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Teclast F7 Review - The Best Budget Laptop So Far

Teclast F7 Review - The Best Budget Laptop So Far so it's only taken a year for the bestApolo Lake notebook to come out and perhaps the best budget laptop there isfor under 250 USD.
This is the Teclast F7, now it's using the Apollo Lake inthirty four fifty that's a Celeron processor with 4 cores it's soon to bereplaced it's the end of the line for this CPU it's going to be replaced viathe Gemini Lake N4100 that'll be coming out in devices within the nextmonth or two but until then this really is a fantastic laptop so it's got a verysimilar spec to the jumper easy book 3 pro or in fact the easy book 3l prowhich is basically the same so fourteen point one inch 1080p screen sixgigabytes of RAM it has 64 gigabytes of e MMC 5.1 spec storage and it has also ahatch and it's SD slot underneath so you can expand upon that storage somethingthat was brought in first with the EZ book 3 pro the first model that came outlater they had quite a few revisions now those revisions kind of went a littlebit sideways with a jumper lately because there's some issues that creptup so there was some some lag on the keyboard problems with the SSD slot andluckily none of that is happening here with this f7 model this really isfantastic laptop considering what you pay for this you know around about 250us it was as low as 219 so what we get is a full alloy bill that's lightweightthis only weighs 1.3 kilos and it's only thirteen point five millimeters thinmetal lid as you can see and the palm rest is also made out of metaleven the bezel around the screen that's all a lie there which is great now thekeyboard on it is more or less about the same size as a jumper easy book threepros but of course it's got this extra column here with the homepage up downand in keys the power key there is next to the Delete key I wish it was actuallyseparated away from the keyboard so you don't accidentally tap it but typing onthis keyboard really good it has hardly any flex itsvery firm its rock-solid nice feedback from those keys the keys does feelbetter than the easy book three prose to type on and I'm happy to report I haveno issues with missed keystrokes or any keyboard lag none of that is happeninghere with this keyboard it's great now the touchpad also is rather large asyou can see it has a smooth finish to it and silver paint job it's not glass oranything like that like it's not a super premium touchpad but it is using Windowsprecision drivers so you can control the gestures it's accurate and I really dolike it now it does have incorporated mouse buttons in there left and rightand they have a nice feel to them when you press down on them it doesn't godown too deep either they're not also too shallow they seem just right to meso overall quite good there now for ports on the right hand side here sorrythe left hand side we've got a micro HDMI out that supports up to 4k 30 Hertzstatus LED which is red when charging green once fully charged full sized USB3 port always need to have these don't we on laptops and it will power externalhard drives I've tested up to 4 gigabytes without any problems and thenon the right hand side we've got a micro SD card slot now this is only USB 2specs so don't worry about using or buying a really high spec card for thatbecause you can't take advantage of the full speed of it another USB 3 port thenwe have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack now this headphone jack actually outputsreally good sound because it doesn't have the typical common interference andstatic that you often see and I hear so often on the Apollo Lakes and theessence none of that which was really good butwhat it does sometimes exhibit is a little bit of popping so when the soundcard goes to sleep and then you play a sound it'll wake up and about 50% of thetime it will do a little pop which is slightly annoying now that comes throughalso on the speakers it's definitely related to the realtek sound card thatthis has on here and then of course the DC on there for charging 12 volts 2 ampsnow up the top we've got a 720p webcam shoots up to 30 frames per second thequality is actually than the jumper easy book three pro twomicrophones either side as well said you array alittle bit of stuff s through these microphones but I will give you a sampleof that later on in this review now taking a look at that screen so it's anIPS panel 1080p it's either anti glare or glossy my ones glossy now a lot ofpeople in Twitter and other comments and even messages sent to me said hey you'vegot a screen protector on it just remove it and it is anti glare now that may bethe case for some people I would actually went digging around here liftedup the bezel I used my knife to try and lift up this screen protector that Ithought was on there and I scratched and damaged the surface of the glossy paneland damaged it a little bit my bizzle so that's why I basil looks like someone'sattacked it with a knife because I did attack it with a knife so if you cannotsee any edges you cannot see any dust or bubbles you do not have a screenprotector it's a glossy display so it's a lottery there whether you get anticlear or glossy I really wish it was anti clear on my unit now the maximumbrightness is only about 190 lux which is not a lot but it's perfectly fine forindoors or right now with this bright studio lights on I've got it set toabout 70% and you can see it looks really bright I normally just use itaround 30 to 40% without any problems whatsoever if you wanted to use itoutdoors that's when you'll run into problems a reflective glossy screen isgoing to be another nightmare so slap on an anti-glare screen protector now tocomment on the whites they are quite neutral they're leaning towards perhapsa little bit warm white a lot better than the super cool white we have on thejumper easy books three pro screen but that one is anti glare which I tend toprefer now the blacks look good nice and deep because it's a glossy display it'sIPS over viewing angles perfectly fine color reproduction looks good on thiskind of screen considering the price overall a very decent panel Bay you haveused on this it's that made by sharp as well this panel that's in here quickpeek now at the internals so it's all positive here good news with theheatsink it's very large and as you see later on with the thermals that thisdoes not run into thermal throttling in factwithout any power limits so it can use up to 15 watts it doesn't overheat itonly gets up to 74 degrees Celsius maximum which is pretty much unheard ofso tech must have done an excellent job here and it's really amazing becauseother laptops with the N 3450 would end up getting up to about 8090 degreeswithout the power limits there now the SSD you can see here you can actuallyinstall a 20 to 60 here there is room for it as long as you cut out thislittle plastic here use a dream or somethingbut once you put the SSD in place here this is what's going to happen you'llhave to cut out this as well so it'll lay nice and flat when you put the rearlid back on you will not be able to remove that SSD without removing thewhole lid again so you might run into a few little issues there with that but tome it looks like going to be able to fit it now Motors out there if you wanted toput a thermal pad here you could to transfer heat to the rear case there andthat would even lower temperatures by another 5 or 10 degrees even there ismetal behind the keyboard backing here which is another positive this is whythe keyboard is so firm and doesn't really have any flex whatsoever now alot of people are saying you can upgrade the RAM on this and that is normallynever the case with the cell Ron in 34 50s with the Apollo Lakes because thereare no sodam slots on there so you cannot upgrade the RAM you can onlyupgrade the RAM on the cell runs normally with this the many pcs some ofthose do include sodam slots these you can swap RAM or upgrade RAM but not thecase here but the internals the layout the build quality everything does lookgood they've got the plugs everything taped in place so if you were to dropthe laptop none of those plugs should pop out sooverall yeah it's looking very good the internals really good to me andespecially those thermals due to that copper heatsink now if you want toreally get maximum performance with literally no trade-off here it doesn'toverheat I recommend going along into the advanced menu of the BIOS go to CPUconfiguration CPU power management and long hair power limit one enabled willbe set to nine what okay so go on and change that from enabled to disabled andthis is gonna really boost up the performancenow I know the screen is flickering like crazy but it's not doing that in personnow so overall it feels quick and snappy this laptop here but these are a coupleof benchmarks of runs as Geekbench for very good score this is kind of thedefinitely one of the faster ones you will see out of the this chipset herethe end 3450 with its quad cores so that'sreally good and right here is the OpenCL scores that's testing out the integratedIntel 500 HD GPU that this has on here not a bad score as well considering thisintegrated graphics now the wireless I tested this out here now I know thisisn't the best way to gauge the speed I did use an FTP server at home and Imanaged to get close to 400 megabits per second but this test I've run as wellbecause there's a lot of networks around order interference and my show me meetnotebook pro with a much better chipset in it can get around 300 so the fullfiber speed I have here now I just wanted to point out the thermals becausethey are so good on the f7 here they're crazy good considering I have disabledthe power limit so only 74 degrees maximum after 6 hours this included twohours of non-stop gaming it's hard to believe but the copper heatsink does itsjob they're so well on this really really good most other laptops even theeasy buck 3 Pro if you disable the power limit on one that has it it'll climb upto almost 90 degrees after 2 hours of gaming you need to do a copper heatsinkmod and some thermal pads in there as well just to help improve things but youdon't need to do any mods with this amazingly good I don't know what reallytick lasted down there but hats off to them the thermals on this are so goodthere's another test as well with the thermals yeah so I mean that's evenlower than Co 74 it's not going to go past 74 this my unit here that I havenow on to some battery life tests very important now it does fall short of thejumper easy book 3 Pro right right here I didYouTube 1080p and I lost after 2 hours 20 percent so that's not bad it lookslike you know you're gonna be able to get 9 or 10 hours of just straightstreaming video so it's very light use of the CPU so I did later step things upin another day of testing I cycled the battery I think four times in total withmy testing here and this is more what I would call real-world use so my ownpersonal use updating my website using Chrome with about seven or eight tabs30% brightness and I'm looking at six and a half hours so this is shortbecause the jumper is about three Pro will be able to do seven to eight hoursnow the reason behind this is the power limit so by default they set nine wattsthis test was with the default 9 watts okay so the stock configuration that'swhy it's not getting the eight hours like these about three pro which has alower setting that's set to seven so that's what a the counts for really thehigher battery consumption that's sorry the higher power use is because of thatso if you're worried about that and you want to get eight hours lower the powerlimit and I think that will solve the problem there but I'm happy for thetrade-off for the power you've got extra power I don't mind losing an hourbattery life here with this and this is the sitting I had set in Windows okay soI've set it on the not the best battery life tab but there's the one up from itso it's the latest version of Windows that I've been running on my SSD andjust to point out to the SSD speed so perfectly fine it's set of three runningat full set of three speeds my king spec 512 gigabyte SSD works perfectly fine sono issues with that USB 3 port speeds running at maximum speed no problemsagain and the e MMC it's 5.1 spec so a lot faster than the old 4.5 spec verygood speeds here out of that SanDisk 64 gigabyte emmc so now I'm just going totest out a 4k clip here so this is a TV see 140 megabits per second so quite ahigh bitrate and he cuz it's choppy but only at the start once it gets past thatit's actually quite smooth it's demanding file for this kind of hardwarebut it handles it okay and if you skip ahead there's a little bit of a delaychoppy for a little bit then once it gets going it'll smooth out against sothere we go so it's good to see it can play these kind of files vp9 codecsupport as well and it's also just streaming at the same time here 4k videoso that's a little bit demanding for it to be doing both of those things at thesame time now that's probably why it's got the drop frames but it's doing wellokay here cuz this is Chrome 4k YouTube streaming is normally a little bitchoppy but you see this is going perfectly fine and that's down to that 9watt TDP the power limit that they sit on this are just really helping out sothe speakers on the if sieve and they're located just right here so you don't seethem they're hidden away and I do like this the sound is transmitted and comesup up this way here and they do actually sound a little bit better I feel thenthe jumper easy book 3 pro speakers give you a sample of them now so now sample off the webcam 720p 30frames per second on recording the audio through those dual mics it has eitherside and the quality of those mics I feel is really good considering theprice of this laptop and even the video quality it's not bad ok looks a littlebit pixelated but it's perfectly fine for Skype calls I have used it a fewtimes and I've had no issues with it all the built-in microphones now moving onto have a look at a little bit of gaming so this is League of Legends very lighttitle it's running in the native screen resolution so 1080p very low graphicspreset and we're getting close to 60 frames per second and even above 60frames per second so this is really good this is just a BOTS game here so toother BOTS and one on my team I'm really pleased with this performance rememberthis is what the power limit disabled that I showed you at the start of thevideo this is project cars and see it's pretty laggy only running at 18frames per second so that is not ideal and I'm driving terrible I wasn't evenpaying attention there so games like this the triple-a titles you know youdon't really want to be attempting to play them at all because it's kind ofarenas really trying to play with only 17 frames per second this is on thelower settings in 720p by the way it's amazing just to show you that it'sactually able to at least run the game and get these kind of frame rates now Iwould love to show you some counter-strike but it's down the serversthere's something going on I've been trying all afternoon without any luckwhatsoever so I can't do an online game I can't even run a game against botsbecause it will come up with this area here so if you set the resolution quitelow and the settings on the lowest possible you're looking around 40sometimes 250 frames per second it does dip down to 30 and even below if there'slots and lots going on the performance isn't amazing but you can get away withplaying a little bit of Counter Strike on the side now it runs Linux perfectlyfine and one thing to note here with the screen I can actually capture it a lotbetter I'm not getting the flicker in Linux which is a little strange so Idon't know what is causing that something to do with the graphicsdrivers perhaps so Wireless works the touchpad on the latest Manjaro 17 point1.4 bill that I'm running it does not work so that's the only thing that's notworking brightness controls the sound that all seems to be working just fineit's just that the touchpad is the only issue in Linux alright so wrapping upthis review here it really is a fantastic laptop especially if you pickthis up for only 219 so look out for another flash sale if not I feel eventhe 250 price tag that I've seen it selling for at the time of when I postedthis review that's not actually too bad considering what you were gettingespecially here in Spain you compare that to what's available in the localmarket and they're all running still cheery trail items they've only got fourgigabytes of RAM plastic build the keyboard thattouchpads and not precision ones there's just so much to like about this now thescreen might get glossy you might get ananti-glare screen but to me the screen is better than the jumper easy bookthree pros literally every single aspect of this is betterapart from battery life so that's where you run into the cons so it's got aboutan hour's less battery life but I believe the culprit is the higher powerlimits so this thing here runs out of the box with nine watts power limit andso that's a little bit more than the jumper easy put three Pro so that's whyit burns through the barre a little faster but I feel that's a goodtrade-off because the performance of this is really good it's fast and I infact disabled the power limit on here so that means it's unlimited let's that CPUstretch its legs it can use all the power at once it's only up to about 15watts I think maximum combined with the integrated GPU and the CPU so it doesn'teven get hot the thermals on this are amazing really they so good tick lasthas done a really good job of this because they put a huge copper heat sinkin there it's quite big a little bit bigger than what we normally see hereand it's just perfect I mean it doesn't go over 74 degrees after gaming with nopower limit is kind of crazy good that's I have never seen that before this isthe first time that's happened normally on other models like the jumpereasy book 3 Pro with no power limit those temps will really start to creepup and hit close to 85 degrees even 90 which is why I recommend you do a copperheatsink model put a thermal pad and there you don't need to do that so thereis another couple of cons here it's not perfect the speaker does that pop noiseand it's a little annoying when that happens but it's minor very minor to meand the other thing too I noticed it could just be my unit that when it'splugged in 100% charged put your ear down around this area and you can hear abuzzing noise from the speaker or it could even be coil whine or somethingcoming from the CPU it might be related to me having the power limit disabledbut I don't think it is I think it's just statically comes through on thespeakers there overall fantastic laptop considering the price you're justgetting so much here on offer now don't beconfused about what the Apollo Lake can do people please because so many peoplehave emailed saying can i edit 4k videos no you can not on this chipsetI mean 1080p maybe this is a entry-level kind of process so you have to rememberthat it's fanless you can do quite a lot though will surprise people you can openmultiple tabs in chrome you can edit spreadsheets you can watch 4k videos MHEVC codec files vp9 it can play them natively decode them which is great soyou're not taking a huge performance hit but you can't go and play battlefield 1on this I don't know why some people seem to be fooled by perhaps that'smarketing or something they show images of it playing the latest games frommaybe I don't think tickets have done that but a lot of manufacturers do dothat so they put an image there of a battlefield 1 and people think oh I canplay the latest triple-a titles on a $200 in that top no but anyway thank youso much for watching this review here of the best Apollo 8 laptop that is thetick last if7 and check out my review of the jumper easy book 3 pro if you'reinterested in that and my latest video is here and also please do you thinkabout subscribing if you like this kind of content in these videos that Iproduce bye for now .

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