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Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k Review - Best 4k Drone On A Budget

Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k Review - Best 4k Drone On A Budget Hi Guys so in this large white box here Ihave a drone.
Now that's something I have never reviewed in the channel I'm new todrones ready because all I've flown before this thing right here which isthe Xiaomi Mi drone the 4k version it's just little quad copters which Iconsider more to be a toy. I'm hoping I can get some really good footage out ofthis so this one supports 4k at 30 frames per second but it will also do1440p at 60 frames per second now it doesn't have all of those advancedfeatures like you get with the DJI's like the *MAVIC or the Spark which Iwas going to get until I saw the price of 599 at euros drone so this doesn'thave collision avoidance it doesn't have those follow-me features that is reallyone thing I think this is going to be missing it's got some limitations aswell with the controller you always have to use your mobile phone so you have topair them up and use both them together but I thought for the price of around450 euros that I got this for on Gearbest that I feel for a starting out dronethats got 4k it is worth a look which is why I've got it here so this particularvideo is going to go through the unboxing we see what we get in the boxinitial setup look at the application first flight and then some samples sothere should be some time codes right now popping up check those out if youdon't want to go through the unboxing process of course just go straight tothe samples then feel free to do so. So let's see what's inside here so let'shave a look and see how it is packed up okay so there's the drone there it's ashame that it doesn't have its own protective case that I could later useto transport around with us the landing gear collapses here that still attachedto it and they've got the motors well protected there with these little coversso at least it shouldn't get damaged well box up which is great now anotherthing is that the 4k version has these gold accents and bits of gold trim andstuff on it as how you can tell the difference between the 1080p and the 4kversion apparently so just get this out first that ways have anything of coursethe batteries not in it but that feels very light to megood quality plastics I can see so far so this is the sensor module herethe only real sense is that it's got on it for the hover well it's got othersensors of course with the GPS and the gyroscope and things like that but whatthis has is I think it's ultrasonic sensors here with a camera so this thetext how high it is and it works out how to hover stable without hopefully movingaround but I won't know until I test that out of course that the buildquality so far looks good so long here we have the little LED lights there youcan set those up and control those within the intensity of the light andalso the the colors you want to set there right here would be I would saywhere the gimbal goes so there's a little flap here and that's where youplug that in there the 3 axis gimbal so looks like this part this just pulls outand then we have the controller this will be instructions but it's looking orreally like it's just going to be all in Chinese unfortunately yeah okay you cansee that's going to be all Chinese but there is a user manual you can downloada PDF file and it's all in English so here are the propellers that you need toclip on secure them in place this of course is our gimbal module so if thegimbal ever gets damaged or broken from a crash you should be able to source oneof these off Aliexpress I would say and get a new one what do we have in herenothing it's completely empty isn't that where the batteries supposed to be hopemy batteries not missing box number 4 ok there's the battery well this here isthe charger so charged time of the battery is apparently three and a halfhours and this is rated to 16 volts 2.9 amps and our 5000 I'm gonna have ourbattery self that locks in place and that's got a rating of fifteen pointtwo volts and it's 5100 milliamp hours better itself does have a battery gaugeon it suppressing the gold button shows that I've got around seventy fivepercent battery life out of the box and the box is also this what looks to be Iwould say a wireless dongle used for connecting up your mobile phone to thecontroller power cable which is a us-style two prong and a short micro USBcable here very short one this is for connecting up to the controller withyour mobile phone and then lastly one of the mostimportant things here is the controller of course that we need to control thedrone if I can get this out so also well protected there so that leave sticksthis will be to takeoff or ascend descend there move to the left move tothe right and that'll be the rotation so you can rotate the drone see when it'shovering you about to turn it left facing rotate it around and get views ofdifferent obviously looking at so the power on of course that's pretty logicalthis would be the meter therefore I would say the battery life of thecontroller and this would charge here you can see ports on the bottom so we'vegot a micro USB there for charging and that's when connecting it up to yourmobile phone with the application which I'll go through shortly those you canconnect it up so if you want to puts a cord around your neck or whatever andhave it just hanging off sitting on here stomach or something because you don'thold the controller the whole time you can do thatthis will be the standard flight mode flicking that over is into the returnhome so an automatic signal gets sent to return home or automatically starts toreturn home there and of course the wireless the antennas there for thederanged the control transmission of the signal from the controller to the droneon the top here we've got some dials here this one I think can be set to yourexposure or the other one you can configure that and on the back anothertwo buttons here I think by default these are set up as to start records orto of photos so you can configure that andtweak that with the application of course now at the top here this is whereyou dock in your mobile phone so that opens up and the build quality of itseems really quite decent it's got rubber in here so it'll be nice andgrippy to hold your phone and looks like it will take hot people take somethingreally large like my show me me max - so the landing gear assembly here there's alittle latch on the side you can see right here this is - what it's unlockedat the moment and usually pull this up I would say yeah and then it clicks inplace so that it's firm and stable they've got this little soft rubber padsthere for landing this hopefully will take quite a shock or beating when youland if you do a hard landing you're doing manual landings by yourselfI imagine that with the automatic landing because it's got the sensor onthe bottom that it should be nice and smooth but I will test that out later onand those clip in place now I've got to set it set up and place the gimbal onhere fit so fitting the gimbal it's got these two little I should say a prong onthe front here you can just see and two little slots at the back so you can seethat those two slots line up with here here's the release mechanism so thatwill just slaughter in the front and then push down and release that and thatis securely attached there that's not going to fall out add a little bonushere I didn't expect this but they've given us two sets of props which isgreat so if you damage them then you can put on the new set you can of courseorder those online now what's expecting to see some propguards so propeller guards that stick out here to stop you from damaging thepropellers if you head into something but I'm not going to be flying this inindoors so I'm not really too worried about that and because it's a quadcopterit's going to have two different props that's facing a different angle you cansee there the pitch of that prop so it's color coordinated here we've got goldthe gold wood goes with the gold of course and then the grey wood the greyand we'll lock those in place so to lock the propellers in place it's prettystraight forward you can see this little arrow here that's pointing to the unlocksymbol so turning the dial on the top - then lot means the propeller will belocked on there so it's now unlocked place it on top pushit down and then spin this to the locked setting if I can it's actually quitehard to do there we go so you push down a little bit now that one is locked inplace that's not going to come off all right so all of the pops are on now justdouble checking that graves with good gray and gold with gold because if youput them on wrong what'll end up happening is that ability to take overand then flip because the propellers aren't correctly placed the charger plugis a little strange here you can see so it's got these two prongs on theirlittle protective cap over the top you remove that and then place this on hereand connect that up then start to charge your battery now the controller here Ican see the battery gauge is telling me that it's got around 75 percent batteryas well so it looks like they're shipping them out with an almost fullbattery now my massive six point four four inch show me me max two will fit inhere and the original me max that's the largest it's going to take the holderwood that comes with built into the controller here now economics of itfeels good in hand holding this feels really quite comfortable the joystick tome seems to stick out a little bit too much idea to would like them a littleshorter I think but that'll give you a little bit more precision on thecontrols because shorter ones might not give you the kind of precision you wantfor an try and like this battery just clips in place and you're ready to goand how heavy it is with the battery and everything connected so the gimbal thecamera it's one point four five kilos so this is the app we need for it is calledme drone now it doesn't say that it's made by a show me which is a little bitodd alright so I've just powered it on I know I'm indoors but there should be asafety here to stop me from actually flying it of course because there's noGPS signal I'm not going to try to take it off or do anything stupid so thecontroller I've paired it up by USB tethering because I don't want any morefurther Wireless interference I believe this would be the best way to go to getthe best reception with the first-person view here so straight away has promptedme for a firmware update you can see here that it's asking me to update thisimport an update that improve communication with the controllerno-fly-zone has been optimized for various different countries so BrazilIsrael Israel Thailand serious I'm going to download and update that so it'srunning that firmware update now these strobe lights have turned on it must besomething to do with the firmware update just let you know that's updating youcan see they're flashing white light and then the light here that's on the rightside that's green this is the rear of the drone and then the other one thisone here is a red light I think you can change the intensity and customize thisthrough the application here is what it looks like with my lights off so you cansee it puts on quite a light show here with the controller light flashing awaythe screen and then those strobe light so that firmware update finished it wasbeeping quite a bit and was kind of freaking me out that something was goingwrong but everything seems to be fine it's connected with the USB tetheringand it asks you to go through this beginner mode first so beginner mode isideal for me because it's going to limit the range and the altitude and flightvelocity as well as also limited so it just keeps you out of trouble but I'mgoing to skip through the safety precautions entertained I don't flyaround people animals learn about the aircraft what the sticks do lipstickright stick and how to start the drone which of course I'm not going to do itbecause I'm indoors here at the moment and the auto land feature so it's goingto run through the application here quickly an emergency shutdown so it'snot like the DJ eyes where you put the two sticks right and in the middle likethat here you just press both of those buttons and that will power the droneoff completely causing it to of course fall out of the sky if it is in the skyso at the top there it gives you the status of your drone of course it'stelling me that is poor GPS reception so I cannot take off as expected which isgood they've got that safety on there stopping me from doing anything stupidhere battery levels so if it gets down to 30% you should return home GPS statusdown the bottom is the radio controller signal and then your graphics graphsignal there which must be the signal would be first-person viewgetting information back and displaying it out on your mobile your just positionthere which is during flight shortcuts and then else settings and camera viewand the map view switching between that so I'm not too sure I can see the cameraat the moment probably not because I need to insert a library sister card Iknow there we go there's going to pop-up so it's giving me a shot there of mycactus and this doll here should move D I think it's this one mostly camera upand down you can see there we go the gimbals moving up and downthat's spring-loaded so I can own it right down because I'm not looking atanything at the moment but when I take off the dial on the right here that'scontrolling the exposure of the camera so we can control that manually which isquite handy in case some things have been overexposed or underexposed youable to tweak that so here are the some of the settings we get beginner mode ison of course I want to kick this on until I get to grips flying this we'vegot GPS modes that can only be enabled once the beginner mode is turned offcompass calibration is for something you should probably do straight away I'm notgoing to do it here because I should I think I need to be out in the open tocalibrate the compass and there's other settings like the firmware updatealthough yeah I'm on the latest version now because I've just updated thatthere's various other settings you can tweak in it you can calibrate thecontroller the stick mode you can change between mode 2 and mode 1 honestly Idon't really know what that does I think it's just the way it can invert thecontroller or other controls air so pairing it the right dial mode you cancan change this to control switch between the GPS and the altitude modethere so that's really the only tweaks we can do with that and battery infogimbal calibration camera settings camera settings will allow me to get allthe way up to you can see for K 30 frames per second or 1440p 60 frames persecond which I might also Tess down a clock like 60 frames persecond so like Matt enable that enable a coordinate correction that's just aChina flight record flight log version info so you can see there I have versionzero point zero point six two and some to the info someone's interested in thatcompared it to your own Draenor and battery info to telling me that yeah Ineed to charge this before I'm going to do my tears flight which I'll do now andthen we'll go out take it for a little spin and see what kind of quality we canexpect okay so there's a slight breeze herewhich is a little bit of a concern but in a clear area here there's no otherpeople around and I've got plenty of SATA loads good battery life so let'suse the take-off here it's in the app and it's going to push right up on thestick to to get maximum altitude okay so up nice and high here now inSpain I've got a limit of 120 meters can't break the law I go out to sea nowquite a good view here and going to turn it around nice and slow so this isreally just like flying a quadcopter well it is a quadcopter but I mean it'snot a basic little ones is all I've learned beforeso beautiful view here look at that so where I am now is place called last rowshows and dénia a little tower you can see in the distance there that's thetotally the gyro which means iron tower and it's going to go along a little here you know obstacles there anything joins quite noisy I can definitely hearthose fan blades cutting the air now because I'm in the beginning beginnermode here I can't actually do a lot so it's limiting me here it's going to gointo my attitude it's going up to 4 meters per second again the beginnermode and now it's a 66 meters in the air really nice to be able to coast itlittle cloudy's it's going to pan around really slow here now I think I've lost alive camera view that's not good so go back back into the map a little bit of wind so I'm not too surewhether it's going to affect the camera I'm sorry I was hitting the wrongcontroller so just plan around here real slow now they will defy it here recentlythat destroyed a lot of what you see around the trees and things which isquite annoying I'm going to head over a little bit towards the tower because Ireally want to get a good view of this gain some altitude as well so about 100 feet and my distance is 200meters still within legal requirements here in SpainI've got visuals at all time of it so there's the tower get a little bit moreheight others looks amazing on the screen the the live view that I've gotand see if I can move now to the right a little wow that isawesome so it's like a 17th century tower I'm really here at the maximumheight which is going to be limiting me a little because I won't be able to getto close about it not being high enough so let's get a little bit closer to thetower here and I get too close to that house okay see if anyone comes out witha shotgun and shoots at the drone I move around here hopefully this is slow itlooks a little bit jerky on the controller it's a boat down there andangle the camera down a little so you can get a bit of a view of the coastreally quite nice and should be able to see me down here somewhere let's panaround so I'm down towards the car park alonghere we've got plenty of room aircraft has reached maximum altitude you see Ican't even break that so that's great so the right stick forward now this ismaximum and the beginner modes which I think gets up to 10 meters per second very nice big huge mansion there go backout more along the coast keep away from people's houses so they want to botheranyone so there's the car park down there I'm actually a little dot downthere so it's quite a bit of winds here moment and you might better hear now thedrone so basically above me now and head out to sea a little bit have a look atthis boat out here that is at 72% so I'm not doing too bad if I can make it out to that vote adistance is only 100 meters at the moment a little too slow probably in thebeginner mode I think I've lost now the live videofeed again go back into DPS back into video hope you can get it back there wego Ben back sorry I keep using the wrong controller you guys stand back aroundnot too far so we then get motion sick more boats out there and a good shotthere of last rotors really nice to see it from out here and the cows fierce you can see a bit ofthat damage of the fire caused and my big is concerned now here because thisis first slide is getting back and landing that's my biggest worry nowcarrying off those motors and not having a hop and bounce around and in a slipwill damage the blades or something really nice view of the Mongo themountain in the background some let's maybe a little bit to Cape Town'stabletop well not really it's not flat the top of the model the mountain sorryand I look around here the shame it's a little bit misty we're not misty justthis light cloud around great view though so I'm gonna come in a little bitjust use the home actually now I'm just going to turn around and come back inmanually and I'll angle the camera down so we can have a little look aroundwhere I am Coast there so full throttle ahead 10 m/s quite slow because asmentioned beginner mode and I locate where I am in the car parkoh there I am I can hear the drone anyway just in front of me now now whenit's quite noisy I found out is descending makes a hell of a noisesending now 59% battery still get a little windy and there's that big car park and youshould see me standing on the cliffs maybe notthat's another people looking and see there I am waving no maybe not gettingmyself in closer here is drop it down a little okay you can see me now coming intocamera they are am controlling it Stangl the camera down a little to get aview of the coast and see what's like it is painting along I let water look so good I just want tojump in now I'm going to piss anyone off down at the beach ok someone thinks I'mtrying to perv on them or something so I won't go too far along the beach there I wouldn't want to be actually flying thiswithout looking at the first person view because sometimes it's easier togetherwill confuse this oh there's a tower on the background again notice that thehorizon is in level bit of a worry so I'll bring it in to land in just asecond I want to say some of this battery later and the wind is going topick up of it no one seems to be too concerned actually about the drone whichis great I was kind of worried it might draw a bit of a crowd people standaround going oh if someone's got a drone you know and in fixing nose one callsthe polity or local even though I'm completely legal what I'm doing here you can hear that noise of the drawingprobably quite loud let's get screwed up here to none come back get a little bitaltitude gaining altitude there so not to botheranyone wow this view is great I have so much fun with us I wish I had anotherfull charge battery so 200 meters down awesome viewthis is great amazing 19 GPSS which is good it's going to angle the camera downagain hope you don't mind my running commentary just a bit better than havingmusic or nothing cool down there okay I want to go toofar away now sits 500 meters which is probably nothing compared to otherdrones of course the range of this is supposed to be 4 kilometers but I can'tgo over 500 meters still on visuals just ok time to turn up again one last shotokay now the horizon is level again which is good to see turn around our videos breaking up again and now I'mgoing to get a bit altitude and then hit the return to home button down to speedyou understand better it so any button it's going to give me a warning anywayokay so I'm just up there time to hit back okay return home now connected that it's now returning backprobably the maximum velocity I'd hope executing return to home mission nowthere we go coming back not that fast now it's really getting windy that'sstarting to concern me a little bit as I mentioned on Twitter it's like flyingaround a 500 year old note a little bit nervous don't want to lose it okay it'scoming back now I think I want to take over now I'm going to drop the altitudedown bring her in for a smooth steady landing with all my battery warningbefore I'm caught stranded over the sea somewhere okay so it's just come up witha low battery warning now and just maneuvering this around myself to have alook at their maneuverability so moving the stick to the left going left there'sa bit facing towards me that actually looks like it's going right losing focushere so want to try to do now is just coming to manually land it okay here wego coming in now when you're let go the sticks gotdimension and hovers automatically which is great it might be hard to actuallyland us in the area of God here signal taken off from her sad slight lowbattery warning now okay.we me bring it in a little morefurther try and land it nice and easy does ittoo much wind actually I'm liking this oh you're looking around now and I don'tneed it while two people looking I can't you want to either over okay nice andsmooth okay successful landing and takeoff okay so Ihope you enjoyed that first flight it's absolutely sweltering hot in here I'vegotten her hair conditioning and the studio lights on so if I local red andsweetie it's not because I've just think stressing out flying this even though Iwas actually freaking out in the beginning because I was just questioningwhere I was taking off from I wanted to get the sites of last rotors in my videobut there was a little bit of the wind that came in I was flying off the sideof a cliff almost and I just had visions of this thing just going we straightinto the ocean which luckily did not happen so very easy to control if you'reworried about that I'm a complete novice and it's easy in the beginning beginnersmode Deb so I pushed the automatic takeoff on the application went straightup to a thicket was about three meters four meters held that and then I justpushed up on the stick got some altitude so I feel it's quite easy to fly and Iwas able to manually land it myself on that little cliff face for the edgethere next to the carpark so you have to take into account of course laws andSpain here I can't go above 120 meters and I can't fly out of visibility or 500meters so that's why I couldn't really get some of the shots to go to otherplaces beginner mode also restricts me from using the waypoint mode or theorbit mode and droning I think it's calledso I wouldn't risk using the orbit mode actually thethere's too many obstacles round can't say missing the collision avoidancebecause I can see that I wouldn't be flying around places where I would needcollision avoidance anyway because it would just be too risky I wouldn't wantto risk having this cliff a tree and for them to the ocean or smash intosomething so not really a huge problem for menow the footage from the camera there's a little bit of a tremor sometimes thehorizon wasn't quite level and the quality is going to be acceptable it'sokay that's the 1440p sorry the 4k mode that I use I want to test up 1440p 60frames per second soon but it doesn't look to be as good anywhere as good asthe DJI phantom series like the phantom 4 3 I can see just looking from otherpeople's videos that yeah their quality is probably not as good but overall I'mimpressed I don't feel like I have wasted my money here there's no buyer'sremorse the quality of it the build of it is excellent it looks like a greatdrone and I have had so much fun just flying it I want to get out there againbatteries missing because I'm currently charging it to get some more footage onthere so we'll be back with some more cinematic I probably one cinematic videoof just Denia, getting some shots with this. Thanks a lot for watching thisunboxing setup and first flight video hope to catch you back in the channelsoon bye for now or if you've got any questions comments do let me know downin the comment section .

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