of quality so hopefully someone's done their little inspectionon this so here we have the tablet so you cansee it's got a ten port Pogo pin connector at the bottom for the keyboardso you can reverse it around and you still have the USB ports on thatkeyboard hopefully I'll be able to show you that and the final review of thistablet when it arrives so starting here from the right side of it where all theports are we've got a microphone micro SD card slot full-sized USB 3 port nowgreat to see this on here because other corian tablets like the cube mix +lactis and only use a USB 3.1 type c port never got a status LED there microso many HDMI out and then a type C port in there for charging and data a bitit'll only be USB 3 spec it won't be handling I don't think it will behandling at least video outs because they've already included that in miniHDMI there and this is one of two speakers either side of the tablet nowon the left side we just got the speaker grille the second speaker and thenanother microphone here so it looks like it's got good stereo separation for themicrophones there one on the left and one on the right on the top right-handside we've got the volume buttons and then the power button now unfortunatelythese to me feel like they're made out of plastic they have a little bit ofplay to them they aren't exactly quality feeling buttons give a little bit of acheap feel to them so on the back of it it's all made out of an alloy here feelsquite solid but unfortunately only comes in that champagne gold color which I'mnot particularly fond of this part along here which is a different tone of goldthis is where the wireless antenna is and Bluetooth antennas of course madeout of plastic so we don't have any problems with the reception in range ofthose antennas and then lastly on the front we've got these rather largebezels I mean they're not too bad I have seen larger and definitely not fullylaminated the screen unfortunate I can see a bit of a gap between the digitizerglass on the front end in the eyepiece below of approximately I would sayaround one millimeter it's not the slimmest and it's not the largest butstill not that great front facing camera is ato make a pixel one that should be capable of 720p video and then of coursedown below the capacitive home button there the windows home button okay so itpowered up very quick it already has a pre created account on there so that'sbeen good I think they've gone and they've done their inspection a testit's an account called G if you're not happy with that you can do a factoryreset of course for me I'm not too bothered about that because theyshouldn't have put any spiral and heating on there but if you're one ofthose people that wants to be safe then definitely recommend doing that so wehave free space here 38.5 gigabytes which is not a lot that is really quitepoor considering that we've got a quarry m3 on here as well we'd want to have atleast 128 gigabytes but as mentioned in the start we've got that m dot 222 by 42SATA 3 if is d bay on there so we'll probably be using that because 38gigabytes let's face it that's not enough once youstart installing your applications and things that will run out really quickand windows 10 home fully activated so they haven't used the dodgy Windows 10license or one of those temporary licenses and lady have to use your ownkey which is great don't have to worry about that now over into the devicemanager now there is a pleasant surprise here we've got a dual band Intelwireless AC chipset in here but it's not the typical three one six five this onehere is the 72 65 which we often see in more higher-end devices this is the samechipset that's in my shell me me notebook 2.5 and performs really welleven better than the already good Intel wireless AC 3 165 that's a nice surprisethere the EMC drive is a Toshiba 0-60 4G 38 and that's e MMC 5 spec so I wascurious on just how fast that emmc would be and those are the speeds there soclearly it is an emmc v speak because it's got sequential 259 readsbut the write speeds there are quite low was 62 only four case aren't too bad butI can say so far yeah I think I will be putting in a set of three SSD in thisnow I wanted to have a look at the screen here to just to show you thequality of it and it's not a bad i PS panel that they've put in here elevenpoint six inches 1080p and the brightness at the moment is on 75% sohere we go that's a hundred and at two percent very dim so that will be greatfor late use so nighttime you think that that should be perfect for that thatkind of low brightness which I'm happy to see manufacturers doing a lot aren'tputting that lower brightness on there anymore and then back to 75% so colorsthat's a video that on there looking good reasonably deep blacks the panelitself looks I wouldn't say warm white or even coolwhite it's almost neutral maybe slightly towards the cool white but not bad andthe viewing angles IPS shouldn't be too bad although you can see it looks a bitdarker there but I think that's because I've got the two screen protectors onthe first layer that I'd need to pull off which we'll do later on now ifyou're worrying just how thick it is it comes in just under ten millimeters andthe weight of it is 881 grams so slightly heavier on the heavy sidereally if you combine that with the keyboard which will probably have acounterweight in it it's probably going to end up being well over 1.5 kilos oreven 1.8 or something like that with a combined total weight I'll find out whenI get my keyboard eventually so both battery bar and HW info are reportingthat the battery capacity is 48 watt hours which I don't believe is possiblethat's not going to fit in here with it now Vanguard's websites say that thebattery capacity is six thousand milliamp hours perhaps it's to sixthousand milliamp hour cells so our battery capacity could besomewhere around 38 what hours I'll have to check that out in my final review I'mgoing to have to sit down and use the and drained the battery at the momentit's giving me a full runtime of about 5 hours and 44 minutes which I'm leadingto believe that figure actually because most of the quadtest to get around fiveand a half to six hours max so if you look really close at the screen the IPSpanel you will see individual pixels you can see right have it zoomed right upinto the screen here and if you have a look for example the notifications therewhere you can see the three in a circle that yeah that's not going to be assharp as one of those ultra high-res screens or anything about having a 1080ppanel with a core m3 should help our performance okay so the weakest point ofthis tablet so far seems to be the speaker's maxing out at 71 decibels maxso far which is not really that loud they are quite quiet I wish they're alot louder than that so that is disappointing the speaker's not good atall now let's have a look at the internalshere and how to add our own m to SATA SSD so there are two screws on thebottom which I have already removed I've got a pry tool which is just a plasticcredit card which I see an old SIM card or a guitar pick actually works reallywell too and a suction cup I'll show you why you need that so with the suctioncup it's a little hard to do with a camera tripod in my way here but pulldown on here you can see how that's opened up between the plastic where theantennas are and then I'll be able to insert this card here into that gapthat's opened up now and go along to proceed to unclip all those little Clipsbeing extra careful not to damage anything and you just have to go aroundthe whole edges here now the corners will be the most difficult part fromexperience doing this on the cube mix plus another similar tablets just takeyour time go around real easy and best to use this to start because I foundthat just using the car by itself wasn't going to workokay so once you get both of the sides unclipped then you can just use the backpanel and push it down because we've got of course that tin pan Pogo pulled onthe bottom there and that then should slip the fill out just like that and Ican see that actually look they've used a little thermal pant there to transferheat onto the back of the case which is a good move and something I would do anda very thick looking copper heat sink here right there you can see so that'sour heat sink and there is our set of slot there so that's the M.2 22 by42 is what you're going to need there just zoom into that for you and you'llput your SSD in there remove that one screw slide it in and you'll have toreinstall windows onto that or the other method is take a Windows image backup oruse a Chronos backup or other backup programs and then restore that on to theSSD but overall here the build quality looks reasonably decent I like thatthey're put a very sick copper heatsink on there and the thermal pad that'ssomething I would do internal metal frame here too as a support there forthe motherboard the outer frame of course is plastic that everything'sscrewed into and there are the two battery cells which look to be I justjudging I'd say maybe four thousand milliamp hours each something aroundthat sort of figure but I will have the full battery life and my up and comingfull review now just testing here I've removed the screw that holds the SSD inplace to see if we could fit a 22 by 60 mm one here which is the medium sized mdot - it is d and yet it would fit in there but you're going to have to get adremel or something to cut down that screw thread in there so if you levelthat smooth that out then this will fit in just hold it down with a bit of tapeor something it should be fine because the slot itself will hold that in placethis of course that's and perfectly that's the 22 by 42 and then you screwthat in place and you set I recommend going with a trainseen brand one this is 256 gigabytes because it's the fastest you could havecourse bought up to 512 I think it's the largest size and 128 but I wouldpersonally go for 256 gigabytes because I feel that even 128 won't be enough formost people and just a tip here when you put it back make sure you start with apogo port pins at the bottom so you slot that in first then clip in same way aswe took the cover off it as you start off from the bottom work your way aroundthe sides and finish with the top be careful with the plastic buttons two upthere so it does support a stylus and it's like this one here it's one ofthose active styluses that you charge up with a micro USB cable now thesestyluses are not very good this isn't the official one this is the tech lastone and it doesn't work on it none of my stylus is that I have work I'm not goingto buy the stylus for this because they know that it's quite useless thesestyluses are just more like an accurate pointer that's it because there are nopressure levels and the palm rejection only works when the status is touchingthe screen there is no hover function they are really quite bad these kind ofstyluses so I wouldn't be buying this if you wanted to use the stylus check outthe Wacom enabled Cube mix + or the i7 book for that ok guys so that's thevideo there so far it's looking like a decent tablet considering the specyou're getting ok only 4 gigabytes of RAM so shame it doesn't have 8 gigabytesbut then it does sell for around 300 us and I think you're getting a reasonabletablet so far but I've got to check out thermals of course benchmarks and thenthe keyboard so I'll be back with all of that and the full review but thepositives are so far that it seems quick and snappy the touchscreen is accurateit's responsive to touch no problems with that not a bad IPS panel theirviews the 11.6 inch one now we do have an emmc on there which is a shame thatit doesn't come with a SSD of course it's a lot faster but we can install ourown however it's not for everyone of coursehaving to crack the tablet open it's not that easy and then you can of course andstorage but you know it's a bit of a mission to get in there we've got aslightly better wireless AC chipset than we normally see normally we see theIntel wireless AC dual band 31 65 and this is the 72 65 which has does betterperformance overall so those aspects of it are looking quite good as mentionedI'll be back in the fall of you with everything else thanks a lot forwatching and I do hope to see you back what the full review and more up andcoming videos that I'll have on the channel .

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