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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Chinese Edition - After 48 Hours

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Chinese Edition - After 48 Hours Hi guys so I'm backing out with theredmi note 5 this of course is the new Chinese model with the revised camera onthe back so it's got that wider aperture if you've seen my unboxing which isbasically like a hands-on review I'll give you some photo samples of that sothis video here just wanted to give you a quick update that what's the phonelike after 48 hours now I have been using it and I just wanted to mention acouple of little things here so one of the things that's really annoying withthis phone of course being a Chinese model that you don't have Google PlayStore installed now I do have it here and I can confirm that yes it's runningfine now but it took me quite some time to get this all set up and installed Iwill probably be releasing a backup file that you can just restore on the phoneso you've got Google Play Google Play contact syncs and the account managerand things like that and the framework because that I was having a lot ofproblems to get it working because normally what you do if you go into theshow me me store you just normally type in Google now there is something therethat actually will allow you to run Google's Play Store but you must gothrough their application and it's almost like a VPN probably the way thatthe Chinese circumvent Google of course being blocked in China and that's reallyannoying to use so that was quite a bit of a problem I had to start with nowI've had a lot of questions in my first hands-on I did make a couple of errorsthat yes it does support quick charge I'll just show you that now and why Ioriginally said that it didn't because I was only getting figures of 5 volts 2amps coming through the charger anyway with my meter but if I plug in myQualcomm quick charge 3 charger you see it comes up with a little logo at thetop I actually missed that in the video someone pointed it out and said heyisn't that the Qualcomm quick charge logo but I've noticed that it doesn'tactually seem to charge it really that much fasterso I don't know whether it's Qualcomm quick charge 3 that it's using or itcould actually just be the Qualcomm quick charge to speak it's really hardto tell my meters not reporting the correct charge rates on it see this isthe meter I have and it hovers around while 2 amps when it's charging andabout 6 volts it gets up too which is kind of odd so it's not really reportingthat information correctly charging about 10 watts now I did charge it lastnight and I can confirm that the battery capacity is close to the 4 thousandmilliamp hours it reported something likeand 12 I think it was and for you pub G fans out there yes it runs that this ison the medium sitting and it's not super super super smooth but I've managed toplay the game for quite some time three hours in fact last night and I managedto get my winner winner chicken dinner and the framerate is good enough thatyes that you can play the game that you'll be able to actually win like Idid here and overall not too bad that's on the medium if you're not happy withthe framerate which I say hovers around about 25 frames per second 30 at timesand when really crowded areas that will drop down then just set it on the lowsettings of course now when I was playing the game I only lost about 25%battery life in three hours which is really good and that means thatyesterday I managed to get a screen on time of 10 hours now this is continualscreen on time I had it on most of the time because I was gaming I wasdownloading apps and things and I was also in Chrome and YouTube watchingvideos and at the moment I've been using it today haven't made any voice callstoday and I'm into one hour and a half and 84% battery while 90's so 91%battery that's left at the moment yes so it's looking like it's different gonnabe a 2 day mobile phone in terms of battery life now the other thing is it'snot gonna be as good as the redmi note 4 because the room you know for I managedto get about screen on time off 14 hours was just an amazing result so it's notgonna be as good here remember there's more pixels on this screen it is aslightly larger screen but it is looking like that Snapdragon 636 is gonna bejust as efficient as the Snapdragon 625 but it's a lot powerful and it does meana performance of the phone overall does feel quite good it feels to me almostlike a snapdragon 616 I mean it's got the same GPU I think isn't it the Adreno509 but over I've noticed performance of the ROM is good however I have now leanseen a tiny little stutter and I think that's down to optimization and when youhave a look at the synthetic benchmarks I showed you this in my hands-on videothe first one that I released that the n22 score is really good this is in factalmost double the snapdragon 6 to 5 so it's a huge step up over that particularchipset now one other little minor problem Ihave here with my unit I found that the wireless reception the range of it seeto be about one bar less than my Xiaomi me max to that I have and the speedsaren't as fast as I was hoping for normally on the 5g band of wireless AC Ican push around 150 hundred and thirty both upload and download with theseparticular phones here and when the flagship ones they get a lot faster withtheir two by two antenna set up for example the Snapdragon 835 or the eightflew for five and the same goes for the 4G speeds 4G speeds I mean it could bemy carrier but I've been testing this and I can't really seem to get anyfaster 4G downloads then about 15 megabits per second and the uploads andthis could be because I'm on the Chinese version even though I've got 4G coverageperhaps the current band that I'm on isn't the most optimized or fastest bandthere so that's just one area of minor concern there a minor complaint I havewith the wireless speeds and the 4G speeds now one other thing too is thefront-facing camera will support those depth effect shots so with your bokehblurred background simply by pressing this and it's going to use the AI sothis does have the area where the cameras to do the stitching so stitchingbetween the blue background and then you in focus is handled of course by the AInow here's a sample I took with the front-facing camera I'll have maybe acamera review coming up or definitely will be included at my full review andyou can see there the stitching seems to be pretty good it does a good job so notbad at all there's just quite good considering this is again a budgetmobile phone now when you have a look to the right of the earpiece I pointed outwhat looks like I thought an ambient light sensor there my dental pock somany sensors over here now it could be an ambient light sensor code in fact belike a one megapixel or two megapixel tiny little secondary camera there justto maybe perhaps grab the background and aid those those depth effect selfieshots now as I pointed out in my hands on that if you want to record 4k videoat the moment the stock app does not support it so you must use a third-partycamera app now this is open camera so you could set it to 4k video now when Idid my test in my unboxing video I did not have the video stabilization andname so someone in the comments asked me willthe electronic image stabilization work so I'm now using open camera here 4k butI have enabled the electronic image stabilization which as you can seeactually works on 4k as well now I don't know how this is going to fit the framerate I have noticed that it will affect the focus performance a little bit itdoesn't seem to be as quick about that stability seems quite good so see how itlocks on now to the hibiscus flower right here it's capturing that quitewell and the ending wall there in the background so their focus really isquite good Vera Kazmir has got to get in the shotso great to have on a budget mobile phone like this priced around 220 uselectronic image stabilized 4k web this kind of quality I feel isn't bad at allso just do that focus test again with my hand see it locks onto my hand reallyquick there and onto the background so that is great and for once we don't havethat focus pulsing and breathing issue that we used to have on literally everysingle show me mobile phone including their flagship suffering from that issuenow the latest me UI that this is running this is on Android 8.1 and it'sme UI 9.5 that I'm running does now have gestures so I've been using it andgetting used to it and I actually do like it it's not too bad so if you don'twant to have the on-screen navigation buttons here I really wish they'd stillput the capacitive ones in the bottom bezel but I don't know why they're notdoing that anymore maybe it's cost or something like that but to go back is tosimply swipe on this side here and I find that it works well now if you wantto go into your recent apps it's just hold up and stop in the middlethen you go to your recent apps there and it doesn't mentioned yet theperformance of that seems to be pretty good but now and then I've seen a couplelittle status so Xiaomi has to do a bit of optimization and then if you want togo the home screen you just simply swipe up and you get used to it and it doeswork I'm actually finding it to be alrightand of course your toggles are at the top there that's all the same there younotifications and everything there so I'm still working through all of mytests I'll report back on my full battery life findings things like chargetime will be included more gaming GPS you know that's gonna all be in my finalreview so I'm really liking the Snapdragon 636 it's my first time withthis chipset and I can just say straight away that step aside Snapdragon six tofive devices this chipset is just so much better I really do like it I thinkit's that perfect blend again from Qualcomm with battery life andperformance so performance the everyone performance for playing all your gamesyou like out there of course it won't be as smooth as the flagships it won't giveyou that 60 frames per second but it gives you playable frames per second butthe best thing is to that it's going to give you longer battery life because theSnapdragon 805 or the 835 is going to burn through your battery a lot quickergaming then it would of course on this device here and this really has a lot ofpositives I mean the camera performance is looking really quite good especiallyin daylight takes some really stunning photos a good dynamic range and overallI am really liking this phone it's looking like an absolute winner herefrom Xiaomi my only area of concern is the wireless range and speeds just don'tseem to be up to what I would expect from a mobile like this now don't forgetyou can win one of these have a look at the link down in the description of thisvideo and I do have to catch you back with my full and final review of thexiaomi redmi note 5 and perhaps a camera comparison as well against my samsunggalaxy s7 .

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