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Xiaomi Mi 6X Mi A2 Unboxing & Hands-On Review (English)

Xiaomi Mi 6X Mi A2 Unboxing & Hands-On Review (English) Okay so it has been a busy month herefor me with Xiaomi releases and we have one more to check out this is the Mi 6xalso probably known as the A2 but A2 has not been announced yet but it couldbe coming in just a few months and it will be identical hardware wise to thismobile phone at least it should be going by the 5x and then a1 they were the sameexact hardware but of course they change the software on it so that model willhave Android One stock Android this has Android 8.1 on here with me UI ninepoint five skin on top of it so this is a mobile phone that has a two by oneaspect ratio screen it is five point nine nine inches the resolution is 2160by 1080 my models got six gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of storage and thechipset is the snapdragon 660 it's got dual cameras on the rear one is 12megapixels the other is 20 used for the depth effect portrait mode the blurredbackgrounds and in low-light there's also a 20 megapixel front-facing cameraas well with an LED flash too so let's get this unwrapped here and check it outin greater detail so I bought this particular model here from Aliexpressthe seller is goldway Hong Kong and asked them to send it completely factorysealed for me so if you don't ask them to do this they will actually open themup and then we'll install Google Play for you okay so let's get this unboxed so we have some Chinese writing there Ihave no idea what that says at all if you let us know in the comments so herewe go this as of course you can see wow that camera first impressions look howmuch that protrudes wow that's a little bit more than normal it's the firstthing that's actually hit me but that bill quality seems really good very verysimilar to the redmi note 5 in fact they share the same front it seems prettymuch exactly the same isn't it take a look at the weight of itso it is one point six nine grams the redmi note 5 is one point eight threegrands but that's got 1,000 man-hours more of battery so seven point fivemillimeters thin without that massive camera bump i would have rather onemillimeter more and less camera bump so let's take a look at it oh wowso yeah that is massive and why is that surprised when i first unboxed it it'sbecause look at this this is the Remy note 2 again so side by side you can seethere the difference in the bump that one only sticks out by a millimeter andthis one is almost 2 millimeters there and when you have a look at both theback of these devices they're very very similar but of course we don't have thefull unibody housing on the redmi note 5 so before i go over the design of thephone let's just take a look at the charger we get included so obviously itis a chinese-style the 2 prong now this has rated to 5 volts 2 amps so it's notQualcomm quick charge the output of it but it should the phone support quickcharge 3 I will test that out and here of course we have the cable so this oneis a grayish color al USB 2 type C and right in here I've just got a couple ofthings of course we have that adapter that we're going to need so these 3.5millimeter to type C and they do include a case so just like the roomie Note 5 wecan eat one of these TPU style cases the quality of these cases is okay I meanit's good for just a first temporary case before you get yourself something alittle better so along the top here we have an IR transmitter and the secondarymicrophone use for voice calls and noise cancellation so down the bottom we havea loudspeaker microphone type C port 2 Torx screws holding the unibody housingin place you can just see the antenna lines here so they're quite discreet alittle bit hard to make out but you can just see them and I'll rear fingerprintread it now this is metal here on the back it's quite slippery matte coatingon it so you do want to use that case reallyso you've got more grip show you that camera module again I just still can'tget over how much that sticks out it is quite oddso one of these senses is 20 megapixels the other is 12 we have a dual tone LEDflash there in the middle very similar to the setup that is on the Remmy note 5and that SIM tray just takes 2 nano Sims no micro SD card supportunfortunately so just powering it on for the first time get rid of that screenprotector that's just used in transit so me ua9 and just English at the momentthere will be a global wrong for this out later on so to quickly point outhere I've got the 6 gigabytes of RAM that I ordered of course Android 8.1 andwe have just over 51 gigabytes of free storage and to quickly show you thecamera sensor information so we have to Sony I am x3 seven sixes there the 20megapixel sensors then there main sensor on the rear is the I am x4 86 okay so Ijust ran treble check this has requested a lot and it's only system partition aso not a and B like the black shark now I point this out a lot in all of myvideos literally if you're buying the Chinese ROM version didn't expect thisChinese bloatware now most of it you can remove which is good you just simplyneed to uninstall those bloatware apps so here's a look at the antutu score soit's the phone right here in the middle this is the 6 X this is the redmi note 5and it shows you just how good the snapdragon 636 really is this in fact ismy preferred phone my favorite phone right now at the moment at the time ofthis video and this is the snapdragon 625 in the Memex so you can see quite abit slower here and these two here a Snapdragon 805 so we have the BlackShark and the mix 2's right here and to answer that question about quickcharging yes it does support Qualcomm quick charge 3 you just have to useanother charger because the one included is not a quick charge 3 charger soquickly to comment on my first impressions of the ROM performance it'sgood I've encountered no bugs so fast it's very fluid very fast switchingbetween apps and things I had to install Googleof course because it doesn't come with it and it's a bit of a lengthy process Ijust actually what I did is restore a backup from the redmi note 2 v and thatwas easier easiest and quickest way to get set up there but it's very reallygood the performance I can't really tell too much of a difference between theSnapdragon 636 and a 660 they really do feel to me at least in the UI about thesame performance wise taking a look at the screen now so I've got itside-by-side here with the ribbon note 5 because they're basically the same kindof screen so they're both IPS panels both have 2160 by 1080 resolution andthey really look identical to me I can see no real difference in them thatbrightness seems to be exactly the same I do believe it's the same exacthardware panel they have used in here so this is the the 6x right here andoverall it's a good screen deep enough blacks for an IPS you're not going toget any deeper not deeper as AMOLED deep no of course not but it is good I feelfor the price of this phone the category is the mid-range is still a decentscreen here and I roll looking good the panel so we just have the oneloudspeaker on the bottom there's no loudspeaker in there earpiece therewhatsoever so I'll play your sample track now and the output of this it'sloud it sounds decent enough and it's even better than the mimics 2'sflagships loudspeaker having look at some gaming now so thisis the new title Dungeon Hunter champions Dhoni just released and it'srunning is perfectly fine as you'd expect for the Adreno 512 GPU I'lldemonstrate the fingerprint reader so it's always on you just simply touch itunlocks really really quick this is as fast as the Remi note 5 the ribbon note5 + the root note 5 the Chinese version the same exact fingers into hardware andit takes under half a second really really quick so I'll quickly demonstrateface unlocking now this is not as secure and it's saying it cannot recognize methere we go it took a little while it's because I've got the camera in the waybut I've also noticed that it doesn't seem quite as good as the roomie Note 5for some reason to face unlocking so no first hands on and unboxing from mewould be complete without having a look at the camera so me UI 9.5 camera uphere yes we do have portrait mode on the front camera we also do have a LED flashhere so you can turn that on and see right there it's very bright now this isa 4500 K LED flash so almost neutral white there neutral White's consideredto be 5000 K Kelvin and if you have a look at the video modes here well on thefront-facing camera it's only 1080p on the front-facing camera on the rear weget up to 4k so the settings here very similar to other Shami markers like theredmi note 5 4k at least we do have image stabilization is enabled but againi don't actually think it's working it doesn't look to work at all and 4k atthe moment this is a problem I've discovered with the mimics 2s and eventhe black shark mobile phone doesn't seem to work either but I'll give yousome samples now from the camera a couple of portrait mode shots as welland some video and now this is a sample from the front-facing camera so it's 20megapixels I think the aperture is if 2.2 or 2.0 and yes my face is a littlebit overexposed here at least we're high actually getting some details of theclouds you can see so the is doing better than the black shark andthe me mix to s so right now I'm shooting using the stock cameraapplication and it doesn't have electronic image stabilization eventhough it's enabled it's clearly not working so you have to use open camerafor that I'll give you a sample of that but just look at this guy here what isthis idiot doing it's really close to buildings and things to me that justlooks like a recipe for disaster so this is now we're hoping Cameron you can seea huge difference so very similar to the redmi note 5 got really good stabilityhere even though it's only electronic there's a bit of wind noise of coursebeing picked up on the microphones is really windy here but i raw impressivestability here not bad considering I am walking so there we go that is the me 6xn firstimpressions well it's got a decent screen it's really good it's just asgood as the note 5 and the battery life well we know it's gonna be less than thenote 5 don't view because it's a thousand milliamp hours less which is ashame they made it one millimeter slimmer to give us less battery life anda larger camera bulge I don't understand Shelby's engineers their designers whythey went with that choice okay the unibody is nice it's got a TypeC port on here but I do believe so far with my time on with us which isbasically just half a day now that I feel the readme note 5 is still the oneto go for that one has a better camera main camera focus is much better betterelectronic image stabilization it also has FM radio microSD card support a 3.5millimeter headphone jack show me if they combined the unibody housing thetype C port with the redmi note 5 they would have the best phone thenall-rounder but they're giving us these segregated different releases whichdoesn't really make sense to me but overall it's looking good if this isgoing to be the show me a toe it looks good but there's just those cons therethat I listed but other than that the build quality is excellent it does looklike it does have at least good camera as you can see it will take a very nicephoto with both of those cameras you can get the depth effect now I will test outthe battery life gaming a lot more tests will be coming in the full review I alsowanted to comment on I've got the black sharp on hand at the moment the BlackShark is their gaming device from Xiaomi but I can only review one mobile at atime for a week I need to use it for a week so which one do you want to seefirst do you want to see the me 6x first or the Black Shark please let me knowdown in the comments if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up alsosubscribe to the channel got plenty more up and coming also Xiaomi's Mi Gaming Laptop next week.
Thank you so much for watching bye for now .

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