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OnePlus 6 Unboxing & Hands-On Review

OnePlus 6 Unboxing & Hands-On Review so if you follow me on Twitter you wouldhave seen that yes I am definitely gonna review this one and that's what I've gotright now though one plus six doesn't really need an intro most of you willknow this mobile phone by now I'm a little late I know but what we have hereis of course their latest flagship so every five six months oneplus rolled outa new model and well this one has made some you could say minor tweaks thedisplay now has a notch I'm not really agreeing with that but even oneplusthemselves they mentioned they they tweeted learn to love the not somethingalong those lines and it got a huge amount of hate and backlash that theyactually removed it and that was before they announced that they have a knotchphone I'm not very fond of that trend as most of you know but I will not rant onabout that it's there we have to accept it we can't do anything about it thescreen is to point sorry six point two eight inches it's an optical AMOLEDpanel with a resolution of 20 to 80 by 1080 and it's anything like the previouspanels it should look really good so very bright deep blacks we have aunibody build that should be quite thin or half of course the alert slider dualcameras on the rear so one is 16 megapixels the other 20 if 1.7 aperturethey've now added optical image stabilization which is good to see wedidn't have that on the previous model and it was missing that I feel forlow-light photography but we do of course have that brilliant electronicimage stabilization using a gyro that works out really well for video and upto now 4k 60 frames per second I'm looking forward to testing that out itwill be my first 4k 60 frames per second mobile phone front-facing camera 16megapixels with that electronic gyro stabilization which was again good tosee June nano-sim so the storage options 64 to 256 gigabytes new FS 2.1 specsthat'll be really fast 6 to 8 gigabytes of RAM I have the base model which isjust the 64 gigabytes and the six gigs of RAM while ICC as well as on here ofcourse with Bluetooth 5 let's check this one outok so let's check out the internals I'm pretty sure most of you know this soI'll go pretty quick here so obviously we've got the phone here wehave the case that they'll give us so this is one of those TPU style ones Ibelieve yes it is so that's included there so we've gotinstruction manual sim tool and there is our case there so yeah it's it's a cheapkind of case it does cover the buttons there at least so they're not going toget damaged and better than nothing having these kind of cases of course youcan get they're more premium cases from them and those ones are a huge step upin quality over these ones and here we have the typical - charging cable sothis cable and the charger is required to get the maximum speeds you can useother quick charges but you will not get the same kind of result using thesecables as in a way a con because if you happen to be at your workplace you'vegot this at home you won't be able to charge as fast and this is the - chargerso it's a little chunky and it does get really quite hot when you are chargingthe phone there so the maximum output is 5 volts but a rather high 4 amps so longthe front we have that little notch there now I'm saying a little notchbecause look at the size difference compared to my me 8 now this one isreally wide okay they do have an infrared light in the front of that onethat's why it is so wide there the camera is 16 megapixels like the maincamera on the rear the bottom bezel it's actually quite small it's not too badit's very short shorter then again the me 8 here so very quickly 3.5 millimeterheadphone jack love this move they did not remove it microphone type C port anda downward firing loudspeaker along the top a secondary mic used for noisecancellation and in video right here right side the alert slider now this isvery handy a lot of people saying you don't need this but have you ever beenin that situation we were expecting a call but you're talking to someone andyou don't want to put your phone out and put it in silent modeflip the switch up it's in silent mode you can do that when it's even in yourpocket we've got the power button right there and you can see one of the antennalines at the top so they are visible on the left you'll see two more antennalines we have the sim tray there and the volume up and down buttons so the redyour cameras on here the main one is 16 megapixels with optical imagestabilization gyro assisted electronic image stabilization as well so just likethe 5 to 5 T the previous models and we also have below it a 20 megapixel sensornow this one will be used when you get those dip affect photos that's when ituses the dual cameras so it'll capture the background to give you that blurredbackground and then your subject and focus dual tone LED flash below that thefingerprint reader which is now more of a rectangle not round and then the 1plus logo of course so in hand the phone feels very very familiar it feels justlike the 1 plus 5t the 1 plus 5 and overall build quality is excellent Ilike the the rounded corners there just make it a little bit better when you'reholding it in hand now a very slippery shiny back on here this is the midnightblack version so it's got like a mirror-like finishGorilla Glass 5 on the front and I think that's also Gorilla Glass 5 on the rearas well there so overall yes premium build feels great in hand the buttons aswell have a good feeling they are made out of metal so I will pair it on herefor the first time I won't go through the whole setup so one part of the setupthat I will show you is to add your face data or cover this really quick now thatbanding you're seeing slowly going down that is a trait of AMOLED panels when Irecord them with my current sony a6300 camera it's not happening in person sodon't worry about that but let's see what happens how quick it is to scan myface data ok you got to put a pin in first ok so I gotta get it my head andhere obviously I've got my camera tripod and all that sort of stuff in the way okay so there it didn't take too longand now we are set up with the face unlocking now I know I didn't set thisup ideally because my face wasn't really actually close enough when I scanned itso I'll hit the power button to wake the device and then look at it and there wego so that is very quick that's only what about a second or something it doesheaven look at the gamma at the moment so it's around 2.4 both panels about 2.32.4 on gamma but I'm seeing already that the blacks are a little bit deepereven with the screen protector on the 1 plus 6 it still looks a little deeperokay so the bottom phone here this is one plus 6 have a look at the blacksremember the screen protector is on this one and here we have the me 8 and it's alittle hard to tell it's very hard to capture this on camera but you can seeat least from where I'm sitting that the blacks just aren't as deep on the AMOLEDpanel of the me age now the me a I believe the culprit is not the screennot the AMOLED panel from Samsung it's actually the glass or the bonding theprocess they have used here so nice looking blacks coming through on thisAMOLED panel on the oneplus X and just to show some of the test images here soit is a fantastic looking screen very good if you're not happy with the colorcalibration out of the box you can go into the settings and you can adjustthat to your own personal preference but I'm really liking what I'm seeing theviewing angles as expected for an AMOLED panel even a game with my screenprotector on looks really good so when you first get the phone depending onwhat firmware it ships with you're gonna have to be patient there are a lot ofupdates to go through first and of course you must really grab these theseare bug fixes and important but it is great to see that one plus are on to itand patching things so the phone is running Android 8.1 it has a May firstsecurity patch level which is good so we do have a notification LED it's actuallyjust next to the earpiece left of it there you can customize the colors andall that you can enable certain gestures there's quite a few in here I like tohave the double tap to wake one now these status bar because of the notch westill can't see the battery percent even if you change the batteries style hereinto the circle one it's not big enough to actually put thepercent right in the middle of that which is the same a shame there so ifyou want to see it because you're gonna have to just swipe down then it willtell me I have 50% battery left DRM info here a lot of people want tosee this so it's Widevine level one so this is gonna be good for your Netflixtreble check this is an app to check for project treble and the good news here ithas full seamless system update support just finished running and - - and youcan see the result of this benchmark is slightly slower than the me eight but Imean there's nothing to it this is only a few thousand points here so with my 64gigabyte model here you're looking at approximately 50 to 251 gigabytes freeI've already installed a few apps I was about to comment that on the gostorage doesn't seem to work but it does you have to remember to go into theAdvanced Settings and enable it it automatically turns itself off after 10minutes this is for security reasons so one of my very minor complaints it's nota deal breaker or anything like that it's nothing serious but we don't havedual loudspeakers on the oneplus sex house but disappointed that they didn'tadd this so we have the one down firing speaker on the bottom tiny bit of bass it is very loud thoughI will give them that so general use of the phone it's just like the previousmodels and that it is really fast very fluid the experience swapping betweenapps to scrolling through things scrolling on Chrome for example reallysmooth the screen refresh rate seems purple you find the touch response isalso really good like it doesn't lag behind where your fingers whichsometimes happens on some well cheaper models really not a premium phone andjust rendering pages and loading things up also to really quite quickI do like here with the knotch that we have the notifications at least can beseen properly something we don't get with shell mean I mentioned that wecannot see the battery percent there which is a little bit of a shame therebut we have to pull down swipe down with the toggles and then you seenotifications are when you had them on the show me at least you get the smalllittle icons or the 1 plus 6 so the camera app it's very straightforwardit's self-explanatory here now wanted to point out that video all the way up nowto 60 frames per second which is really good because I have reviewed now threeother Snapdragon 805 mobiles and those ones don't have 60 frames per secondoptions that's great to see because the hardware of course does support that yougot your standard photo mode you have your portrait mode and with the photomode to you would have seen it we've got x 1 x 2 so that all zoom in x 2 adigital zoom there and it's all self-explanatory that is how you flipover then to the front-facing camera so I'm gonna go out now get a few shots togive you some samples and some video samples to from the front and rearcameras so with front-facing video you get 1080pmax no 4k option here but it does have that gyro assisted electronic imagestabilization this is really good a lot of phones like this it's so great foranyone who does vlogging style videos this can be used as a security backupcamera here because it is that save you can see so out of the sunlight here hardconditions as well cause for the phone but it's doing a good job this is a Vitathen the likes of the recent phones I have been looking atshelby's Bibles and they're bent over exposing a lot and of course they don'thave this level of stability either so good front camera video performance sothis is the sample here of 4k 50 frames per second we're limited to 10 minutes alot of manufacturers set that is to stop the phone from overheating now I do haverecently shaky hands but because we do have a combination of optical andelectronic stabilization footage is very steady it looks really good the audioquality I feel there is a little bit of a room for improvement here hopefullythey can fix that with an upcoming updates but I will give you ademonstration of the stability just walking ahead here you can see it isreally quite good not bad at all and of course we do have a 60 frames per secondoption as well and fingerprint unlocking I have testedit it is very fast super quick just like the previous models no issues were thatten out of ten times very quick little size comparison here now so this is the5.9 inch Hemi node five the Chinese model this is the one plus six six pointtwo eight inches and this one is six point two one inches the show-me meeight and then we have the black shark here at five point nine nine inches thishas a front facing finger in reader so is quite a bit longer than all of themthey're about the same when it comes to how tall they are the me eight and theone plus of course the roomie notifies a little bit taller there but nothingcompared to the beast n mammoth of my workhorse me max - now the me max - ofcourse is six point four inches so a very large phone with your moretraditional now 16 by 9 aspect ratio there is also this gaming mode it's kindof hidden away it's under the advanced settings and what it can do as well youcan see all the options we've got so we can block notifications when you're inthe gaming mode you can add certain games to it so that's gonnaautomatically go to the gaming mode and the network boost so it's going to limitother applications background tasks and things to try and reserve all thatbandwidth for your gaming so you're hopefully your ping rate in theory isgonna be a little bit better there okay guys so quick recap here with my firstimpressions this may change later on after using it for a couple of weeksbefore I release my full review of this phone so it's looking really really goodso far I like it more than my me eight now that I've had for almost two daysI like the implementation of their style of knotch because it's a lot smallerthan me eight has a very wide notch that's it's a little bit ridiculous I'mnot a fan of the notch as you know but at least it's not so wide on this onehere now the screen looks really good so it's very bright it's an optical AMOLEDpanel deep blacks the blacks look a little bit deeper as well than the meeight I think that's because of the glass there as the reason so we stillhave the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack I have to listen to some music on thatlater on in my full review process battery life further benchmarks gamingand things like that will be included the full and final review I have somecamera comparisons coming up there's so far really not a lot that I can reallycomplain about I'm very nitpicky but this is looking like a fantastic phonethe operating system is very fast I like that is kind of like a similar to astock experience but with a lot more tweaks and settings that you've got inthere of the oxygen OS battery life of course I have an update on there but thebattery capacity I really wish they could increase that somehow I don't mindif it was a millimeter thicker and it had a four thousand or three thousandnine hundred three thousand eight hundred then you know our battery wouldjust be a little bit better there the cameras do look like a step up from theOneplus 5t is great they've gone with optical image stabilizer station theretoo so as I mentioned camera comparisons will be coming stay tuned for thechannel for that and I do hope to catch you back really soon with my nextupcoming video bye for now .

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