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Xiaomi Mi 8 - 24 Hours Later, Battery Life Test & Questions Answered

Xiaomi Mi 8 - 24 Hours Later, Battery Life Test & Questions Answered Hi Chris here back with the Xiaomi Mi 8 and thanks for all your comments on my unboxing video which I went intoquite a bit of detail with Xiaomi's new mobile phone so this is just a follow-upvideo you could say my impressions after now a day of use with the phone sothere's a couple of things I wanted to cover in this quick video before I do mycamera comparisons before my full and final review of the mobile phone so alot of people are being commenting about various different things so you firstoff wanted to start with the AMOLED panel so when I said that it doesn'tlook as dark the blacks I will do a quick comparison head-to-head with mysamsung galaxy s7 so that has a super amoled panel now I know it's 1440p soit's not fair comparing it to a 22 48 by 1080p screen here but you can see thatthe viewing angles it is differently superior to the mimics to us whetherit's IPS panel it's not a bad i PS that this one has it's definitely a step upfrom almost out of the frame here of the shot the ribbing note5 that this phonehere okay for the kind of screen you're getting even that yeah it's 18 by 9aspect ratio is still a really good screen I feel for the price of thisphone and of course seeking a lot of value for money with the me a the specsyou're getting and everything like that so yeah the viewing angles aredefinitely off the panel are where it wins out here and you can see that whenyou have a look with thee if I can get that in the shot good it's just a littlebit better but it's not a massive huge step up perhaps I was just thinking itwas gonna be more like say the likes of the Samsung panels or the Oneplus 5 t that Irecently just sold and I'm speaking the oneplus 6 tomorrow I wanted todemonstrate this if I can on camera it's very hard to capture on camera so here'sthe Samsung Galaxy s7 yes it's an old flagship does take a look at the blacksthere and now I'll show you the me eight and you have a look at the blacks now Iknow you're saying put them side by side I can't see what you're talking abouthere so you hear when you look at them and then you're angered it a little bitit depends it on the how you're looking at in the light this is very hard for meto get right calibrated both of the displace to have about the same exactbrightness using my meter and it's just it's hard for me to get the angle herebut it's just at a certain way you look at itcan definitely tell that the Samsungs blacks are much deeper not that they arebad of course on the v8 if you turn the lights off you look at it in pureblackness it does look really quite dark you get none of that IPS bleed that youwould would the me mix 2's now when you hide the knotch which I've done here youget the black along the top and at certain angles about here or so you cansee the difference in the blacks there is another way to spot it and just notbeing as dark as say other mobile phones but I think this is not a deal-breakerbut not as a deal break I know for a lot of people so you're missing out as Ipointed out in the unboxing - on a lot of the notifications I'm someone thatlikes to look at my battery % all the time well I'd just like to know becausewhen you look at the bear you don't really know exactly what it is so nowyou always have to swipe down for the toggles there then you can see clearlyoh it's a 20% battery life and that for me is a bit annoying you can't seewhether you've got for example the silent on you don't see that thereyou're not gonna see your network speeds along the top as well so they've madesome compromises I could have mentioned this probably quite a bit of an internalconflict in shell me headquarters between the me software developers andthen the hardware design team guys that decided hey we're gonna go with theknotch they probably are fighting between them saying you know what you'vedone when it comes to notifications yeah so that's one area that said justanother thing that I find a little bit annoying now this is also my first fullcharge so I charge the phone right up to 100% and let's have a look at my batteryuse a lot of people have been asking about this and it is looking very goodso the screens been on for 6 hours and 48 minutes in total and I've had it onmost of the time on wireless ok so data rates will drop this time here so onscreen time is looking because I still have 20 was at 19 percent now left thatmeans I could easily say seven hours of continued on screen time whichtranslates in real-world use to medium moderate use of about two days so thisis looking good I will go into settings here and just show you when you gothrough to the battery of course battery and performance power and to show youthat better at use so I've done a lot of YouTube one hour there okay of YouTuberevolution played that for quite a long time as well actually now I thought itwas a bit more than that you get the idea pump G a lot of things in thereshow me service framework was chewing through a bit of battery this are nottoo sure what's up with that now in the history here I'll show you that you cansee that's where I was using it continually and then I wanted to testout the idols standby drain so it's not that great it's about 2 to 3 percent perhour that you will lose a better life that's with wireless on data on but notactually using the phone so it's basically in idle there and hardware ofcourse screen on time I'll just show you that again so well almost seven hoursit's reporting here slightly different to what the GCM battery monitor wasrecording so yes battery life is good for the three thousand four hundredmillion hour battery that this has a net demo it's not four thousand milliamphours which I feel feel would have been ideal now one other thing that's alittle bit bothersome to with Xiaomi is that we still got wide vine level threesupport here and what that means is when it comes to things like Netflix we'reonly gonna get in fact just SD so we're not gonna have HD movies on here youcannot have that HD Netflix so that is a real shame I don't know whether they'regonna end up fixing that ever in their roms that they're gonna add support forthat hopefully they will in the near future now to comment on call quality Iknow people have been asking about their that all you reviewers never talk aboutthe call quality I always mention it in my reviews at least I should I've placeda few calls and not on this first charge but when I first got the phone I calleda few people and it sounds fine to me but it just it doesn't sound as good asmy samsung galaxy s7 the earpiece off notice it's just maybe because it's alittle bit small it just sounds a little bit tinny but apart from that nocomplaints and of course we don't have a 3.5 and I mean a headphone jack but Iused an adapter I have and that type C audio out sounds good I mean it's it'sloud it's crystal clear there's no static there's no interference which isgreat there but the other thing to complain about with the sound quality isthat of course movies video sorry that you record on this phone the videofootage is not good at all because of the audioaudio I posted on my hands on I see the audio sounds are what was my commentscratchy and that's the best way to describe it a little bit muddy it'sscratchy it's not great so they're not using high quality mics in this the samegoes for the me mix too it's the same exact problem I don't know what chamoisyou're doing here it was really interesting tonight if you have a lookat my comparison between the mimics 2's camera and then this right here theredmi note 5 you'll find that actually the redmi note 5 has better microphonesor better audio recording quality then it's flagships which to me is absolutelyridiculous xiaomi are doing something terriblywrong here why are they not fixing that now i also had some comments about theGPS okay we've got the fancy dual gps so quite a few people well about five orten in total mentioned about the gps that first off it's my fault that i hadit in my pocket that i was indoors testing it i mean that's not the case idon't do things like that why would I make the GPS intentionally look bad Imean that's just dumb I don't know where you're trolling me or you're justextreme fanboys probably extreme fanboys so one guy pointed out that you need toenable the special dual GPS function otherwise it will not work what sittingthere is no sitting for that in here I'm pretty sure you don't even own the phoneso yeah anyway it's set on to higher accuracy as you saw in fact I've neverchanged that it's always on the default and I had it connected up I even usedGPS test to update the a GPS switch that grabs information and where exactlysatellites are and I still cannot get it any better then about eight meters ofaccuracy then it jumps up to sixteen and stays at sixteen so I have some otherguy commented it well that it's my phone it always seems to be the case yes Ialways get a faulty phone with problems it's me it's just a bug I feel thatXiaomi have and they need to fix it apparently meant to work really good butonce that's fixed I will probably test that out and go for a hike or go on amountain bike trail and compare that to my other snapdragon 845 devices so therehave been some valid questions quite a lot of good questions though the commentare really actually very good in my channel I'm quite happy with them sopeople asked about the knotch are you gonna see the notch when yougame so no typical sixteen by nine content will hide the knotchand this is pub G on the high settings that I can do so high visuals and thehigh frame rate and it is super smooth this is really fast it's good it'sexactly like the Black Shark between the mimics 2's the black shark and thisphone here gaming performance without loading up a synthetic benchmark isidentical so yes it is early days here with the me 8 for me but I can alreadysee that this is a good phone you are getting a great spec for the price andthat is really the focus I believe of this phone that's what it is ok theyfollowed the trend of the notch that's very debatable so you got a great specbut it doesn't to me seem like a great phone so far it's just a littledisappointing and a very unnecessary release I feel because I think a lot ofpeople would agree with me here that they've dropped features that they hadin the me mix to it so that's got a front-facing loudspeaker this hasn'tthis has wireless charging this hasn't so they could have kept those featuresthey could have just released the explorer model which I feel would havebeen a better move from them just released the explorer model with itsinferring finger fingerprint reader with the proper 3d face unlocking andtracking it's gonna be a lot more secure than 2d of course and that to me as aswhere I feel that made a bit of an error that it's a cut it's an unnecessaryrelease so a lot of people as thing saying to me there has been some morecomments yet again those extreme fanboys saying I by Xiaomitick just to hate on it now obviously you haven't seen my other videos youhaven't followed my channel for long enough and that's just absolutelyridiculous I wouldn't go to the trouble of reviewing their tech spending my ownmoney just to hate on it it's obvious isn't it that I am a fan of Xiaomi I'mnever hidden that fact that I am and where I feel they're really good at isdevices like this so budget devices so this is the rid me Note 5 for the priceit's a fantastic mobile great camera super fast fingerprint unlocking goodbuild good screen read good performance from the Snapdragon 636we got 4k with electronic gyro stabilization if you use a third-partyapplication called open camera I even picked up one of these for my wife foronly a hundred and 69 US and that's an absolute steal and then as we're show meExcel when it comes to their flagships they always seem to be falling behind sothey've got a bit of work to do with the camera and issues with the mimics -coming across - than me eight really shows me that show me are just movingfar too fast they're pumping out too many phones they need to slow down andfocus on a decent proper flagship I know they can do it something like the vivoNEX would be ideal I feel just before I go I will have a camera comparisonbetween the Mi Mix 2s and the Mi 8 that'll be coming up soon and also the oneplus 6 and the mi 8 SE a lot of questions about this one I may have iton Friday so stay tuned to the channel for that and thank you so much forwatching this video .

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