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Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Review - A Definite Improvement (English)

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Review - A Definite Improvement (English) So this just in it is the Mi pad 4 sothe latest Mi Pad and finally Xiaomi has moved away from MediaTek andthey're using now Qualcomm chips.
So we have the snapdragon 660 which is areally good move not that MediaTek are bad they're justnot as good as their Qualcomm counterparts in both performance theGPUs they normally use and the efficiency of those chipsets so thismodel is different from the B pair 3 because it's now using a 16 by 10 aspectratio not the 4 by 3 the resolution is down on that screen so it won't be assharp it's no longer that Retina panel that we have seen in so many devices the7.9 inch one we have an 8 inch now 1920 by 1200 resolution it is still an IPSpanel the battery capacity has gone down though it's gone down 600 million hoursso it's six thousand in total not the 6600 on the me pad 3 but the batterylife on this model will actually be better because it has a more efficientchipset that's Snapdragon 660 so my version has four gigabytes of RAM 64gigabytes of storage there is a higher spec model that does have LTE support soI bought this model here from trading chins in they have included an EUadapter for me and a type C 2 USB OTG adapter so I can see the packaging isfairly simple the tablet is there and it doesn't seem to have any padding aroundit but it's got the box to protect it I can see that it does actually come witha pre applied screen protector on this it's matte so if you want the screen tobe met and not glossy then you can probably actually just leave it on thereso up the front here we do have a 5 megapixel camera but we'll take a lookat the tablet in detail in just a minute I first I'll just cover the box'scontents so we have our power adapter here it's very small one of those littletravel ones the maximum rating is 5 volts 2 amps so I don't know whetherthey phone sorry the tablet I'm going to call it a phone an eye as supportingQualcomm quick charge 3 I will have to check that out it could be disabled eventhough the chipset supports it then inside this little leaflet we have alittle warranty card thing that's all in ChineseI won't bother showing you that and then at the micro SD card tray tool or sometool if you happen to get that LTE version with very limited Chinese bandson it and then of course a type C cable here very quick size comparison here soit looks almost like a very large phone perhaps this will be the size of the memax for who knows this is the Mi Max 2 right here so that's six point fourinches and this is eight inches and then this as the six point five nine Vivo NEXs which I'm currently testing the battery life on you can see quite a bitsmaller there compared to these two giants so low on the bottom here you'llfind the loudspeakers we have a microphone which is that little dot onthe left to the left I should say of the type C port two Torx screws holding therear casing to the plastic frame this is actually plastic around the outside hereso that's screwed into place on the left is the SIM tray which of course I pulledout now so you can see micro SD card support on this which is great and thereis a gap here so this gap is where you would put a nano SIM if you happen tohave that LTE version on the top 3.5 millimeter headphone jack withmicrophone support secondary microphone and you can see this part here this isplastic for the Bluetooth and wireless AC reception you also note too that theydidn't do anything silly like remove this Jack I was a little bit worried inthe beginning that they might remove it and I thought surely not on a tabletit's a great to have it here the rear autofocus camera with an F 2.0 apertureit's 13 megapixels these buttons here on the right are made out of metal but I'venoticed that this one is a little loose and it will actually rattle around soyou can see that it's relatively slim the build quality is all good apart fromat least for my unit here I'm getting some rattling coming through or thatbutton but that is it otherwise it's a solid well-put-together tablet with agood finish so will not have me white n get that's still in beta the stablescoming I think sometimes soon so later on it will be coming with that of coursethey'll update all of their new a stock see the boot time here now it's probablyalready being set up but because I think our trading Shinzon would havepossibly put google play on there for me again I can see that they have done thatdisappointing to see now this is only going to be because it's the whiteversion here with a white bezel that we're gonna have this border around thescreen just like on the mean max you can see it there so it does stand out wellthe black version you won't notice it there which is a little bit annoying sofor free storage you've got 52 gigabytes straight out of the box with a 64gigabyte model it ships with me away nine point six point three and it doeshave a security patch level of May the first and it is Android 8.1 but there isan update available it's 99 megabytes and it improves the system stability andperformance now it seems that I did not escape a large update we've got a 1.3gigabyte update that came through as well after the 99 megabyte one quickpeek now at the camera sensor information and the sensor so the frontcamera is a 5 megapixel Samsung one the rear camera is a 13 megapixel omniversion we have an accelerometer a gyroscope and then ALS that is ourambient light sensor so as much as I want to keep it I'm gonna have to losethis matte screen protector if I want to look at the screen properly so we'll getthat off you can see it is nice and vibrant it's well clear at the momentwe'll take a look now at some colors but before I do I'll show you some of the meUI features we've got on here so we do have double tap to wake something that Ithink was brought on by LG quite a few years ago the most interesting thinghere of course is the reading mode so that'll put on the blue light and youcan schedule that at whatever time so it's gonna kill the blue light make it alittle bit easier on your eyes so that's perfect to use this as an e-book readerand then of course we do have this contrasting cars which is the mostinteresting for me so it's on automatic contrast by default you can increase itor stand it which I finds then it actually looks the best more correct ifyou will with the white balance then you can adjust it here so you can put itonto a warm or cool when you use this right here so you can change it all thatnow onto the display so I pointed out we've got those kind of ugly aren't theythe black bar the border around the outside it isn't too Pleasant now somesee this screen as a downgrade from the meat pad one two and three but I don'tactually in using it it's a bright screen 500 Lux max is brighter than whatwe're getting on for example the me pad 3 the viewing angles are what you'dexpect for an IPS panel it is fully laminated it's covered with eitherGorilla Glass or dragon tail glass and the DPI used for the Android operatingsystem that is 320 so the gamer comes in at approximately 2.3 it should be 2.2but it's understandable here it's very close it's not bad at alland some sample images here as well so it's a good-looking screen a very nicepanel I'm happy with this I don't see it as I mentioned as a downgrade okay we'relosing out on pixel density but it's it's not that much of a massivedifference when you're looking at it and unless of course you get out amicroscope then and start to look at the screen so the blacks are deep enough andcolor reproduction and things here are good so you can see that it's not asuper deep deep AMOLED black no but it's an IPS panel but overall a good panelthat jeremy has gone with and this is also really great it will go to a superlow dim level so you can actually look at the screen with the lights offwithout burning out your retinas it's that duct that you can't see anythingnow I can just make it out and hopefully I can turn up the brightness here therewe go and you can see that it just becomes super bright there at over 500Lux and you can actually make out the screen and use it well not perfectlyfine but almost in direct sunlight now we do have the full screen gestureswhich I was really looking forward to because I think with this kind of screenit would be nice to use it in full screen mode so I'm going to enable thatbecause I have been using these gestures so they do go through a quick littleguide here on how to learn to use them and it is very very simple so it justshows you what you need to do so you swipe up from the bottom and it'll takeyou to home and if you swipe up and hold or pause as they say that's your recentapps and then swiping from the sides the edges is going to take you back fromboth sides there so it is fairly straightforward and once you swap overand start using it it is really quite goodnow there is a gaming mode so this can restrict the background apps and it justhelps really boost the performance of that game so you find your game you wantand the list there and then you select it now you can see there are a fewbloatware applications on this and your Chinese ones here so that's the GooglePlay installer you can keep that but it'll probably actually be on theinternal storage and these other ones here and in tools there's a few but it'snot as much as I have seen so you can remove and uninstall all of these youcan also uninstall them in bulk there's various different methods either throughsettings or you can just go along here and you can select those ones there thatyou want to uninstall and then just get rid of them all in bulkfree Ram you typically have around 2.5 gigabytes on first boot it's a lothigher about 2.9 2.8 or just clear things out now and it's gonna free up manothing to clearing cache actually nothing so about that is gonna be whatyou have free now an ideal use for this tablet will be of course ebooks and youcan turn on that blue light filter you're able to do it actually from thetoggles at the top you can see it it's right there so reading mode turn that onand it's a little easier on your eyes and the text looks good it's sharp it'snot too sharp the screen as the me pad 1 2 3 because it's not using the retinapanel but it is still perfectly fine at 8 inches having 1920 by 1200 theresolution this is what it will look like so it's going to be sharper thanyour book PDF magazines large files they look really good as well no problems ifit's a huge file don't expect it to be as fast as an iPad the iPad is gonna winno one can really beat the iPad in terms of reading PDF files large heavy onesthat is so this has decent speakers on here one of a very few limited amount oftablets that do because normally these Chinese tablets when I review them theyhave terrible speakers but these ones they've got good volume they don'tdistort at 100% there is a tiny little bit of bass and also the quality out ofthe 3.5 millimeter headphone jack it does also sound very good to me it'sjust lacking if in radio which would have been nice to have on there but nota major for me at least but I'll give you some point out of those speakers atone percent volume now beach marks are one thing of courseit's only synthetic wanna gives you an average estimate of what it's going tobe like compared to other devices but I'll tell you now that the performanceis very smooth so I've got a lot of apps here opened up and you can swap and gobetween them and really that's not too much of an issue I haven't seen thattypical full gesture full screen mode lag that I have seen on some of themobiles in fact a couple of petra's went out recently for the ribbing note 5 thatdid address that and it seems that they pulled that through those changes to thethan be paid for here now of course you're gonna get some delays therethat's typical with the internet loading things in it's not 100% super smooth andperfect sometimes you will see a tiny little bit of animation delay butoverall the performance is very good and what you'd expect with the snapdragon616 and the 4 gigabytes of RAM that my particular version has right here sowe're browsing in Chrome is very smooth the screen is very responsive to touchthere's absolutely no issues with that even though this has got a lot of imagesin it's quite smooth there so I'll swap over now to a different tab and you cansee that smooth every one here as well so really decent performance as expectedfor this particular chipset so it doesn't have a fingerprint reader onhere which I feel they could have added on this bottom bezel it's quite largethey could have put a front-facing one on here so I've already added my face asyou can see there it scanned it now I've got the tripod and the camera in the wayso this is probably not going to actually work so I will lock it and thenyou need to wake it first to tap the power button and I'll try it now to getit to work ok ah there we go it did actually get it it took a little whilethere because I've got the tripod and everything else in the way but offcamera it will work quite quickly so does it have GPS unfortunately it doesnot have any GPS or a hardware compass which would have been great if they'dhave included that and also HDMI out then this could have been almost aperfect tablet oh and a fingerprint reader I mean the list could go on andon and on but at least it does have an emmc 5 for the internal storage emmc 5.1spare so very fast for this type of storageit's not going to bottleneck the system if it was maybe a emmc4.5 then it would the antutu score is very fast for an Android tablet a lotbetter than those mediatek ones even if they've got 10 cause the six cause nowthis is a lot better those ones tend to cap out at about a hundred thousandpoints this is 144 so very good speeds and I'm seeing it sofar that this is a fast tablet and thanks of course to the lower resolutionscreen it's gonna be even quicker when it comes to things like gaming which Iwill show you later on an example of that now we don't have full treblesupport yes it has android 8 which does support treble but we don't have accessto both of the partitions there that is typical xiaomi and just like the drm soDRM info reports that we've only got security level 3 for this and this whatdoes that mean this jargon well it means that netflix in HD is not gonna work onthis tablet so you have to find another way also to install it you can side loadit or you can either just find it the easiest way APK mirror find it but youonly have everything in standard definition okay two things here to pointout i've plugged it in my Qualcomm quick charge 3 charger and no it's notsupporting Qualcomm quick charge 3 as expected but it's going to charge and Ithink it is 10 watts the rate and it will take approximately 3 hours to fullycharge this tablet there is a white status notification LED you can see itright there so are there any pubsey gamers out there I try to play a littlebit myself but I just don't have a lot of time but this device what the chipsaid it has in it and for its price should be really good with an 8 inchscreen as well now the graphics sitting that you canuse with this just to show you so high frame rate and the HD now you can useapplications like GFX tool to put it on to the highest settings and I can seealready at the start here when a lots of players are loading and that theperformance seems really quite good few little stutters what the ticks justloading in things like that but that is kind of normal still looking good verysmooth you can see ok so it does seem very playable very smooth the framerateit's a lot better than the media ticked outlets that I've been testing out as arecent as expected because there's a lot more powerful there's someone rightthere okay that must have been a bot I think so this is the sample now from thefront-facing camera I find the video quality is perfectlyacceptable it's going to be fine for using Skype the quality of the audio aswell is good for a tablet trust me I have both seen and heard a lot worsethan this tablet in this price range so for me this is perfectly acceptablesample from the rear camera so it's got 13 megapixels and for a tablet camerathe video quality is a riot the photo quality here are a couple of samples asyou can see nothing amazing your mobile phone will take a better photo and videothan this what do you call it to use all right now we don't have any settingswhatsoever with video so I don't even know what resolution this is shooting itbut you can shoot in 4k if you use open camera so this is now 4k with opencamera as mentioned and the quality a little bit better of course you do gainmore detail because of the increased resolution now the focus seems to bealright it's not going to definitely win any speed Awards or anything like thatin fact I don't you think that's focusing properly but you can't reallyspeak to a lot after all this is a tablet and still great to see the factthat we can record in 4k now for battery life I've done a little bit of testingso I don't have enough time to do my full test because I'm going to need atleast 10 hours if not more because YouTube's streaming and for thebrightness set at about 200 Lux are not the brightest setting I'm losing about8% better life for one hour so that's really good so it's looking verypromising for on-screen time here my estimate and remember this is just anestimate is at least over 10 hours of continual on screen time so looking verygood in terms of better life better than the me pad 3 alright so to quickly recaphere we have a very decent tablet with a good build qualityapart from my volume buttons rattle that's just one thing with the buildit's very minor and minor slight annoyance thereotherwise the screen you could look at it some people will say to downgradefrom the retina panel but I don't see it that way it is brighter the sharpnessokay it's not gonna be as sharp because it's got a lower resolution but that isalso going to aid the performance of things like games gaming it seems toperform really well pub G is going perfectly fine it's playable theframerate is good you will see a couple of dips and stutters here in there ROMperformance is really good so recently they worked on the full gestureanimation stutters and lags and bugs and things that I was seeing on the firstdevices that really got those roms and you'd swipe down for notifications andyou see a bit of a stutter or when you were multitasking occasionally it'll bea little bit stuttering it just wasn't a hundred percent fluent and smooth butit's a lot better here still not quite perfect so there are different models soyou've got the three gigabyte RAM model so expect maybe it to be slightly slowerbut I've noticed not that much of a difference actually going from fourgigabytes to three and I noticed as effect because I have another ribbonnote five that's only got three gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes ofstorage and honestly it's very hard to tell the difference in performance frommy four gigabyte model there is the model of LTE but just be aware that it'sgoing to have very limited band support there I know the bands that they notnormally typically use in China will actually work for me here in Spain so Iwill be okay it may be able to also make voice calls but you will need to connectin a headset so you can obviously get a bit of privacy or something like thatunless you don't mind using the loudspeaker and the microphones onboardyou know because there's no earpiece that is missing with this. Cameras turnedout to be better than your typical average Chinese tablet in fact you canrecord 4k with open camera on the rear camera didn't expect that charge timesare looking to be about three hours that is just a guess judging from whatpercentage I was gaining and looking at a GSam battery meter they're saying goeswith battery life I've only been able to test out for an hour or so just don'thave time to get this video out and it is looking very promising so about 10hours so overall this is a solid great little tablet and the audio quality toois another thing that is positive now you would think that if you're holdingit like this you're going to block thoughspeakers but you can still hear them well you do of course block them alittle bit same goes for the wireless signal so we've got the antenna on theside but I noticed that when I put my hand right over at my palm I was stillgetting a good ping rate in PUBG so that's not going to affect theirperformance I was a little bit worried about that and that's simply not thecase here so great to see micro SD card support no micro HDMI out I feel as abit of an error would have really liked us seeing micro HDMI out on this I couldconnect it up to a TV there and that would want to be perfect what it'd beeven better of course would be GPS compass support and a front facingfinger scanner there so you can use fingerprint security instead of justrelying on a pin code or the face unlocking which does work it's fast butjust remember it's not very secure so the price of this it's priced I feelreasonable for what it's offering and is it better than the Mi Pad 3 I think itis it's definitely faster the build they're about the same the quality ofthe speakers also about the same they're better life this gets the win as wellthis is the one to go for when I first got the Mi Pad 3 if you've seen my videofrom last year it was an absolute disaster there were bugs and glitches ingaming it was a horrible stuttery miss and at least when they released this onethat's not the case because they've got a lot more experience of course withQualcomm's chips thank you so much for watching this review I do have to catchyou back in the channel I've got plenty more up and coming there may possibly bea gaming video with this one here and maybe an update on the exact battery lifethat I'm able to achieve in my full battery testing .

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