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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13 (2017) Unboxing Nvidia MX150 + I5 7200U

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13 (2017) Unboxing Nvidia MX1i5 7200U Hi guys, Chris here so I have with me theXiaomi Mi notebook 13 this is the latest model from them that has justbeen basically revised so they've got now a fingerprint reader on the touchpadand Nvidia MX150 GPU.
So that's new hardware new architecture an upgradeover the old 940 MX and a cpu is changed it is now the i5 7200U, 8 gigabytes ofRAM unfortunately still no 16 gigabyte option at this stage it looks likethey're not going to be doing it now storage options you have 128 gigabytesof SSD storage which i think is set of 3 but this model here is 256 gigabytes ofPCIe times full spec storage which should be these Samsung PM 961 otherwiseknown as the samsung 960 Evo it's basically the same car but this is theOEM version of it so I have my trusty handy knife here let's get this oneunboxed and check it out in greater detail so it's just come in the factorydouble box so it's going to be alright would have personally liked them to useanother boss but you can see actually now that's protected really quite wellthere so as you can see it has the same exact box as last year's model they havenot changed the design of that oh that's ripped so the seller of thisone probably has gone in here and hopefully installed English for me maybethey haven't so it could actually be in Chinese but I guess I'll find out lateron so here we have an instruction leaflet for there's warranty cardsthings like that and here I yeah something similar I think settings andall that but that's all in Chinese I do not read Chinese the only other thing wehave in the box is the charger of course so it's not a bad size as you can seerelatively small and its maximum rating is 20 volts 3.25 amps 65 watts max so itweighs 1.31 kilos which isn't a bad weighted all considering the power thatthis little laptop and its thickness comes in at 15 andmillimeters all right so exactly the same build as the last model so pressingdown on that load it feels quite firm don't it's going to be any risk of thatscreen pressing up against the keyboard to me inside a backpack so no changeshere on the left side we've got a full size HDMI USB 3 port and then the 3.5millimeter headphone out which also supports microphones which is located inthe middle there which is a little bit odd it would be nice if they'd put atleast an SD card or micro SD card reader on here to when they revised this modelsame goes for the right side no changes here so the status LED USB 3.1 type Cport so that supports data charging and display out all at the same time withthe other HDMI port means you can run three screens at the same time so twoexternal monitors and the inbuilt display and the last port there ofcourse is another USB 3 port on the back there's no ports this part along here isplastic that's for the wireless antenna reception and Bluetooth so on theunderside you'll see we've got a vent here now this grille has the intake ofcourse for the fans are inside to help cool things down so the air will come inthrough the bottom so you don't want to block that up using this laptop on yourlap we've got AKG speakers either side exactly the same as the previousgeneration so the 2016 model now because I like to look at the internals of thesemachines here I'm going to pull the back cover off and I've already taken all thescrews off so these are t5 Torx screws and then you just pry the rear off case so I can see that we still have a39 watt hour battery unfortunately they haven't increased the capacity of thatso battery life on the last model that I tested was around about I think it wasabout five to six hours only so it's not the greatest you can see the speakersleft and right now we do have a PCIe times four SSD in there that should beour samsung PM nine six one duel fans there they've got copper heat pipe thathandles both the GPU right there that's the GPU I would say yeah exactly likethe other model and our Ram is just under the shielding at the top above itso just along there is the RAM now the build quality of it looks excellent thisis really good very well laid out and they've crammed a lot of hardware intothis small and send shell here so I'm going to put it back together now or onelast thing if you want to store an extra SSD you can do so right here we've got aslot but we don't have a screw that's only one thing that's missing so youcould put a set of three SSD like the Samsung I've got here screw that downinto place and you can increase your storage so you could put a 1 terabytestorage drives in there and backup all your files onto that so it's greathaving this option so no doubt you're just a figure as I am to get this openso let's have a look and see if it will open with just one hand the old modeldid just so they've got this protector over the keyboard and you can see itlooks exactly the same but we do have of course now a fingerprint reader on herefor added security so I can't see any changes at all with the layout or anyicons anything like that so we've got shortcuts for our media controls screenbrightness there and pretty much everything you can think of pressingdown really hard there there is tiny little bit of flex but I mean it'salmost next to nothing and typing on this keyboard doesn't remember on theold model is a really great very good keyboard to type on so the screen likethe previous model has glass in front of it now it's fully laminated but it meansthat the lid is very rigid there's a little bit of flex in it but Imean it's rock-solid really compared to other models you see that don't havethis glass on the front now it hasn't been updated to a touchscreen oranything like that which I feel is a shame because the way I see it if you'regoing to put glass on there fully laminated make it touch as wellwhy not but I guess that adds to costs so no changes to the front-facing cameraand those tiny little dots you can see those little gaps either side that's nota design flaw as someone pointed out once on my old one that is in fact wherethe jewelry microphones are so good to see them located here and not on thekeyboard where you pick up noise from typing of course so time to power it upand have a look at the boot time now I do not know whether this is going toboot up and Chinese windows or the sella port English on me which I think theysaid they were going to do for me so the power button is in a bit of an awkwardawkward location there we would normally have the Delete key but the good thingabout that power button is it's actually a little bit more resistant to the restof the keys and you can of course a windows hit the power button to donothing when you press it by accident so that booted up super quick and I can seethat yes it is in English which is great so the touch pad size is rather largefor a 13.3 inch laptop of course it's not MacBook large but I found this oneto be quite good it has like a very smooth glass-like finish to it and doesthe job really well I wonder if they have pre-installed doesn't look like itthere should be some synaptic software which is very important to have but itseems that the seller of this didn't install that so I'm going to have tohunt that down now looking at the device manager just to confirm what I've got onboard with hardware so that fingerprint reader as a elandfingerprint sensor and now seen them on a lot of Chinese devices that seems tobe very common and it should work really well but I will test that out in thefall of you the drive which to me I think that is the PM 961 which is greatthat's a proper PCIe or in vme drive that should have really decentperformance a lot faster than SATA 3 so it's my understanding that the 128gigabyte model will have a set of three Drive and between 256 gigabyte one ofcourse will be this Drive now we've got the NVIDIA GeForceMX 150 I have no idea about the speak of this but I do believe it's got 2gigabytes of dedicated round but I'll check that outalso in this video here and you can see we've got Intel dual band wireless ACthe 8 to 6 v chipset now this is a particularly good one because it doeshave that two x two antenna setup and I found that using it before that it's gotexcellent range and speeds no issues with it whatsoever and there is the CPUso it's dual core the cable lake I five seven 7200 you and of course it has fourthreads that's why it's listed in there four times quick look at that 1080ppanel so Ben can NEP stretched across thirteen point three inches you will seepixels if you look at it really really close but it is fully laminated glassbut that means also that it is quite a reflective display that the colorreproduction and things do look really good it's a very decent screen it'sbetter than the mean notebook twelve point five screen that I have in thebackground of course I've compared and looked at both for them and this onejust has better whites better colors and overall a slightly better panel thatdoesn't mean that 12.5 panel is bad it just means this one here is slightlybetter and I really do quite like it but it's a shame they didn't decide to gofor maybe a 1440p screen just to make things a little sharper and now lookingat the glow around the edges that you sometimes get that IPS glow or the IPSbleed you sometimes have especially more so when it's fully laminated I'm notreally seeing it looking at the panel it's very good maybe I just got luckywon the jackpot here on the screen that there really doesn't seem to be anybleed or issues I can see on the screen which is great so the memory is runningat 2133 megahertz which is correct for the KB Lake the i-5 7200 you but younotice here that it says slots used one of two so it's only running in singlechannel this is just like the earlier model so they're not running jeweledchannel there which is a real shame because we would get some more RAMbandwidth now I just wanted to point out that with the windactivation it said that I've got a digital license key that's detected fromthe BIOS but it didn't activate with my current version and I clicked on thisright here which is troubleshoot click on that and then it will thencommunicate with the Windows 10 server and it's told me that it has found alicense on here but I need to upgrade my windows Edition which might be too Proso it looks like we're not going to have any problems with the CD key that's inthe BIOS will be working as long as you click on that troubleshooting so we'llshow you a few benchmarks here because I know people want to see this straightaway this information just how much faster is it than the previous modelswe'll have a look at the SSD speed here blazing fast really good haven't youinstalled the drivers I don't think they're proper drivers from Samsung areinstalled there so that could even give me a slight boost perhaps and the rightspeeds there but I'm not disappointed at all with that score that is really goodso I did run to other benchmarks here this is to give us a rough idea beforemy final review well follow up with a lot more benchmarks here so here's thegig bench for score we've got a single core score that is faster and themulti-core than the previous model now the previous model with the i-5 6200 myunit got single core score of 3143 so you can see there is an increase hereand then a multi-core score of 6080 - so we're up about a thousand points here onthe multi-core score which is normal for the chipset chain so we've gone to theKB late now and when it comes to the compute score this is where we're seeinga big improvement here over last generations Nvidia 940m X we now have ofcourse the MX 150 so I don't know a lot about the MX 150 I don't think there'sreally any information that has been published from Nvidia but here are thespeeds it's got you can see the GPU clocks and the turbo boost D whichdoesn't really increase by much well you get an extra 100 megahertz out of it butthat will course be depending on the temperatures whether it will boost up ornot double data rate 5 it's detected those chips to be samsung chips and wedo have two gigabytes of dedicated ran for the GPU the amount of shaders ithas so you're cuter cause it has 384 CUDA cores and the GPU ID now I don'tknow whether this is the pasquale or what architecture that is is using theiror the process or how many nanometers that is I'd have to do a little bit ofresearch on that after this video and try and find out if anyone knows pleaselet us know down in the comments and why not just one gaming benchmark before Irelease a gaming review of this laptop to check out work thermal throttle whatgames will be playable alright so there are the results there so yes you cangame Tomb Raider rise of the Tomb Raider 37 frames persecond average now that is 1080p resolution so if you lower theresolution down to 720p perhaps you could get away with the medium settingsbut this isn't a bad result I feel now of course this is not a gaming laptopjust want to make that clear but it's good to see that we will be able to playgames on the side so the fans are on 100% I'll give you a sample of that inthe full review but just to say now that yes it is loud you can hear it but it'snot an annoying fan noise so I'm going to have a look now just very quickly atthe surface temperatures because this is one of the things I was concerned aboutand didn't particularly like on the old model so dirty up to 41 degrees now 40to 44 that is where the vent is along the top here 45 that is quite hot to thetouch that our class has not scorching hot and it's getting up there that isactually almost scorching hot so if you intend to game on this for long periodsyou probably want to use a laptop cooler or at least prop it up because it issitting down a little bit too low I feel affecting the airflow so just like theprevious model the same speaker configuration their downward firingthere aka tuned sever listen to how they sound so you can hear from that that there'sbase there's meds and some treble in there they're not bad sounding speakersat all considering how thin this notebook is so this is what the keyboardlooks like when you're using it at nighttime it's well lit but we do nothave any control so there's no variable different levels it's either on or offand after 13 seconds it will turn itself off automatically to save the batteryall right guys so that's it for this video here this is just my unboxing andfirst impressions are overall really it's just the same laptop as expectedbut we've got a more powerful chipset in there with the i5 7 mm you and there soyou're getting around I think it's about 14% more or something like that 10 to 14percent more performance and then the GPU does look to be quite a bit morepowerful now my ears of concern are of course the battery life how long are wegoing to be able to get out of this because it wasn't that good at all onthe previous generation perhaps it's a little better here but I'm not expectinganything miraculous with only a 39 watt hour battery inside this but that'll becoming in my full review along with more benchmarks thermals will thermalthrottle I will check that out using Intel XT you to have a look and see ifwe're going to run into power limit issues we probably will and of coursethe temples and things just how hot is it going to get because that was onearea that I wasn't too happy about with the the previous model that it could getreally scorching hot when you pushed it hardencoding 4k video or gaming that really it became a little bit unbearable to totouch it and then the fan noise would really kick right up on 100%that'll be all coming and the full review besides that the build quality isexcellent it's got a great backlit keyboard on there touch pad so far seemsjust as good as the previous model I don't think they've made any changesthere and the screen took yeah is very good nice panel on there even loaded1080p it's quite a decent one there but overall it is a premium laptop andgreater they put so much power into such a small form factor and we do get thatfree SATA 3 s SD slot depending on what model you get I wish more manufacturerswould do this so I hope to catch you back in my final full review and therewill be an extra additional Gaming review of this particular laptopjust to see what kind of games we can play with what settings thanks so muchfor watching bye for now .

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