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OnePlus 5T Review - One Of The Best

OnePlus 5T Review - One Of The Best Just six months ago reviewed the Oneplus 5 andit's a very decent mobile phone I really did like it and now we have the 5Tthat I've been using now for the last week so if you're unaware that thismobile really is just a tweaked version and oneplus didn't really add a lot toreally entice buyers to sell their one plus five and get it one plus 5t I seeno reason whatsoever to do that unless you must have this two by one aspectratio screen now what has changed on the phone is very minimal so the fingerprintreader of course has been moved to the back because we've got the longer screenon there there wasn't space for it and just like the one plus five it is superquick it unlocks blazing fast and probably one of the best that you willfind for fingerprint readers in terms of speed there now the camera module on therear there made a slight tweak here that have added a 20 megapixel camera here -apparently helped out with low light but really between the 1 + 5 and then the 1plus 5t I don't really see much of a difference in terms of low-light qualityand it's probably the weakest area here of this phone as the low-light cameraperformance but more on that later on in my camera part of this review here so wehave a dual tone LED flash the secondary microphone - is just next to the cameranow with the camera I really hope that puts something like a wide angled lenson here but they decided that they didn't want to really change things uptoo much so that wasn't added neither was an IP rating they could have addedsome splash resistance I feel just to entice people to get to find out moreand to compete with other flagships of course now up along the front theearpiece ambient light sensor the same 16 megapixel camera just like the one +5so no change with that there now when you have a look at the screen it is avery nice screen indeed it is a premium display its optical AMOLED thetechnology it's using super bright now the screen because of the AMOLED meanswe've got deep blacks and viewing angles are also excellent they are really goodone of the best that you will find and also sunlight legibility of the screenis quite decent to amyloids tend to feel a lot better than the IPS panels now onthe left hand side we have the Slyder I really do like this or withmore mobile phones had this it means you don't even need to look at the phone toput it into silent mode or back into general mode you can even do it in yourpocket you can put your hand in your pocket and flip it into silent mode ifyou happen to be in a meeting or something which is really great thevolume buttons behind that below that sorry they are really good they're madeout of metal then down the bottom we have a type C port they did not do awaywith the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack which is a great move and it supports ofcourse their - charging which is a very fast form of charging but you only getthe maximum speeds using their charger so if you leave it at home and youhappen to use a Qualcomm quick charge 3 charger then it will not be as fast sowe're - charging you can fully charge in about 1 hour and 13 minutes and if youuse just a normal qualcomm charger cord with quick charge it will then be aroundapproximately 2 hours so a little bit slow and they'll speaker on the bottomso they didn't add a secondary loudspeaker in the earpiece like a lotof manufacturers have been doing I wish they had done that because I feel itwould have just added a little bit more to the sound quality overall of thespeakers but it's not bad I'll give you a sample of that soon so the phonefeatures very quick face unlocking or just demonstrated here so you need towake the device first and then I'll look at the screen and you can see how quickthat is so do that again it's pointing away from me now now pointthe camera towards my face and that is how quick it is so very quick but I doquestion just how secure this is obviously it won't be super secure likeusing a fingerprint reader which is much more secure that's probably the securestform of locking the phone now sometimes in lower light it will struggle a littlebit and there is a bit of a delay and if it's very dark and dim you will have touse your PIN number so by far for me the best part of this phone is the ROM it isvery light you don't get any bloatware really just get a couple of tiny littleapps on there you get a few google apps as well that maybe some of them youcould consider as bloat but it is really light compared to other manufacturerslike Samsung the tempted cram a lot of junk on there the ROM is running Android7.1.1 and there should be an update comingthrough soon to Android 8 one that's going to be coming early nextyears I hope to see that very soon but the performance of this row I'm justgoing through multitasking split-screen is just so smooth and it is one of thefastest Android devices that I have used the oneplus three was faster one plusthree T was also super quick and then the one plus five and this is reallyexactly the same the ROM performance is just second to none so we know the ROMis blazing fast I mean we've got the Snapdragon 83 5 6 gigabytes of RAM onthis model here and this is the antutu score so on par with other Snapdragon835 devices the Wireless performs excellent super fast speeds depending onyour connection of course I can almost maximize my full fiber 300 megabit thesecond line I have here with the wireless AC range is also really decent4G speeds no complaints of course this is going to vary depending on thenetwork time of day but it works really well and the internal storage is superfast I mean look at these speeds here 712 megabytes per second sequential readfor K's are also excellent it's using ufs 2.1 specs storage that is why it isso fast gps always very quick to get lock and the accuracy hovers around 3 to5 meters which is very good and never lost track of me whatsoever when I wasmoving around town and also driving in my car now checking out the battery lifeso there one plus 5t has a very decent battery life you can get screen on timei've cluster around seven hours maybe even about eight hours depending on yourbrightness now I did do a lot of gaming during this time here so that was quitedemanding of course gonna be draining the battery quite a bit there you cansee I played hid there for almost three hours that's quite a long time and Ithink about an hour or so actually two hours 35 minutes it's more than Ithought of shadow fight 3 which I seem to be a little bit addicted to at themoment so better life is really good now charge time is very fast to fully chargeis around 1 hour and 12 minutes is what I got and with just 30 minutes chargetime you can get about 50 % batteries so really really quick timeshere so overall battery is good for the battery size of 3300 milliamp hours sowe've got one they'll speak it down the bottom and I don't have any realcomplaints with it I wish they'd gone with dual loudspeakers but for a singleloudspeaker it's not bad I'll give you a sample of it now when it comes to gaming performancethe Snapdragon a35 will play everything was smooth playable framerates that I'llthrow at it really decent performance and newer titles like this shadow fight3 here will play in the 18 by 9 aspect ratio and they look great now onto thecameras have they improved over the 1 plus 5well oneplus came that they have improved the cameras I'm not reallynoticing that much of a difference at all to be honest one area have noticedan improvement though is in the portrait mode so that's what the blurredbackground it's using software to stitch between the background and then what isin focus there so in good light the cameras can take a very decent photo butas you'll see here with these samples that in low-light it just lacks a littlebit of detail compared to other flagships so when you crop into thephoto so here I've cropped in 200% you can see that there's a lot of noise andway actually looks a little bit too soft to me just lacks detail now onto videoquality up to 4k you can shoot now that will crop in quite a bit on the frontfacing camera and 1080p it tends to sometimes look up to me a little bit toocropped in and close but that's a result of the digital image stabilization butyou see here with the 4k footage that it is very steady and at times if you'restill and you're holding it very still it will look like the camera is mountedon a tripod which is excellent now walking around and if you move veryquickly you will notice some jerkiness some sort of jelly kind of effect thatis India that's a result of the stabilization of course so it's not 100%perfect but the kind of quality we have here with the stabilization is verysimilar to the Google pixel line of cameras that also use digitalstabilization I would have liked them to have gone with optical imagestabilization for low-light photos to improve them but I guess with what we'vegot to here at the moment isn't that bad in terms of video quality thestabilization we have so there we go overall this is perhapsone of the best Android phones you can get at the time of this review here thisthing is so fast I love the ROM it's smooth it's great atmultitasking and switching between apps and it's just like similar to stockAndroid but it has a level of customization on it that's verypractical and they don't force bloatware in all sorts of other things into therom and cram it all and lag it down with a custom launcher like a lot ofmanufacturers do for example like Samsung it is really quite solid so thebuild quality overall is really good not bad at all it is slippery thefingerprint reader and face unlocking is lightning fast it's so quick the camerais probably the disappointing area not in daytime photos not in 4k video 4kvideo the optical sorry the digital stabilization is really good however Ibelieve they should have put optical image stabilization as well on one ofthese cameras and that would have greatly improved the low-light cameraperformance because with optical image stabilization they could have had aslower shutter rate capturing a little bit more light in just giving us moredetails so the low-light photography is where I feel this phone fails a littlebit it's its weakest point clearly if you're in a bar or in your Sun when youtake some photos with this phone a lot of those photos when you look at them onthe screen will look fine but if you actually just zoom in a little bit andonly crop them to about 150 percent then you can see that it's just lackingdetails looks a little bit too soft compared to what other flagships can dobut apart from that I mean the screen is great that optical AMOLED panel looksabsolutely amazing very decent premium display that theyhave put in here the alert slider is very practical we still have the 3.5millimeter headphone jack pulled on there and the charging speed is thequickest around it is so fast which is really good so when you're running lowyou can just plug it in and in 30 minutes literally have about 58 percentbattery life to go which should last you at least a day with medium use there soan all-round great frame this is definitely one of my favourite Androiddevices thank you so much for watching this review herehope to see you back in the channel soon with more upcoming reviews bye for now you .

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